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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Lazy River

Why is it that all of my stories somehow have a bathroom experience involved??

The one moment that I sit down to take a break in my 'oval office'.  I'm sitting there and all of a sudden I am hearing a noise in the plumbing, the actual plumbing, not mine, and I am thinking, "That doesn't sound good"!!

Next thing I know, Miss K is running into my 'office' and telling me that Mr. C has broken a sprinkler and it is flooding all over.  Really???  Seriously???  This had to happen now??  When I can in no wise do anything about it until nature has taken it's doo course???

I finally get done with my business and come outside to see a lovely river in my front yard!  I'd asked The Natives to dig up the paving stones that we walk on that were getting eaten by the grass and could hardly be seen so that we could make our front walk look nice.

Guess us joking to Levi that we were making a lazy river in our front yard when he asked what we were doing yesterday became a reality!

I hate it when pipes explode!  The timing is never convenient!!