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Monday, August 31, 2009

She's mine. Can ya tell?

Down the street are some more natives that we've adopted. Yesterday this native told my baby girl, "If you can get my hands apart I'll buy you some ice cream".

Here's the rule(s), "You have to do it, your brothers can't help you". Big mistake. He didn't put a time limit on it.

She tried yanking his hands apart.

She tried prying open his fingers.

He pretended to lick his scab to see if it would gross her didn't.

She tried jumping up and down on his hands.

And what started out as a nice relaxing Sunday and this young man arriving in a nice white shirt and tie.........

Ended with my baby girl the victor and this native, after an hour, shirt untucked, tie off, hair messed up, breathing hard, telling my baby girl, "Truce! I'll buy you an ice cream"!

And as he unclasped his hands she yelled, "I won! I get my ice cream"!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nature made me crack!

Two days ago I had an IDIOT DAY! The Natives were all gone except the baby and I was sitting at the kitchen table and it was quiet. Too quiet. I could’t stand the silence so I walked over to my CD player and put in a CD. I wanted calm quiet music so I chose some classical music not thinking much that it was nature classical.

I’m sitting at the table working on a cross stitch when I hear water running. That’s odd. The sink isn’t running. I look at the dishwasher. Did my baby turn it on without me knowing? WHERE IS THE LEAK? Under the cabinets? Where the heck is the water coming from????? Duh! The darned CD. Nature…..classical music. Silly me. So I sit back down and sew some more.

A few minutes goes by and I hear this awful noise! I’m up like a flash to the window, tore open the shutters, (I don’t have shutters) I tore something in the process…… see who was screeching their tires around corners and down my street. No cars………(at that moment–there have been plenty with all of the stupid construction project sending everyone down our street). I go to sit down and there it is again!

I am seeing RED! Who is driving so darned fast that they are screeching their tires????? There is NO ONE out there!!! The noise happens again! IT’S THE FLIPPIN’ CD. A turkey is gobbling on the thing. It happened to me TWICE!

I turned the stupid thing off. Apparently if I can’t sit and enjoy classical music with NATURE in the background……I’m too tired to remember what I’m listening to…….

Later that evening well after dark and reasonable people are in bed, we’re still up with the natives helping them with their home work. I needed something in my purse. I got what ever it was out, put my purse back on the counter and went on my merry way. All is quiet and then we hear this awful howling! Both the SM and I jump up and run outside to see what is going on. Nothing. Can’t hear a thing! Usually the dogs in the entire city of Provo howl when the sirens go off on the fire trucks and ambulance but……no ambulance or……..howling for that matter anymore.

We walk back inside puzzled to see one of the natives “howling” with laughter at us. When I’d put my purse down it had touched the CD player and hit the play button so the DANGED FLIPPIN’ PIECE OF CRAP OF A CD DID IT TO ME AGAIN! It was wolves howling in the background.

If you take a CD and break it in half you have a really cool shiny ice scraper for your car!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's for a good cause.

This is my boy Levi. As most of you know, he has a rare disease called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. You can read and learn more about it here on this site: AHC Kids and how it effects these children. You can also go here to read how it affects Levi in particular.

Levi is a great kid and has been such a blessing in our lives. Little is known about this disease and without research his neurologists won't be able to cure him and all of the other children this disease effects and eventually takes their lives. Except us. We're going to be the exception of course. :D

A family that we know here in UT has a son named Hunter. Hunter has AHC too. His families blog is here if you'd like to read more about Hunter.

Hunter's family is doing a fundraiser and all the money made will go to the AHC research. If you would like and are able, here is what Hunter's family is doing:

Hi Everyone,
I am doing another fundraiser for the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation. All the money goes to research. This is for a very good cause and I am hoping to get your participation. I am selling bracelets like the live strong yellow cancer ones only they are brown. They say Cure AHC and they also have the website on them. They are $5.00 a piece. We only have research if there is money for it. Unfortunately the families with children with AHC are the only resource to raise money so the research can continue. If you can afford at least one bracelet that would help out a bunch. Please let me know if you can help. I already have the bracelets so when I receive money, I can get them right to you. Thanks in advance.


Chrystal Wagner
2312 N. 2400 W.
Lehi, UT 84043

Thank you to all of you for your love and support. Our AHC kids and families thank you!!!

Post Note: Sorry, I did not realize that Hunter's blog is private.

Another post note :) For those wanting to donate please make the checks payable to Chrystal Wagner and send to the address above. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What do you do with the yarn leftover from the bunny you made your baby girl for her birthday?

You make your baby a snake........

because he begs you to and...........

how on earth am I supposed to tell this Native, "NO"?

How I ask you?

