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Friday, April 30, 2010

Wishing You Were Here.....

My friend is in Hawaii and sent me this photo she'd taken.

Naturally, I sent her this one back. I don't want to rub it in or anything but I wanted her to know what she was missing out on! I bet she wishes she was here.....

Gosh! I hope I don't ruin her vacation by sending her this photo. I didn't even think about that. Oh well. Too late. She'll just have to suffer for another week.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Mish mash today. No time for anything more. Running here and least not in my underwear.....well, technically I AM wearing underwear.....just not......just. Which is a really good thing for all of you.

Day two of walking. I promise, this won't become a walkablog...or a walkablob which is how I feel. Did you know you can get a side ache walking? Apparently you can!

Got my hair trimmed. I went even shorter! Why? Because it is snowing today and it should be warm and it's not, so I went shorter......but only in the back. It's in a wedge. Kinda like a wedge of cheese? I always knew I resembled Swiss cheese. My brain at least. My butt likes to pretend like it is cottage cheese. I keep telling it to knock it off and age a little. Age hardens cheese right? Then again......aged cheese stinks......I plead the fifth.

I had lunch at Kneader's. The SM's parents took me there. I had to park the rental truck in a little tiny parking lot. I had to do the back and forth look like a dork park job. It wasn't pretty. I'll tell you what is pretty though and makes my skirt fly up! The engine on that rental truck. It makes me happy. It makes me want to drive and keep driving and forget that it gets horrible gas mileage. Being beautiful is costly. A price I'd be willing to pay if the dang thing seated nine.

It's almost May. It's snowing. It's cold. I'm wearing trashy heels with an open toe and heel. I don't care. This day is only half over.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Steps

It is time for me to take my own advice. Last night I threw a fit. A massive screaming my head off, punching the door, kinda fit. The kind that is pointless because the door doesn't care how much I scream at it or hit it. In the end, I'm the one with the hurt fist.

This morning with a little rest and a big deep breath I am ready to put my big girl undies on and try something different for a change. Shocking! I know......Just don't ask me to order different food at a restaurant. I have my favorites and I'm sticking with them.

I keep trying to do what I used to and then get all ticked when I'm thrown back down. For example, running. I love to run. Used to run all of the time and kick box. Looooved it! Now, when I start to have a few good days I get my running shoes out and hit the pavement and then scream in frustration when the next day or two I'm back on the couch.

So, today......I walked. Baby steps right? And while I walked I thought and pondered and I realized something. I realized that because I was walking my head was up and I was taking notice of my surroundings. I noticed some tiny little purple flowers, I noticed a house that had the front redone on it, I noticed tiny little leaves coming out on tree branches. When I am running, my head is usually down and I am watching the road or trail in front of me.

As I walked today it rained, snowed, and hailed on me and then.....for a brief moment, the sun came out.

Every year for the past several years I have watched my family prepare and train for a triathlon. This year is no different and as usual, I want to join them in the worst way. It's an even bigger deal because my family is having a family reunion and as part of that reunion those who can are doing the triathlon. Last year, my dad and sisters ran the triathlon for me. This year, I want to run it myself. I'm going to! Baby Steps! With help I'm going to.

My dad is going to do the swim for me, The SM is going to do the bike for me, and going to do the run. Even if I have to walk the entire way, I'm going to do it with the help of my family! Baby Steps!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There's a first for everything.

I'm drawing a blank nothin' to say......gonna go eat some frozen cookie dough and see if that helps the creative thought process any.

Addendum: Eating brownies and ice cream while watching "The Biggest Loser" seems like a contradiction in's one I'm willing to contradict.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I hate it when......

.....your son goes to a youth dance and you think you're gonna be all sneaky and embarrass the heck out of him in front of all of his friends because that is what parents's our prerogative.....and as you sneak in the door fully intending to pull out your 80's epileptic moves around the dance floor, your son comes running up to you, grabs your arm, takes you over to all of his friends, and starts dancing with you.

I hate it when my teenagers trump me!

I hate it when........the youth dance is over.....and your son is super late......and you start to worry......and then worry turns to "I'm ticked off, he's in SO much doo doo" you jump in your car intending to chase him down because you're sure he's off with his friends being irresponsible......even though he's never done that before......but ya never know......and you pull up to the building where the dance was.......only to find your son mopping the floor helping the clean up crew.

