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Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25, letter from Elder Trevor Rubow!

Nice to see that my son is very serious and studious at all times.

Here is whats been going down.  

The language is coming!  I am actually now able to have a decent conversation with people.  The vocabulary is growing and the grammar is clicking.  Just yesterday I taught an awesome lesson using pretty well 95% Hiligaynon.  I cannot thank the Lord enough for this blessing.  I know it is through him I am able to do this. It is amazing how the Lord has prepared me to serve.  A lot of missionaries here are having difficulties because of problems they either did not resolve them or could not leave them.  I really believe this is going to be the best two years!!  Glory be to God forever!  I put my trust in Him forever!  

I've also had the opportunity to have a lot of bonding time with the other missionaries.  I hope we are friends for life!  They are super cool!

Other then that it hasnt really changed much here.  soooooo yay!  Two more weeks till I leave! (mom note:  leave the Missionary Training Center for the Philippines)

The scripture of the week is Mosiah 4.  I love that one!

Finally I end with my Hiligaynon
Kabalo ako nga matuod ang ebanghelyo ni JesuKristo.  Naga polangga ako ang Libro Ni Mormon.  Nagapasalamat kami para sa mga pamilya.  Kabalo ako nga pwede pagtuo maghatagan kalipay kita.  Sa ngalan ni JesuKristo, amen!

So I am trying to send you pictures and its not working right now.  ill try again later!  I miss you so much!  Seriously I do!  Do take care and know that God loves you!  I cannot wait for next week!

Love Elder Rubow

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I think vegetables are funny.  I get a kick out of the funny shapes they grow into that you don't see in the grocery store.  The 'misfits'.  I do NOT how so ever get a kick out of certain disgusting slithery things that I am told are taken far far away only to find evidence that they have not in fact, been taken far far away... shudder.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Warm Fuzzies in a Box

Mr. T wrote home and asked if I could send some forgotten items to him while he is in the Missionary Training Center.  I suppose I could have shoved the items he asked for in a box and shipped them to him but I had to go all Pinterest crazy and look for some cute way to send some love warm fuzzies in a box (aka:  didn't feel like cleaning my house so look for and find any excuse to put it off) and saw an idea similar to this.  I thought it was pretty cute and appropriate.  The SM wondered why in the world I was going to so much effort to send our son underwear.  Duh!!  Because I can't just send our son floss, underwear, and photos of our family!!  I have to make him some home made cookies too!!

"So, you're sending our son underwear and cookies together......."

Pfffft.  The cookies need SOMETHING to keep them from moving around and breaking!

(Side note:  Our son didn't forget his undies..... he just needs some more.  He's gonna be gone for two years ya know and clothes are hand washed over in the Philippines.  That's a lot of undies!!)

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Request

Last night I came home late after the natives were in bed.  I got something to eat and then moseyed on over to my laptop to see if anything earth shattering had happened while I'd been gone and found this:

Mr. J apparently would like a 'tablit'.  He said pleas...........

And yes.... that would be duct tape holding my lap top together.  I am married to an engineer after all.....

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mr. T's 2nd Letter!!!

Mr. T sent me some photos he's taken.  This is the top of the Provo, Utah LDS Temple with the mountains in the background.  So pretty!

Mr. T's classroom where he is learning the language he'll be speaking when he gets to the Philippines.

Apparently, some things don't change......  Mr. T climbing the walls.  Literally.

Mr. T and another missionary in front of the Provo LDS Temple.  Isn't he just handsome!!!?????

          July 11, 2014
Hey mom!!