It just isn't possible....I know......cuz I've tried....and tried.....and tried......and then he reminds me that he's the baby and he's the last and there's no more and.....then he sends me to time out to rethink things.....and if that doesn't work he reminds me that someday in my old age he'll be taking care of me.....he's a very naughty baby for being so manipulative!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They not bunnies........they pigs!

Eva had her babies Sunday morning. Yes, you heard right. She actually had baby bunnies. Just don't ask Levi or he'll tell you, "They not bunnies........they PIGS"!

Coming into the world blind, deaf, and hairless they do look a bit like pigs.

Since this was Eva's first time things didn't go so well. You'd think these things would come naturally. Rabbits are quite prolific in the wild but sometimes first time mommies don't know what is going on and when I was a first time momma I didn't either and I still don't so we aren't going to hold it against Eva.

She had two babies. One lasted a few hours and the other until midnight Sunday.

We went from excitement to shedding tears and having a funeral in the backyard all in one day. Kind of hard to hold a little creature in your hands trying to help it to live only to have it take its last breath. We tried for hours but it wasn't meant to be. In the end, the tiny babies won. They got to go back home.

I thought the worst was over after the second baby died but the next day watching Eva in her cage so sad all day long........that did me in. I had to hold her. A lot!

My boy had to learn a hard lesson and us along with him. Nature takes its course and in the end there is only One who is in charge. He loves all of His creatures and with birth comes death. It is part of life but thankfully we know that death isn't the end.

May seem kind of silly to get all worked up about a bunny and her babies but there is a bigger picture here and what can I say......we're animal lovers in this house and I've come to a big conclusion. I'm not cut out for this! I get too emotionally involved. I don't wanna do this again......but Eva isn't my bunny and my boy wants to give Eva another chance so here we go again......stay tuned........more in a month......we hope!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grab a tissue or two or three....I've a story to tell and it's a good one!

Before we start this story it might be helpful to read this post and this post before proceeding and this post :)to give you some background and bring you up to date. Just trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong? I mean when it counts!! It's worth taking the time to read even if I am a lousy writer.

If you listened to me and read those past posts you'd see that running the Bitterroot Triathlon has become kind of a family tradition. One that I keep hoping year after year that I can participate in. Every year I've told myself, "this is the year! I'm going to beat this West Nile Virus. I'm going to get better and I am going to compete alongside my family. Okay, we know the truth. They'd all finish long before me but I'd be there giving it my all with them.

This year was no different. I started to feel pretty good in February and was certain this year I'd compete. I even had family say they'd help me and do a relay so I didn't have to do the entire triathlon. I could do one leg of it. And........another year goes.......and it isn't meant to be.

Unbeknown to me, my family decided to dedicate their run to me. They took the logo on the side of my blog, had my extremely talented and artistic niece draw it to scale, and made it into t-shirts. Instead of wearing the official triathlon jerseys they wore these shirts.

If any of you have ever competed in something even remotely close to a triathlon you understand what goes into the training and the story of each athlete. It is no different here.

My baby sis a year ago sat on the sidelines 500 months pregnant ready to explode while she cheered on my dad and siblings. Who knew a year later she'd teach herself how to swim and be right there competing?

My dad who is 74 years old next month struggled the entire year in his training with back pain that left him hardly able to walk. The week before the race he was in so much pain and started to come down with a flu that he did not know if he'd be able to finish the race let alone compete.

This sister trained all year long and at the last minute wasn't able to make it up to MT to join the family.

Knowing the hardships and struggles my family were going through I prayed in earnest the night before the triathlon and all the next morning to please let my family be happy with their results. They'd trained hard. Then I received this call after the race:

My baby sis: Did you feel it?

Me: Did I feel what?

My baby sis: Did you fly?

Me: I don't understand

My baby sis: We flew. We flew for you.

She then explained to me they'd dedicated the race to me and to watch for photos later to come. It was when the photos came that tears ran down my face. I'd had no idea they were going to do this and to see the photos, the t-shirts, and knowing their own personal journeys to get where they did was an emotion that words can not describe. Every one of my siblings that competed and my father beat their times from last year! My 74 year old father was the first out of the pool in his heat!! And my mother who is always there to cheer us all on at one point did more than just stand there and cheer when my dad ran past. She joined him and ran next to him for awhile encouraging him as she has done for more than fifty years of their marriage.

Through out the race my family would call out to each other in encouragement, "Keep flying" and at one point when my baby sis felt she couldn't go on she told herself, "I'm doing this for Rachel. I can't quit. This is for Rachel. I need to keep flying."

The story does not end there. More emotions to follow as I then found out that my sister in CA who was not able to make it had asked to have her t-shirt mailed to her. She put it on and in my dads words this is what took place: (Karsten is her husband).