I love it when my teenagers trump me!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why is Blogger being so inept lately? I just want to download some photos. Is that so DIFFICULT? (picture Cruella in 101 Dalmatians)

Cruella De Vil: Alonzo. The drawing.
[Alonzo looks confused]
Cruella De Vil: [shrieking] Take the drawing from Anita, and hand it to me! Is that difficult?
[Alonzo gives her the drawing, then Cruella snatches it]
Cruella De Vil: Thank you. Now go and stand somewhere until I need you.

This has been going on long enough with Blogger (what a week now?) and I'm tired of it! I've got prom photos to post!!!

I wanted to talk about prom! I wanted to talk about something happy for a change.

I could just tell you all about it and how wonderful it was having 6 couples over for dinner at our house and how because of my older sis giving me fab ideas I did a BRILLIANT job of decorating for the girls because let's face it, it's all for the girls right?

Well, that is what I thought too until I took Mr. B to get his tux.......guess what I learned? Boys like to dress up just as much (or almost) as much as the girls. You can't tell me other wise.

I could tell you that Mr. B was sooo dreamy and handsome....

I could go into major detail so that you felt like you were here living it but....I WANT PHOTOS DANG IT!

Oh hey! Would ya look at that. A photo. Apparently, if you upload them one at a time it works.......

Just what I want to do. Sit here all day uploading one photo at a time...

Who has time to sit here all day uploading photos one at a time.......

I may be a stay at home mom but I've got tons of stuff to do!

Which is really too bad because the photos really would do a better job at telling the story than I ever could with words....

Is Blogger like on vacation or something?

I get really irritated when other people think their time is more important than mine...

Like being a stay at home mom isn't hard work, ya know. Like, that question, "Do you work?"

I've got a ton of stuff to do today! My time is valuable and Blogger is going to hear from me. You bet they are because I don't have time to load photos one by one or sit and write a huge epistle about prom going into huge ginormous detail because I can't get photos to load. I mean, that would take FOREVER talking about how awesome it was seeing these kids get out of their cars in their tuxes and formals looking so handsome and modest and did I mention the girls were modest? They were. Each one of them. Good wholesome kids.

Someday when I have time.......I'll tell you all about it. Today is NOT one of those would NOT believe all the things I need to get done today.....uploading photos one by one indeed! I won't give Blogger the satisfaction...I won't work under these conditions. I won't!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're Dancin'........

dance in the rain

A good friend of mine sent me this gift. This stencil to put on my wall. It's been a bit crazy around here and as I looked at this on my wall this morning I couldn't help think about how truly blessed we are. We've been joking that Clifford our suburban took one for the family and how he protected us but I do want to put credit where it is due and that is in our loving Father in Heaven. It is so apparent that He showered us with tender mercies this past weekend and continues to do so.

I do believe in ministering angels. We've been surrounded all weekend by friends and neighbors who have been so loving and have reached out taking care of us.

It may be raining......but I love to dance!

Monday, April 19, 2010

He's Watching Over Us!

It's been quite the weekend!

We've had our downs

We've had our ups

We've had our downs again

And through it all, we see His protective hand. Miracles do happen. Prayers are answered. Angels walk among us.

We're all alive and okay. That is what matters.

Friday, April 16, 2010


All our troubles seemed so far awaaaaay.....

Yesterday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's. We're lucky. They've adopted us since my parents and The SM's parents live so far away. Everyone should have grandparents close by.

Grandpa and Grandma have a fabulous yard that backs right up to the river so,

we threw rocks

we looked for bugs

we found some and let them crawl on our fingers

we ran up and down a hill laughing and giggling

grandpa burned fallen tree branches

grandpa thought Mr. C might like to learn how to drive his ATV

he was right

grandpa is a very brave grandpa

we love our grandpa!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go See!

I don't normally post about give a ways on other people's blogs but I have been following a blog lately (Click on the blue letters)that is just delightful and I find the author to be refreshing, creative, and one of those gals you'd love to have living right next door. She lives in Africa with her husband and children. Go check her out! Leave her a comment and by all means.....enter the give-a-way(Click on the blue letters) ....of course if you will mean my chances of winning are less but what the heck! I'm all about self sacrificing. I'm nice that way. Besides the fact that just by putting up a link my name gets entered in the drawing three times!! But that's not why I did it......really. I'm all about spreading the love man! And upping my chances of winning........Oh shoot. Did I just say that last part out loud?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Having A Ball With My Gown

Anybody that has ever gone in for any sort of an examination in a doctors office where the clothing needs to be removed will know of what I am about to talk about.