I just want to say I love you so much! You would not believe how happy I get when I get a letter from my mom! Seriously I jump around and do a few heel clicks. Please keep them coming and get others to send as well!
I just wanted to also let you know I am indeed in good hands! After reading 2 Nephi 31:2-3 I realized that the work does not need to be hard and it really has allowed me to see the goodness and greatness of the Lord! I love this work so much but man I want out the MTC so I can really do some serving! Haha, I was a bit surprised to see how you write letters and emails and it really makes me smile! (Mom insert here.  What in Samhill is he talking about???  What is so funny about my letters and emails I'd like to know???)  I hope you are doing well! The firepit looks amazing and Zoe looks hideous!!! (Mom insert:  We just built a new fire pit -yes, after he left of course.... and Zoe, Levi's dog had some hair issues..... aka matted hair..... don't we had to shave her.....  )Heres a few pictures that shows a few things in another email. I need to take more...
I did get the Cinninum rolls! They were delicious and made me a happy missionary so thank you so much!! (Mom insert:  Okay, I admit it.  His first day at the MTC and I sent cinnamon rolls.  I'm pathetic.  I know.)

The first week is over! Though its been busy I have been blessed so much these last few days so the work has become easy! Sleep is still hard to get but again thanks to the Lord I have been able to get up every morning ready to do the work that has been placed before me. Every day is pretty much the same sadly though. Wake up, breakfast, personal study, companion study, language study, lunch, GYM, then its back to class to stuff more information into our little heads. Thank goodness for the Lord and the gift of tongues otherwise I would still be learning how to say hello (Kamusta!). I am also teaching in Hiligaynon! Our teachers act like investigators and my companion and I try our best to speak hiligaynon. Its super fun! I cannot wait to really get out to the Philippines to really teach, serve, and help the people! 

I have really been bonding with the other missionaries in our zone and they are the coolest people ever! I hope we stay in touch forever! I cannot wait to get back and tell all the great things I have experienced and I cannot thank my God enough.

Also just a quick thank you for the letters and emails! It really is the best part of the day each night to look through them to see how you are all doing! Even though I may not be able to reply till Friday it really does make this mission a lot easier to know that I am still loved back at home. ;)

Well, in ending I just wanted to say I am doing super well and I have no worries that this will be the best two years!   

Letter From Mr. T

Mr. T had been so excited to go that he couldn't sleep the night before.  That morning, this is where I found him.  Zonked all packed and ready to go!!  
           July 4, 2014
Hey Mom!

It has been such a crazy last few days! I do not even know where to begin. I got your letter and I have a letter on its way to you right now as well. Ummm, Friday is my Prep day so that is when I can reply. I miss you guys so much! My thoughts are super scattered right now if you cannot tell so Ill start at the beginning.

After being dropped off I was immediately sent to collect all my books where I then traveled to my dorms where I will be staying (Ill send pictures next week) then sent off to class. Yup, the very first five minutes and I was in class learning the language! It has been super rough but already I can understand a conversation (but I cant really reply yet) A few of the words I know are like oo= yes and indi=no. Pagpangmauyo=prayer bulig=help kita=us and honda=ready. I know a lot more but I do not have time to share it. I leave the MTC on Aug 7 so that will be fun. I also know when I come home. drumroll! June 16 2016 is what I have been told so far! So yay!

How is the family doing? Are you all getting around alright? I would think so!

Well, I dont know how much longer I am going to be able to go so just to wrap up I want to say I love you all and God loves you all as well. Thank you so much for the letter! I now see why elders like getting mail so much. Please keep sending them please! Also, if you can let all the rest of the family and and my friends know about Dear Elder! Its going to be super hard these next 5 weeks trying to learn as much as possible and that is the only relaxing I can get. As you probably know I cannot reply to dear Elder mail until P Day but I can still read them everyday. Let everyone know that please! I also forgot to get a list of emails from people so if they can email me that would be great so that I can write them as well. (Dont worry!! Ill write you first!) Thanks again! I love you!

Elder Rubow

Mr. T!!! That's What's Been Happening!!

As most of you know, and for those who don't, our family belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  When the young men in our church turn 18 and the young women turn 19, they can serve a mission.  Most of these youth spend their growing up years looking forward to this and earning money to get ready.  Yes, they pay for these missions themselves.  The young men go for two years and the young women for 18 months.  Close to $10,000 is earned and saved up for this incredible experience to go and serve people all over the world.

