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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Why.

Levi has a big day tomorrow.  He has his first triathlon!  Say what?!  How is this possible?  And, why?!

Very valid questions.  Questions as I sit here in my warm and comfy house I am asking myself.  Are we sure we want to go in the cold tomorrow to do this thing??  Are we crazy?  Yes.  Yes, I believe we are.

When Levi got the diagnosis of Prade Willi Syndrome, one of the things we were told was that it is oober important that Levi exercise.  Riiiight.  That's gonna happen!  It's not that Levi isn't active, it's just.  (Insert mommy whining voice).  More work for meeee!  Coming up with a whole new set of rules for eating alone has been over whelming.  Add routine exercise to the mix that isn't the typical kid play that Levi does..........  I don't wanna!

Time to start thinking how to make this possible.  It's got to be something Levi loves to do.  It's got to be something Levi is motivated to want to do.  It has got to be something that isn't going to result in a huge meltdown and me hiding in my closet consuming even more chocolate than I already am.

Brain starts to sound like a rusty unused lawn mower refusing to start come spring.  A little coaxing and we don't get quite a purr but something is blipping and choking along and thoughts start to produce a plan.

There is a local bike store that is involved with a non-profit program called, Team Kid Courage.  They help children with special needs participate in triathlons.  They provide the equipment and the athletes.  Cool!  Intriguing.  Getting closer to what I am starting to imagine.  I talk to the man behind Team Kid Courage and tell him my idea and does he think it is possible.  YES!  We have lift off!  Not only possible but we have his support and Team Kid Courage's support!

Levi loves the Special Olympics.  He loves to compete and more importantly, because let's face it, this is the real reason why we do crazy stuff like races, the medal at the end.  Levi loves getting medals.  Who doesn't?!

The Special Olympics has been through the schools that Levi goes to so he gets to participate 'maybe' once a year.  Not often enough.  Enter triathlons and Team Kid Courage that happen all year long excepting, rather than have athletes do all of the work pushing and pulling Levi, I want Levi to be able to do as much of the running, biking, and swimming as he can.  We know that at first he won't be able to do much, but the hope is that over time, he'll be able to work towards and do more and more on his own.

And, here's the insane thing.  Don't ask me why in the world I want to do this when there are athletes in far better shape and more able to help Levi than myself............  I want to help Levi.  And so does the rest of his family.  We want to be the athletes who help Levi.  It's a family thing.

So, let the insanity begin!  Tomorrow morning, when it is freezing cold, when I will still want to be asleep in my warm bed,  IT'S SATURDAY!!  Sleep in day!!!  What am I thinking???  I'm not obviously.  The rusty old lawn mower has been put away for the winter.  No engine cranking here.

Anyway, tomorrow morning in the freezing cold, have I mentioned how cold it is going to be??  I will be running with Levi and when he gets tired I will run behind him pushing him in a stroller.  We will then transition to the bike part of the race and again, Levi will bike as far as he can and then we'll put him in a bike cart and I will pull him the rest of the way.  After the biking part, we enter the swimming where Levi's daddy will jump into the pool with Levi and help him swim and when Levi can't swim any further, then The SM will put Levi in a rubber boat and pull him.

Honestly, we're excited for this new adventure.  It's crazy.  It's insane.  But, would you expect anything else from us??

Go Team Levi!!!


  1. You are all amazing and inspirational! I wish I could be there to cheer you all on! Just know that I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way and cheering from a distance! Go TEAM LEVI!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mindy!! Prayers will be needed!! :)

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