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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Not A List. It's A Contract. Binding.

Lists.  I used to make them.  I used to make lists of lists.  I am a lover of lists.  You would think that I would appreciate Levi's love of lists.  Being a mother of many natives a lot of lists don't get finished.  Not everything gets checked or crossed off.  We all know this means it gets put on a new list for the next day or the alternative that I prefer, sweep it under a rug or just close the door.  Levi still thinks if he covers his eyes and can't see me that I can't see him.  I like to think that applies with lists.  Just close the door and if I can't see it, it doesn't exist.

Lists for Levi are not beautiful.  Well, they are to him.  To Levi they are a written and signed with your blood contract.  See?  Not beautiful.  Levi will walk around ticking things off on his fingers.  Lists.  Must haves. 

Levi:  What's for dinner?
Me:  Pizza
Levi:  (the list and ticking off with fingers begins) I want cheeeeeese,  pepperooooooni,  meeeeeeat, sauuuuusage, cheeeeeeeese, pepperoooooni, meeeeeat, ...............  

It goes on and on and on until you go and buy/make the pizza and it is done to his satisfaction.  Cheese, pepperoni, meat, sausage.  Don't mess it up.  There are no screw ups allowed on the lists. 

My very favorite (HA!) are lists sent home from school.  Example:  Levi is going on a field trip today.  A picnic!  Yippee! How fun!  A list of items that we parents could contribute and help with the picnic is provided.  The list must have been read in school because Levi knows everything on the list.  Caaaaaaaaaarotts, cheeeeeeeeeese, craaaaaackers, graaaaaaaapes, etc.

I put some crackers in Levi's backpack this morning and then spent the next half hour trying to explain to Levi that we didn't have to bring everything on the list.  Not to worry.  His teacher and other students would bring the other items.  He didn't need to bring EVERYTHING ON THE DANG LIST!!!

He wasn't buying it.  Neither was I.  I had crackers already to send.  I wasn't going to run to the store and buy all of the other stuff on the list although if I were a good mum I would have the night before because IT'S ON THE DANG LIST and I know better............  signed and written in blood.  Not a list.  A binding contract that would mean my beheading if I didn't comply.  

End result:  Levi is off to school on his field trip and I am sitting here headless.  

The end!


  1. My word! If gum were on the list, well.....blood would be the least thing he'd be after. Oy! Too funny. LOVE that kid.

    1. Indeed! Gum is one of those items that is just a guarantee on the list. It isn't a proper list unless it has gum at the very top. Item number ONE! :D

  2. Just like everything else on this mortal sphere, hold those lists lightly....and tell his teacher's not to read the lists at school!
    I"m sure you will sprout another head in no time.

  3. How did it all turn out?? Did he come home happy (I hope)?

    1. It turned out just fine. If you ask him, (which I did) he'll tell you that it didn't but having a brother have a birthday complete with cake and ice cream heals all sorts of incomplete lists.

    2. So THAT's what I need to heal the incomplete lists in this household! I mean, I have no brother but there ARE brothers that live in this household and cake and ice cream can happen without birthdays cuz the next birthday is too far off and I want to heal today's unfinished gardening list NOW. And cake and ice cream is plain yummy.

    3. Cake and ice cream heal all sorts of things. In fact, the more cake and ice cream, the faster things heal!


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