A few weeks ago I had an examination that required preeeeetty much a full body examination. It meant that all clothing must be removed. As I sat in the office the nurse kindly handed me a nicely folded up piece of tissue paper. Two pieces actually and told me that one was for the top and the other for the bottom.

I looked at the piece of tissue paper that was supposed to go on the top of me and was told that the opening (it's like a vest) needs to go in the front and then the other piece of tissue paper needs to be draped across my lap. The nurse then cheerfully waltzed out the door while I held up two pieces of paper doll tissue paper and wondered how in the world I was supposed to hold onto my dignity while holding onto that tissue paper.

Something that everyone might also know is what happens to tissue paper when it gets wet. Pray you don't get sweaty palms as you are clutching at your tissue paper.

Clothes off, I proceeded to try to figure out the vest. It is folded up all nice and purdy like and opens as well as a plastic produce bag. You know what I'm talking about! You sit in the produce department trying to figure out which end has the opening as you are taking your two fingers trying to slide the plastic back and forth hoping it will open while juggling six apples in your other hand! That was me and the 'vest'. I finally got it open and breathed a sigh of relief that the only tears I'd made were tiny. P.S. Tiny tears in tissue turn into big tears real fast. I didn't know this yet.

There is one other thing you might already know. Tissue clothing comes in a one size fits all. P.S. There's no such thing as 'one size fits all.' I'm not an entirely huge person. Vest on I proceeded to sit myself down on the examination table and try to cover up my lower half with the dryer sheet. Now, I ask you, please remember that this is a one size fits all.....I look down to see what kind of a job I am doing covering myself and I start to ponder how in the heck someone larger than me does it. I turn my head and do a half crank craning of the neck to see if I can see my back side and yup! It's there all right. Hanging out like over risen dough escaping the mixing bowl. I grab the tissue and yank some more to cover up the back and riiiiip. Dag nabbit! My backside is covered but aint I the flashy one in the front and that isn't all! The tissue paper vest is gaping wide open because it is stiff tissue paper and the arm holes are big enough to stick both my legs through. If a stiff wind came through that room my vest would catch the wind and sail away! I let go of the catastrophe that is now a crumpled ripped mess on my lap and clutch at my vest and pull it tight and closed about my front. Aww heck! Now both my boobs are hanging out the gargantuan arm holes. Ease up Ethyl! I let go of the front of the vest that is now matching my crumpled dryer sheet and figure if I just clutch a little bit in the front closed and hold my arms tight against my sides then that sort of holds things in place and makes me feel that at least some of my dignity is still in tact only I still have the dang ripped and crumpled dryer sheet to contend with and I'm gonna somehow do it with one hand clutching my vest and both arms plastered to my sides. I wiggle around on the examination table only to realize I've a new set of problems. All examination tables are covered in the same tissue paper and I was in such a state trying to get myself covered I didn't realize that my legs were sweating and the dang examination tissue is now stuck to my legs! Nice! I'm gonna leave a big ol' sweaty butt print on the exam table!

I can hear the doctor walking down the hall and know he is going to be walking into my room at any second. I frantically yank more tissue paper off of the roll on the examination table and wrap myself up in the stuff like a new bride at her bridal shower wrapped in toilet paper. The only thing this doc is gonna see is the whites of my bulging eyes. I'm thinking I'm all smug taking advantage of that big ol' roll of tissue paper!

The doc walks in, gives me a puzzled look, and proceeds with the exam. It wasn't a pleasant exam and left me gritting my teeth and counting numerous times to ten and back. When the doc was done he told me I could get dressed and he'd be back in to discuss the upcoming surgery. Whew! THAT was over.....only it wasn't.....cuz I'd been so tense I'd sweat profusely and now that dang tissue paper I'd wrapped myself up in like a mummy was now plastered to my body and came off in little tiny pieces.....along with my dignity as I realized that sweaty wet tissue paper is completely see through.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Bull!

Image from

I'm not happy. Not one bit. I should be! I got what I wanted, I just don't like how it came about.

Why is that? Why is it we can want something really really bad and when we finally get it, if it isn't in our terms......then we're not happy with the results.

