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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Taking A Stand on Grey Matters

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I've cut my hair.  Really really short.  The Natives are having a blast teasing me calling me, "Dad" and other such goofy nonsense.  I did do it for a reason/purpose.  Maybe not quite the haircut I was given....  but, that's another matter.  It's hard finding someone who can cut short hair on women with naturally curly hair and do a good job I am finding.

Anyway, the reason behind the madness shortness.  Grey.  I have been going grey since I was in high school.  I remember finding my first one, two, three...... and yanking them out.  I've been steadily adding to them to the point that if one continued to yank them out, I mine as well get a wig as I'd have no hair left.

For years I have been dying my hair.  There is a reason it is called dying by the way.  I've always hated the process!  Well, I'm done.  I've wanted to stop dying my hair now for years but have been told by many that I am too young, I don't have the right coloring in my skin to go grey yet, and many other reasons that I listened to and continued to dye my hair for.  So, I went short and am going to let it grow out in it's natural color.

Honestly, I do love my dark hair but, my hair isn't dark anymore!  It's grey, or shall we say, silver.  Silver sounds prettier.  For years, I have colored my hair for other people.

My Henny Penny is getting older.  She's becoming a teenager and saying horrifying things, like, "I'm fat.  I hate my hair.  I wish I didn't have or had (insert what ever it is she isn't satisfied with with her body).  It's horrifying because I taught her that!!  She's listened to me berate myself for years and years and call myself fat and ugly and not good enough, etc.  She's learned!

So, I am taking a stand.  I am no longer going to color my hair because I don't want to and I am going to try to be a better example to my sweet daughter that we are good enough, we are pretty enough, we are smart enough, we are good (insert adjective) because we know who we are.  It doesn't matter what others think at the end of the day because at the start of the day and throughout the day, we are daughters of a King.  Daughters of God, and that's all that matters!!

P.S.  Just in case there might be a misunderstanding, I am not trying to start a movement where women stop coloring their hair and we all go grey although having the youth thinking grey hair is awesome and coloring their hair that color does help make me think that when my hair is grown out, I will be quite hip and trendy!  Thank you youth of today!!!  That isn't the point of this post.  The point is, do what makes you happy and feel good about you!  Don't let outside influences influence you.  Heck!  Who knows!  I may grow out this grey and decide it needs to be electric blue!  I do love color, just not coloring....... I was never very good at staying in the lines.