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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I've not been blogging much lately.  There are several reasons, one of which is a growing concern for the safety of The Natives.

I have loved the friendships I have been blessed with because of my blog and meeting you wonderful friends.  

With the growing evils in the world of the Internet and exploiting children I am worried about the photos that I have posted of my children and how they are being used/abused by others.

I don't know if I go private if it will matter as the photos are still 'out there'.  I've thought of maybe taking photos where their faces are blurred or not showing their heads at all...........  

Why does there have to be such evil in the world today??  Deciding.................


  1. It is so very sad that we live in a world where this even has to be a concern. I wish you the best as you make this decision. I have learned so much from you and the experiences you have shared... Thank you...

  2. Your concern is real, unfortunately. Continue to pray about it. Follow your heart, and never compromise self. Self and family first. You can maintain friendships still. The world is a greedy and hungry place. AARRGGG. My "place" is silent as well, for the same reasons. Our liberties are no more. Like I said....well, you know who's fault I think it is.....tee hee.

  3. I would be very sad to not have found you here, but now that I have found you, I won't lose you...blot or no blog. Did something happen? Or just a general feeling of unease? Love you.

  4. I so understand . . . I keep my blog private, but even so I wonder about Blogger/Google and the access this giant industry has to the precious moments of my life!

  5. I hear you. I struggle with the same issue, and remain undecided. I'd be sad to not have you here to visit too, but whatever your decision is, I will celebrate with you. Really, I understand.

  6. Oh, Rachel. I feel like Mindy. I have gained so much from you. Since Kristen hasn't replied here, I'm hoping you can discuss this together.

    I guess I'm naive. I don't understand how your children will be endangered. Maybe I need to get better informed.

    Gee I'm sad. You have such a gift to touch people's hearts.

  7. You are all such wonderful friends. These are the friendships I am talking about that I will sorely miss...... the conversations.......

    I haven't decided yet. One part of me, the fighting part wants to keep sending what I feel is goodness out into the world. The good has to combat and fight the negative.......

    Still deciding............. You all buoy me up so much......

  8. It's funny. I live with a helmet on. With my seatbelt ALWAYS on. I worry about years' supply and locking the doors to my house almost all the time (which some people I know have NEVER done). I don't give out personal info over the phone. I pay attention to my finances, just in case - and I've never knowingly given out full names, birthdays, personal info about anybody I know, especially my kids, on line. OF course, if anybody wanted to find that stuff, they could easily surmise from my writing so many things. But then, If somebody wanted to know anything about me, they could find just about anything, if they know anything about databases, etc. A simple Google search brings up TONS of things you'd think nobody'd know about you.

    But there's an old saying that I think is very true: You wouldn't be so worried about what people think of you if you knew how very rarely they ever think of you.

    I think that bad things have happened to children because of info harvested from the net - it seems inevitable. But as I think back in my little paranoid mind, I cannot remember one news story about any kids who have been kidnapped, stalked, stolen, attacked because their mother's blogs exposed them to the world. Most of the time, the danger is that your child will connect through Facebook or MySpace or the other thousand social "places" where people connect - to somebody who is haunting those places, looking for silly teenaged naive idiots who are willing to "get into a car" with a complete stranger.

    When you think about how many people live in this country, 310,000,000 people - if children were in terrible danger because of blogs, you'd hear about bad stuff happening ALL the time. Yet you hardly ever hear anything at all. There are far more dangerous places in life than mother's blogs -


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