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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mr. T's 2nd Letter!!!

Mr. T sent me some photos he's taken.  This is the top of the Provo, Utah LDS Temple with the mountains in the background.  So pretty!

Mr. T's classroom where he is learning the language he'll be speaking when he gets to the Philippines.

Apparently, some things don't change......  Mr. T climbing the walls.  Literally.

Mr. T and another missionary in front of the Provo LDS Temple.  Isn't he just handsome!!!?????

          July 11, 2014
Hey mom!!

I just want to say I love you so much! You would not believe how happy I get when I get a letter from my mom! Seriously I jump around and do a few heel clicks. Please keep them coming and get others to send as well!
I just wanted to also let you know I am indeed in good hands! After reading 2 Nephi 31:2-3 I realized that the work does not need to be hard and it really has allowed me to see the goodness and greatness of the Lord! I love this work so much but man I want out the MTC so I can really do some serving! Haha, I was a bit surprised to see how you write letters and emails and it really makes me smile! (Mom insert here.  What in Samhill is he talking about???  What is so funny about my letters and emails I'd like to know???)  I hope you are doing well! The firepit looks amazing and Zoe looks hideous!!! (Mom insert:  We just built a new fire pit -yes, after he left of course.... and Zoe, Levi's dog had some hair issues..... aka matted hair..... don't we had to shave her.....  )Heres a few pictures that shows a few things in another email. I need to take more...
I did get the Cinninum rolls! They were delicious and made me a happy missionary so thank you so much!! (Mom insert:  Okay, I admit it.  His first day at the MTC and I sent cinnamon rolls.  I'm pathetic.  I know.)

The first week is over! Though its been busy I have been blessed so much these last few days so the work has become easy! Sleep is still hard to get but again thanks to the Lord I have been able to get up every morning ready to do the work that has been placed before me. Every day is pretty much the same sadly though. Wake up, breakfast, personal study, companion study, language study, lunch, GYM, then its back to class to stuff more information into our little heads. Thank goodness for the Lord and the gift of tongues otherwise I would still be learning how to say hello (Kamusta!). I am also teaching in Hiligaynon! Our teachers act like investigators and my companion and I try our best to speak hiligaynon. Its super fun! I cannot wait to really get out to the Philippines to really teach, serve, and help the people! 

I have really been bonding with the other missionaries in our zone and they are the coolest people ever! I hope we stay in touch forever! I cannot wait to get back and tell all the great things I have experienced and I cannot thank my God enough.

Also just a quick thank you for the letters and emails! It really is the best part of the day each night to look through them to see how you are all doing! Even though I may not be able to reply till Friday it really does make this mission a lot easier to know that I am still loved back at home. ;)

Well, in ending I just wanted to say I am doing super well and I have no worries that this will be the best two years!   


  1. Some of the best and happiest experiences of my mission occurred in the MTC or as we affectionately called it the LTM.....I am sure he is having the time of his life!

  2. My husband has an exact copy of the "climbing the walls" photo in HIS missionary journal. :) You're right, that some things never change! What an exciting season for your boy . . . and your whole family!

    1. I think there are many of these photos floating around. :) I know I've seen several. It must be a rite of passage.

      It is a very exciting time for us. Hard, but exciting.

  3. Oh my, this is SO exciting to watch unfold. How wonderful to be learning a new language!

    1. Now that he is over in the Philippines, he is realizing that he has to learn FIVE new languages. :) I can't imagine!!

  4. So great for you to know that he has the coolest group of guys walking the path with him. That must foster such a bond of life-long friendship and the fact that they are all away from their families and sharing all of the same feelings that brings must give them all great comfort and strength. It must help you enormously too to know that he has such support and comradeship x

    1. Oh it does! These are friends that he will hopefully have for life! The experiences they are sharing together..... I told my son that I wish I could be a fly on the wall and follow him everywhere and see what he is doing. He said, "Please don't. There are enough bugs here". :D In the Philippines. Lots of bugs and spiders and creepy things.


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