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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter From Mr. T

Mr. T had been so excited to go that he couldn't sleep the night before.  That morning, this is where I found him.  Zonked all packed and ready to go!!  
           July 4, 2014
Hey Mom!

It has been such a crazy last few days! I do not even know where to begin. I got your letter and I have a letter on its way to you right now as well. Ummm, Friday is my Prep day so that is when I can reply. I miss you guys so much! My thoughts are super scattered right now if you cannot tell so Ill start at the beginning.

After being dropped off I was immediately sent to collect all my books where I then traveled to my dorms where I will be staying (Ill send pictures next week) then sent off to class. Yup, the very first five minutes and I was in class learning the language! It has been super rough but already I can understand a conversation (but I cant really reply yet) A few of the words I know are like oo= yes and indi=no. Pagpangmauyo=prayer bulig=help kita=us and honda=ready. I know a lot more but I do not have time to share it. I leave the MTC on Aug 7 so that will be fun. I also know when I come home. drumroll! June 16 2016 is what I have been told so far! So yay!

How is the family doing? Are you all getting around alright? I would think so!

Well, I dont know how much longer I am going to be able to go so just to wrap up I want to say I love you all and God loves you all as well. Thank you so much for the letter! I now see why elders like getting mail so much. Please keep sending them please! Also, if you can let all the rest of the family and and my friends know about Dear Elder! Its going to be super hard these next 5 weeks trying to learn as much as possible and that is the only relaxing I can get. As you probably know I cannot reply to dear Elder mail until P Day but I can still read them everyday. Let everyone know that please! I also forgot to get a list of emails from people so if they can email me that would be great so that I can write them as well. (Dont worry!! Ill write you first!) Thanks again! I love you!

Elder Rubow


  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful young man he is! I love the "I'll write you first!", but that date of when he can return home?- ouch. I mean, mama-heart-ouch. You must ALL be missing each other so!

    1. Yeah. A huge mama ouch. We all do miss him. You should see us come Sunday night/Monday morning. We're all running to our computers to see if he's written. The world stops for us. All we can do is focus on if he's written or not and how his week went!

  2. Wow, that return date does sound such a long way off but I'm sure in the future when you all look back on these 2 years, it will seem like such a brief moment of time. So lovely to read his words and the love of his family that shines right out of that letter. I bet Friday has become your most favorite day of the week!

    1. I think about the last 2 years and how fast it has gone. Shoot! The last 10, 20 years!! It gives me hope that the next 2 years will fly by quickly until we can be reunited again. His baby sis misses him terribly as we all do. I've just been surprised at how much she is missing him and how hard it is on her!

      Friday was my favorite day. Now that he is in the Philippines, I get his letters on Sunday evening so now Sunday is my favorite. :D


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