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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Tail of Two Sons by Gnarly Splickens

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a very special and exciting birthday.  He had turned eight which meant, he could be baptized!    There was much excitement in the land and much cleaning and goings on as there would be a big party held in honor of the little boy.

The day before the big event, the queen of the land became ill and spent most of the day in bed.  Being much frustrated as she had so much still left to do, she called upon her royal subjects/minions and asked them if they would wash the windows of her castle for her whilst she retired to her bed for awhile.   (Yes!!  Castles had glass windows I am sure of it!  If there were glass slippers then I am sure there were glass windows!  Don't argue with me and interrupt my story.  It's rude.)

The queen pulled her curtains closed, turned on the fan to oober high so she couldn't hear the shenanigans of the local court jesters, made sure there weren't any peas under her mattresses and closed her eyes letting herself be carried off to dream land.  (Awww, you thought to catch me with my mention of turning on my fan oober high didn't you and pointing out the lack of electricity in castles........ you forget one important point.  MERLIN!  Nuff said.  Now stop interrupting.  Sheesh!  And people say I'M ADD......)

After a nice restfulish sort of nap, the queen got out of bed feeling the need to check on her minions to see their progress with the list she'd given them to do.  Away to her window she flew like a flash, tore open her shutters, and threw up the sash............

And what to her wondering eyes did appear.......  two little eyes staring back..... and oh it was queer......

The local court jester it seems, would be at it again.

The royal family found the comic to be quite a relief excepting one, a little princess who exclaimed that this was rude and downright creepy.  The queen just smiled/laughed at the court jester for what could she do?  The local hiding incognito court jester was her son.  Tis a secret though so don't tell or you'll blow his cover and he'll have to start behaving himself.

The next day the little boy who is actually also one of the queen's sons, had his special day and was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

Oh what a day it was!  Much loved ones and good food.

So much celebrating and over stuffing of bounteous food left the queen feeling wiped out and depleted on the couch so that when the little boy came and asked her if she would play a game with him and she replied that she was too pooped...........

what was the little boy to do but ask one of his friends to play instead............

And they all lived happily ever after!

The End!


  1. I want this to be wrapped up like a book so I can put it in my library. Talk to Merlin, OK?

    1. Me too! Or the minions. Surely the minions can be instructed in the art of book making.

      The doll, it *is* a bit creepy, and really quite funny :-)

      And the boy on his special day? Beautiful.

    2. You two ladies make me smile. The minions make books out of paper stapled together and, "It's a book"! Actually, I love their 'books' that they make.

      The doll was totally creepy!! I can never look at a doll the same without my head jerking to the side in a tick fashion. (Think Monk) :D

      Mr. J..... well....... he's my baby....... everything about him is beautiful. Yes, I'm ruining him in a spoiling him to death way!

  2. Never a dull moment at your house!

  3. And they will live happily ever after - the Queen and the King will definitely see to that :)

    Love your story (and your funny tellings off) so glad that your sweet boy had such a special day and that you have minions to wash your windows! Hope you're feeling all better lovely xxx

    1. Clean windows will make anyone feel better. Well, any mum at least. We like windows that clean themselves. Magic. Close your eyes and when you open them, the windows are clean! :D


  4. And where the devil did he get this doll - and that fabulous red tape??? And how did they get up there? And will they come do my windows? I would gladly have to collapse in my bed for a day while my windows are being washed. And where was I while all this was happening, pray? Oh yes, waiting all day for my sister to show up - and SHE DID NOT. She TEXTED ME. And you know how I am about THAT. She finally did show up the next day or so - up here for her husband's mother's funeral, so I couldn't kick up much dust. But I could have come to the celebration had I known. Droop.

    1. The devil was unleashed when Henny Penny saw her doll stuck to my window! It's her doll. :)

      Matthew is earning money cleaning windows this summer if you so desire. 100 dollars for your whole house to be done. Such a deal. :)

      We did miss you........... your sister is in DOO DOO!!


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