"Dear Family:

We have another Triathloner in the family. Virginia was not able to
come and do the triathlon here in Hamilton. Instead, she did one all
by herself in Redding. That is a real accomplishment. She didn't
have any other runners, bikers or swimmers to cheer her on. She
started in the evening and finished after dark. She deserves a medal.

Karsten also deserves a big medal. He set up the courses for Virginia
so that she could swim, bike and run. She did the 750 meter swim, 10k
bike and 5k run. Not only did he set up the courses for her but he
was her sole cheer leader along the way. When she swam, he counted
laps. When she biked, he met her at the half way point to cheer her
on. When she ran (after dark) he rode a bike next to her to keep her
company and safe. What a duo!

Congratulations to both of you. I think it was a bigger
accomplishment then here where we had whole staffs, family and friends
to help us along the way.

Our love to you both and to all of the family.

Dad and Granpa R.

I was told that my sister wouldn't race until she got her t-shirt. She ran for me. She flew for me and as she crossed her finish line she sent me this photo saying she flew across it for me.

These are the everyday hero's that make up my life and I ask myself, "They have given me so much. I am so loved. What have I given them?" When I asked my sisters they said, "Just get better. We love you".

Love. It's an amazing gift.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Leg Warmers. Then and Now

Leg warmers. The 80's. They were nasty then and not a trend I fell all over myself and had to embrace so when my baby sis came to visit and said they were coming back in style I did a, "gag me with a spoon" face and went and watched "Footloose".

Then I went and found some fluorescent parachute pants and blew dry my hair so my bangs were as high as I could get them to go, put on electric blue mascara, and started to knit some of these.

Cuz they were ugly then butt they are adorable now especially on this butterball baby!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it just me

Why is it when ever I finally sit in "my office" the phone or door bell rings? Doesn't matter what time of day.

Why is it that I get a cold sore on my honeymoon and get to face all of the in laws friends and family for the first time with an oozing explosion on my lip?

Why is it that what ever line I step in at the grocery store it is bound to take the longest even if it is the shortest?

Why is it that when the camera comes out everyone else looks normal and I look like I'm having gastric intestinal problems?

Is it just me?........Don't answer that..........

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Oxy"moron"

Do you remember this post and this post? How we waited and waited for an ENTIRE MONTH for this bunny to have sweet adorable babies? We were so patient and sensitive to her "condition" not making fat rabbit jokes or telling horrible stories about deliveries gone bad.

You know how it is being a first time mom. Everyone has to come up and tell you all about their horrible delivering experience and if they didn't have one then they tell you about Aunt Edna's all the while rubbing your belly. We didn't do that to Eva. Well, we did rub her belly but who can resist that? We all have our limits.

We waited and waited and nothing! She never had babies so I had to take her BACK to her boyfriends for a few more nights which she's been cranky over ever since. We've been sensitive about that too. I totally understand. I get it! I've been there! And messed up hormones makes me cranky too!

So now we're waiting and waiting and waiting again and you know what? She's got until the end of this week to "deliver the goods" and if she doesn't then I am declaring her a moron. An oxy"moron" because you can't say "sterile bunny". The two words just do not go together!

And then I'll forgive her and go back to being sensitive because she really is adorable. Even if she is a moron.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not stealing if I'm doing you a favor!

This is one of my older sisters. Isn't she gorgeous? This is the mother of the groom you saw in yesterday's post.

Click on the photo and zoom in on the jewelry. My friend Chaz made it. I told my sis that the necklace and earrings were awful and when the reception was over I'd relieve her of them. I'd do that for my sister. I really truly would cuz I'm nice that way.

Chaz makes and sells jewelry. She has an etsy shop that you can see here. I've bought a few of her items and I have to tell you.......they are way better in person. She'll make anything for you. She does custom too like she did for my sister only be careful because I may want only what is best for you too and have to take your jewelry that Chaz makes for you away. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

Did ya miss me? I've had an incredibly busy week last week. I got to hold this baby, and sniff his head, and squeeze his little feet.

So did grandma......

Baby's beautiful mama. My niece. Isn't she lovely? There's nothing like a mama to settle a baby right down. No one does it better.

Until the babies get older and then they want grandpa cuz he gives them ice cream!

Which leads us to.....

This native turning the big 14. The cake looks unimpressive but slapped on a plate with fresh blackberries on top of that cream cheese frosting........mmmmmm.

We were very lucky grandpa could be here to make sure the home made root beer was done to perfection. We only lost about a quarter of it all over the sides and down onto the floor.......the mad engineers hard at work.

This beautiful couple were married and had a reception in my sister's back yard.

