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Tuesday, March 4, 2014



A few months ago, we painted the interior our house.  You know how it is.  One project leads to another.......  New paint means the old curtains don't match which means, yes, new curtains.  Trying to decide which curtains exactly that I want has taken some time and then when I finally found the curtains that I like OF COURSE they are super expensive.  I could make my own but I still have Mr. C's quilt I made him for Christmas that is sitting here unfinished too that I need to finish.... 

I'm sure if I had a sewing room I would get all sorts of sewing done and if I had a knitting room I'd get all sorts of knitting done and a library, reading and other rooms for all of the other things I like to do.  Please don't point out that I have a laundry room and laundry still doesn't get done or a kitchen and meals still don't get cooked like they should.  Those aren't hobbies.  Well, not for me anyway.

There is a point here to the whole lack of curtains.  It has meant that my windows aren't covered so during the day the sun comes glaring into the front room and the puppies enjoy basking in the sunlight and in the evenings whilst I am laying/lying (KRISTEN WHICH IS IT) on the couch I have been seeing spectacular views out my front window. 

Come the heat of summer our piano teacher will hate having that hot sun beating down on both him and natives.  Maybe it will be incentive enough for him to make me some new curtains...... I wonder if our piano teacher can sew......  hmmmm. 

Anyway, I've enjoyed the view!  And that, my friends, is all I've got to say.

The End!

Well....... for the moment.  Hee!


  1. Lying. Hens lay. People lie. Which isn't to say that we don't tell the truth, which we don't, from time to time. You may lay your body down, or your phone or your sweater or even a child, and you may "have a lie down" if you are Southern. But mostly: I lie on the bed. I am lying on the bed. I will lie on the bed. Yesterday, I lay on the bed (past tense) but I WAS lying on the bed (past participle) Lying on the bed is FUN!! I was lying out in the sun. The dogs were lying out there also. I have lain out there too long a coupla times.

    I laid the table. Those scissors were laid down around here somewhere. I had laid them down. Wait while I lay these books on the table. (Get around that by using "put") I am fixin' to lay the table.

    You, yourself, lie down, or you used to lay down, or you had lain out. But when you put something down, you lay it down today, or you laid it down yesterday, or you have laid it down in the past.

    1. But I'm not lying!! I really am on the couch! :D

      The English language is so stupid sometimes................

  2. Now - about the essay itself - there is nothing so magical as an uncovered, big, clean window (yeah - I know the clean part is in question) and a beautiful view outside of it. Your view encompasses so much - that broad sky, those wonderful trees - and all that love out there.

    1. Giggling at the clean part...... considering children and puppies both stand at that window and look out with their hands and noses pressed against said window.

  3. Sounds like curtains might be superfluous . . .

    1. Actually, sadly, they are necessary. Our windows are pathetic and let in way too much cold in the winter and in the summer the heat from the sun is pretty bad. The curtains do a ton to insulate. Boo!


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