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Monday, May 21, 2012

Henny Penny's Recital

A few weekends ago Henny Penny had a dance recital.  One of the perks of living next to a University is you get to take advantage of the many programs they offer such as dance classes for youth.

My neighbor across the street introduced us to this dance program.  Her daughter participated and invited us to one of her concerts.

I was so impressed at how the dance company allowed the little girls to be little girls.  There wasn't the usual shaking of the hips and gyrating that you see today and wonder why we are teaching little girls to act like they are going to have careers walking the streets when they are older.

They start the children out teaching them to let their bodies move and flow with the music.  Slowly they introduce technique.

So refreshing!  When we went to this recital to see Henny Penny we watched other classes of younger children skip, and twirl, and hop, and more skipping........ little girls being little girls.

As I sat and watched and listened to their little bare feet pitter patter across the stage back and forth I couldn't help but smile and feel uplifted inside!

It reminded me of little girls playing princess or galloping ponies together.  Things little girls should be doing.

In Henny Penny's dance number, the little girls were encouraged to choreograph their dance.  They were broken up into groups and each group would come up with a series of moves.  The teacher then put the moves together to make up their dance.  The results as you will see is beautiful.  Little girls being little girls.

 I present to you Henny Penny's dance number: (sorry for the video quality..... it's lousy but you'll get the idea).

Friday, May 18, 2012

For Jackson!

Dear Friends!  I have a friend who's grandson is trying to win a free bike that can be adapted to his special needs.  He needs our help as he is falling behind in votes and there are only (as of now) six hours left.

Please please help this family.  Go and vote for Jackson and encourage anyone and everyone you know to do likewise.

Go to this link:

Hit the 'like' button.  You have to 'like' this page before you can vote.  When you hit 'like', then the page will load with all of the children who are trying to win bikes.  Jackson is listed under his mommy Courtney Harris.

You can see his cute little picture that looks like this:

This is what Jackson's mommy wrote about him:

Jackson, our adorable 7-year-old redhead needs a bike! He has autism & hypotonia (low muscle tone) and didn't learn to walk until he was 3. He has an older brother & sister and wants to join in the fun with his active family on an adaptive bicycle

Please take a moment of your time to vote.  It would make a big difference for this sweet little boy and his family.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Has Anyone Seen Rachel?

Image Credit?  Anyone?  I'd like to give credit where it is due.

Dear Month of May,

You are making me want to curl up in a ball and cry.  You are leaving me no time to socialize with my blogger friends.  They think I am out sunbathing engrossed in a good book.

Do me a favor please?  Tell my blogger friends that you only have 31 days and then you are outta here!

I don't appreciate how selfish you have been and time consuming.  Just sayin.......


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inch by Inch

I have no idea where this photo came from originally to give credit.  
This past weekend I had to take Henny Penny across town for her dance rehearsal for her recital this weekend.    When I'd left the house, I didn't realize that there was a race going on.  Traffic was re-routed time and time again.  At one point, while I was sitting at an intersection waiting for the traffic officers to wave me through in between runners as they ran by, I felt something with in rise up and shake it's fist.  

Months ago I had signed up for a 1/2 marathon.  When I spiraled down with my health again a few months ago I stood on the shore and waved that ship off into the sunset.  Little did I realize at the time that my spirit would call that ship back....

As I sat and watched those runners last week, I gripped the steering wheel and thought to myself, NO!  I will not let this beat me!  I will not let this West Nile Virus win!  I will run!  I am going to do this race even if I have to walk the entire way!  I will cross that finish line and triumphantly shake my fist at this disease.  

I will run this race for all who face something they are trying to over come or stand brave against.  Everyone has something!  We are all trying to be brave whether it is fighting health, an addiction, depression, facing yet another day,  “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. ” 
― Mary Anne Radmacher 

Yesterday I started my training again.  I've only a few weeks to get ready.  The race is June 9th.  Not enough time but as I was running yesterday I had a thought.  I was smiling at the way I run.  I don't choose a route.  I walk out my front door and then I just go.  I let my feet decide where I am going to go and so I had this thought.  I run where my feet take me, one inch at a time.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smells of Spring. Cleaning That Is....

The lilacs are in full bloom here.  I love cutting bunches of them and putting them all over my house.  This year is no different except for one thing.  I didn't take into account that all of the painting of doors, baseboards, and moldings would fill my house with such paint fumes that I can't smell the lovely lilacs............

The baseboards and doors have been sorely in need of being repainted.  Many years of being banged into, little dirty hands, and goobers.  After about an hour of crawling on my hands and knees yesterday painting I decided it would be easier to burn down this house and build another............