Yesterday I got up, (soooo didn't want to) got dressed, and ready for the day. I was going to wear some really comfy lounge around clothes because that is how I felt but knowing the task ahead of me, I dressed differently. I dressed in the most professional manner a stay at home mom who doesn't have a professional wardrobe can. I've been taught, that you dress how you want to be treated. If you're going in for a job interview, you dress as if you already have the job.

So, I dressed in a manner that meant business, take me serious, or I'll take you to the cleaners. No, I didn't dress in my kick boxing clothes.....but I sure felt like it!

The end results was I got what I wanted. I was treated with respect, professionally, and when I lay down the terms they weren't questioned. I did my homework, I had papers in hand to take it to the next level if need be. Thankfully, they weren't needed.

What did I win? Mr. C is home now. I'll be homeschooling him.....but not for reasons that any parent would want. As for the reason he is home......well.....let's just hope that the school holds up their end and takes care of the bully. It's not my problem anymore. My problem is taking a shattered wounded spirit and in the safety and security of our home, starting the slow process of healing and mending.

I love homeschooling! I just wish I were homeschooling because my health had improved and I was able to again. I am grateful though, that I can home school Mr. C and have been pouring over "stuff" trying to decide just where to start with only six weeks of school left! I can tell you this.......we'll be spending a lot of time reading.....and a lot of time outdoors. The outdoors and nature are great healers. Throw in some classics......some chocolate......I think we'll have Mr. C mended in no time!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Give Us A Break! Preferably Spring?

When you think of spring break what do you think of? Do you think of going someplace warm.......with the sun shining......

Swimming.......playing on the beach........

Us too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sping Break

The Native's are on Spring Break so guess what? I'm gonna too. See ya back here in a week!

Until then, my Dad and I were laughing this weekend about this post (click on blue lettering) and what a hoot it was to write. I posted it two years ago so some of you may have not read it. It's a good one!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Feelin' Blue....And I Like It!

Okay, so I am like, WAY, totally excited. WAY! My dad and mom came down this past weekend. My dad is a camera genius and he worked with me for a bit with my camera teaching me. He taught me a little bit (HE HAS SOOOO MUCH MORE TO TEACH ME!! I CAN'T WAIT) Sorry, when I get excited I speak in all caps.

Anyway, I have been wanting to capture the colors of morning for sooooo many years and haven't been able to. I know there's photo shop and all but I want to learn how to do it out of my camera because we all know the less you fiddle with a photo the better right? Besides, the whole photo shop thing intimidates me.

Their not brilliant photos but when I got up EARLY this morning and took the dogs out it was SO COLD and SO BLUE. Everything was blue and I hoped beyond hope that I could capture the blue and.......I'm totally stoked. I'd wanted to stay outside (other than it was FREEZING) and capture the sunrise but The SM has been gone all week to tropical San Jose so it was up to me to get The Native's off to school.

Which brings me to another topic. Breakfast. We have several 'flavors' of cream of wheat/germade. And we have plain. Being the utterly cool mom that I am.....I made plain this morning thinking The Native's would think I totally rock cuz then they can flavor it how ever they like right? Brown sugar......maple flavoring....chocolate......the possibilities are endless! So, I come downstairs and they are all sitting around the kitchen table with looks of wretchedness on their faces and when I asked them what was wrong they said, "It's plain!" I was dumbfounded!

I told them, "Well YEAH!!! Flavor the dang stuff how ever you want!" They looked at me and asked if I was serious, flew to the cupboards, and started pulling out all sorts of stuff to flavor their cereal with.

The end result: Happy hungry Native's. I have several bowls sitting around me with a few bites taken out of them. Apparently brown sugar and strawberry jam wasn't a good mix. Neither was lemon flavoring......I've no idea what the others put in as I was busy running The Eldest off to school.......I just came home to abandoned bowls of......experiments gone bad. Won't they be ticked when they come home and see the bowls still sitting here waiting for them for a snack!

Totally rockin' mom! Will fall to totally rotten mom! And I'm okay with that. Cuz I'm feelin' blue today!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are Ya Fooled?

My baby girl and her best best friend are in the same class at school. They say everyone thinks they look alike. Today, they are playing a trick on their teacher. They are dressing alike and are going to sit in the others desk.

They said at the end of the day they'll tell their teacher that they fooled her and reveal who is who. They've been planning this for MONTHS!

Isn't being 9 great?