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Thursday, April 23, 2015


: a long, thin piece of cotton, wool, etc., that is thicker than thread and that is used for knitting and weaving
: an exciting or interesting story; especially : a story that is so surprising or unusual that it is difficult to believe

I have had this particular yarn for several years.  I bought it to use in a mystery sock group.  Each week, we were given more to the pattern so as we knit the sock, we had no idea what it was going to look like when we finished.  I happily knit week after week loving the sock I was making until I got to the end and realized I'd made a sock big enough for some man in the NBA who has to order his shoes special because his feet are so big!  I could have worn it as a thigh high!

So, like a lot of my knitting projects, I ripped it all out and re wound the yarn for a later use.  That use came along a few weeks ago when I found a pattern in one of my knitting books for a scarf.  

Here is a link for the book on Amazon.  (Click here).  The pattern is called:  Lace Panel Scarf

I wish I could tell you what yarn I am using but I didn't keep the tags on the yarn.  I bought it at my local yarn shop.  It is a sock weight washable yarn.  My bad.

I can however tell you about the book, A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck.  Have you read this book??  It was recently given to me.  I had just finished a book and was looking for something else to read, so decided to give this one a go.  Oh my word!  I was laughing too many times and have decided that this is a book worth reading around the dinner table to your family after everyone is done eating!  The grandma in this book is a hoot and the yarns she tells!  Well, you'll just have to read and find out for yourself!

The End!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hijacking of the Camera

What do all of these photos have in common???  Absolutely nothing other than this is what one finds when they go to upload photos off of their camera and find out that natives have stolen the camera once again without The Mum's knowledge.

Thankfully, the snow has melted.  It lasted about a day which was a day too long in my opinion.  It is April.  April showers bringing May flowers and all of that.  Not April snows......  The tulips are pretty hardy and survived as did all of the weeds that seem to survive an entire winter and come back all the more tenacious in the spring.  They say the wicked never rest.  I think 'they' were talking about weeds.

Miss Cinder is now 8 months old and continues to make us laugh with her antics.  One shouldn't put forth too much effort when eating.  I think she learned this from my boys.  This is how they all sit at the dinner table.  Arms/hands on either sides of their plates, heads inches away from their food, looking all the world like they are sitting up to the trough instead of the table.  We're working on that.....  they all insist the good Lord invented elbows to be used at the table, for what other purpose is there?

As for the Lego's and the stacking blocks........  I have no idea other than this speaks Mr. J all over it and since he is the baby (turning 10 years old in a month)  I think pretty much anything/everything he does is adorable.

I'd write a post about the latest book I read that I deem worthy of reading around the dinner table after meals as a family because it is quite funny and my latest knitting project but found these photos in process of looking for my photos and got side tracked.  Guess my original post will have to wait for another day!