It's kinda tradition beings as the groom is my sister's son. My nephew. Did I tell you I am his favorite auntie? I am. Discussion closed.

I was NOT this native's favorite mama when I saw how much dessert she'd piled on her plate and made her share with her baby brother. I have taught her better than this! Never ever EVER pile so much onto one plate. Use AT LEAST two or three so you can tell people you are getting dessert for others!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Takin' a break

School starts next week! Things to do, places to go, clothes to go through and decide if the public school system will allow the natives to be seen in such rags, fees to pay for the privilege of a "free education" NOT get me started on how much I am paying for this free education!!!!

I'll be back in a few days......maybe.......See ya on the other side!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you believe in miracles?

Yesterday in church one of the speakers spoke on miracles. In our church members of the congregation speak unlike other religions where a preacher speaks week after week. Usually there will be two to three speakers. I like it that way. I like the diversity.

Anyway, as I was saying, one of the speakers spoke on miracles and it got me to thinking. Do I believe in miracles and the answer is YES! Yes, I do is where it gets tricky.

When people think of miracles they tend to think of big things. At least I do. I tend to think of people getting healed or cured all of a sudden. Things like that. I've wanted a miracle for Levi for years! I've wanted a miracle for myself and so my first though was yes, I belive in miracles for everybody else!

What if.........when we pray and we are asking for "that big miracle" and we don't get what we're looking for we assume that the answer is no and there is no big miracle for us. Could it be that the answer is "not right now" because we are indeed having miracles showered on us and we aren't recognizing them because we're too busy looking for the big miracle? I say "we" because it is friendlier than admitting it is "I" and "I" alone.

I think a lot of times I use the word blessings when in fact, they are miracles! They really are! And recognizing them makes them even more miraculous.

Recently the SM pointed something out to me. I'd imagined my summer going a lot different. I didn't picture spending yet another summer down and having all of the natives at home has I hate to admit been........hard. I'll save that vent for another day. The vent about I really love having my children home and want to be homeschooling and am angry that I can't anymore. Ya, that vent.

Anyway, it's been a tidge hard. The SM's work has been struggling like everyone elses and he's had to take several furloughs through out the summer. Several weeks of being home. One could look at this as yet another blow and not a miracle because not having work and pay is a bit of a drudge's the miracle. The SM was home more while the natives have been home so because he traveled less and worked less he was home when I needed the help more. I'm not saying we'd like to continue this miracle as home without pay causes a whole new set of problems but do you see the timing?

So, do I believe in miracles? You bet I do. Do I believe there is a miracle for me or for Levi? Everyday!

Do you believe in miracles?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Roast pig snout and the big 30!

This is what happens when the SM (Sexy Man, Scout Master) goes food shopping. He finds giant marshmallows that when roasted look like pig snouts and being the Scout Master, thinks it would be loads of fun to roast them in our wood stove.

My baby sis demonstrates. My baby sis is good at demonstrating the finer points of etiquette. Did you know she just had a birthday? She did! She turned the big 30. This photo was taken before her birthday. She's much more mature now that she isn't in her 20' long as we don't get together. Our IQ's drop by the minute when we're together and by evening our husbands treat us like children spanking our bottoms and sending us to bed where we continue to stay up all night giggling and laughing.

This is the baby sis who when Levi was in the hospital, removed her name tag when she got to our room the security had made her put on, put it on her bottom, turned her bum to the security camera in our room, and proceeded to do a bootie dance for the nurses at the nurses station. She figured they were probably bored and could use a laugh.

This is also the same baby sis who at this visit held Levi for me while I went and used the "facilities". As I opened the door into Levi's room he was in the process of throwing up all over my baby sis. I stepped back into the "facilities" and closed the door as my baby sis called me a wimp and took care of the mess.

When I was a teenager and would get scared in the night I would run and jump into my baby sis's bed. She was tough even as a kid and could beat the snot out of any bogey man!

When I was really sick while pregnant with one of the natives my baby sis dropped everything in her college life and came and helped me with the other natives. She is still that way. If I asked her, she'd drop everything and come.

Growing up when we were kids we were mountain climbers scaling the cliffs behind our home or cowboys and indians with really cool names like, "Flying Eagle" or "Running Deer". She was always up for a good prank, playing hide and go seek out in the fields of tall hay, and proud as punch to share a play house with me that we furnished ourselves........the old chicken coop.......No matter that it had dried chicken doo doo on the walls. It was our play house and we spent hours imagining all sorts of adventures in those four walls. Country kids have great immune systems.

My baby sis is the kind of person who despite my best intentions like making her a birthday present that takes me several years to finish still loves me. Happy Birthday sis!!! I'm still working on your present!

"I love you more'n my luggage" (Steel Magnolias)