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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Levi:  I have a sore on my nostroll.
Me:  It's not a sore, it's a zit.
Levi:  It hurts.
Me:  Stop picking at it.  Leave it alone.
Levi:  Cuz it will get worse?
Me: Yes, it will get worse.
Levi:  Iz a sore.
Me:  It's a zit.
Levi:  Wuz a zit?

Levi is covered in scars.  Anytime he gets a sore of any kind, a mosquito bite, etc. he picks.  Won't leave it alone.  Takes forever to heal.  I have been dreading the day he hits puberty and acne begins. The day when his face is covered in 'sores' and he won't leave them alone as he picks at them and scars his angelic face.

Levi has a zit on his nose.  He's obsessed with it.  I keep trying to get him to leave it alone.  Gross moment.  Maybe if I pop it and show him what's inside he'll leave it alone?

Me:  Hold still.
Levi:  Ow!  Dat hurts!
Me:  Look!  This is what comes out of a zit.  See?  Don't pick.  It's a zit, not a sore.  Leave it alone.
Levi:  You made me bleed.  Iz a sore.

Oh puberty, please be kind to my son............


  1. Oh the things you mothers of special kids have to figure out how to fix! May puberty be kind to both of you.

    1. And about those zits............ why don't they end when we're done going through puberty??? Huh??

  2. Well . . . seems like there's not much to say to that except I'm with you hoping that puberty will be kind to your son.

    And I just realized that our new baby might be named Levi, too. It's currently at the top of our short list (but no guarantee it will stay there). If only baby would consent to be born!

    1. EEEEEEeee! Another boy!!!! Exciting! Personally, I think Levi is a really really good name and should stay at the top of the list. ;)


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