My second to the oldest Native made the choice to serve a two year mission.  He put in his papers to the leaders of our church saying he was willing and able and then we awaited to see where he would go.

The day arrived and we all waited for Mr. T to open the big official envelope to tell us where he was going.  Much anticipation and an entire house full of people excited for him.  He opened the envelope and started reading.  He would be serving in the Iloilo, Philippines Mission!!!  Yay!!!  And, he would be leaving to go to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on July 2nd.

Missing Mr. B who was at work.  Mr. T and Mr. B said goodbye the night before.
 July 2nd still seemed so far away.  Mr. T had gotten his call in May.  We had gobs of time right??  Man, 3 months flew by fast and the next thing we knew...... it was time to say goodbye!  FOR TWO YEARS!!!

These are the photos of that day.  I even included the one's of me with my face all cry ugly.  Does anyone look attractive when they cry?  I mean, really truly cry?

Anyway, the hugs started and oh my goodness!  It was hard!  So excited for him but hard saying goodbye.  Mr. T had asked me to make scones for breakfast before he left.  I made him his scones and had to laugh.  He was so excited to go that he could hardly eat.

After the goodbye's were said, we drove away and then I really lost it.  Levi was sitting next to me in the truck and looking at his Dad, he had the most disgusted look on his face and said, "What is wrong with HER'!  Which then made us all bust up laughing.  Thank you Levi for always making me smile and laugh.

And then.........  the waiting begins.  The waiting to get letters.  Is he okay?  He'll get a companion/roommate........ will they get along?  Does he miss me yet?

The missionaries can receive letters and packages all week long but they only get one day which is called their P-Day (Preparation Day) to write home.  On their P-Day, they do their shopping, laundry, write letters, clean, etc.  I didn't know when Mr. T's P-Day would be so everyday I would go and check my computer to see if he'd written.

And then........ he did!  Friday is his P-Day!  The first letter I got, I jumped up and down screaming for joy!!!  Yay!!  I got a letter!!!  Oh my word.  And then.......  oh my heart....... I'd have to wait for an entire week before I would get another!!!

Yesterday was P-Day.  I got his second letter.  That one week between his first letter and second letter was the longest week of my life!!!  It felt like a month!!  I'm told, that it gets better and time starts to fly by.  It better!!!

When I got Mr. T's letter yesterday I had to go to the grocery store right after.  I wanted to run up to everyone in the grocery store and give them a hug and say, "I just got a letter from my son"!!!  Oh yeah!  Friday's have most definitely become my favorite day of the week.

Some moms make an entire new blog for their sons/daughters who are on missions and post their letters and photos there.  I thought about it but then thought, you all have watched my son grow up.  You'll want to see and hear from him too, right?!  Just agree with me because we all know I'm a little obsessed right now with all of this.

So, for now, Mr. T is at the MTC for 6 weeks learning the language he'll be speaking over in the Philippines and then on August 7th, he'll fly over to the Philippines where he will spend the rest of his two year mission serving the people.

Oh my dear boy!  My stars I miss you but I am ever so proud of you!!!  I pray for you in all of my prayers and you are constantly in my thoughts.  You are my baby.  You will always be my baby.  Don't care how old you are.

I'll love you forever, and always.  Love, Mommy

Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Have I Been?????

Wanna know where I've been?  I'll tell you where I've been.  No where.  It's Blogger's fault.  Blogger got stinky and for some reason I wasn't able to post on my blog and I got fed up I tell ya!!!  Just fed up!!!  The other day, I was looking for something on my blog and lo and behold, I was able to post again.

I am so grateful that Blogger could find it in it's little heart to come back from vacation and get back to work because I've missed my friends on here!!!  All I can say is, Blogger better have gone on one heck of a memorable once in a life time experience vacation for the trouble and headache it has put me through!!

So, I'm back!  I know you've all been sitting here on the edges of your seats waiting for me.  Next post, the major event that has had me consumed for months and came to pass a week ago.  Get ready for it........  indoor plumbing........ it's gonna be big!!