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Friday, May 18, 2012

For Jackson!

Dear Friends!  I have a friend who's grandson is trying to win a free bike that can be adapted to his special needs.  He needs our help as he is falling behind in votes and there are only (as of now) six hours left.

Please please help this family.  Go and vote for Jackson and encourage anyone and everyone you know to do likewise.

Go to this link:

Hit the 'like' button.  You have to 'like' this page before you can vote.  When you hit 'like', then the page will load with all of the children who are trying to win bikes.  Jackson is listed under his mommy Courtney Harris.

You can see his cute little picture that looks like this:

This is what Jackson's mommy wrote about him:

Jackson, our adorable 7-year-old redhead needs a bike! He has autism & hypotonia (low muscle tone) and didn't learn to walk until he was 3. He has an older brother & sister and wants to join in the fun with his active family on an adaptive bicycle

Please take a moment of your time to vote.  It would make a big difference for this sweet little boy and his family.  


  1. I tried a couple of times, but Facebook kept giving me error prompts. Sometimes I just HATE that software. But every kid on there is compelling.

  2. Replies
    1. Done and he seems to be in the top 10 now!

    2. Thank you soooo much Donna!!!!! Bless you!!!

    3. We think so!!! Quite cool. He needed to make it in the top ten and he was like 7 I think.

  3. And I missed it, but luckily the results didn't hinge on my uncast vote. (Actually, I couldn't have done it anyway, not being on fb.)

    Joining in on the cheering...

    1. I don't think you're missing much by not being on fb...... It's another thing that has me sucked in to more computer time. :D


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