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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Bet........

The weather this fall has been so odd!  It is the end of August and already the leaves here in the valley are turning.  This isn't supposed to happen yet!

But then again, neither is this!  Snow.  The SM and I have a bet going on.  I think we are in for a long, cold, and wet winter!  He thinks we are in for a longer summer.  That we'll be fooled by these cooler temperatures and then it will heat up again dragging out the summer.

We all know I'm going to win.  So, we'll just oblige him and when proof comes that I am right, I won't gloat too much as I send him out to shovel snow.  Just a little, maybe, perhaps.

In the meantime, I've this to deal with.  Dark church socks on the piano light.  Perfectly natural, yes?  Every mother walks into the room, sees dirty black church socks hanging from their piano light and finds it absolutely normal.  Doesn't even bat an eye.

Dear Native, Mummy would like it if you would put your dirty socks in the dirty clothes hamper where they go hmm?

The reply:  The socks are placed more firmly on the light as dear native laughs and sits down to play his music.  It's going to be a looong winter whether the weather says it is, or not.  Punk!

Speaking of punks!  Want to know why this one has such a smug look on her face?  It's not because she's just turned 14!  It's because I was busy scrounging around trying to find my camera and told her to waaaaaaaait, dooon't blow out the candle until I get there.  I turn around and find this.

Fourteen.  Yes, you counted correct.  There is only one candle there because as usual, I am so prepared that the candles that I did buy are, somewhere.  I'd blame it on, "The Borrower's" but I'm afraid even The Native's are cluing in that, "The Borrower's" have a name.  It's called, senility.


  1. The socks are a total crack up. And the candles (or the lack thereof) are biz as usual around here. I cannot quite get in autumn mode yet, but that shot of the fields just about floored me. If only I could sit still for a minute and just be -

    1. That shot of the fields as you know, is out my bedroom window. I shot that through my screen! It was so beautiful. It was the Saturday before last when we had just had that deluge of rain only to find as the clouds moved on, that there was snow atop the mountains.

      I'm ready for fall. Being down so much this summer has been painful. In the fall, my inner spirit settles down a bit.

  2. There is no way you're going senile Rachel - you have Mama-itis which is a well documented condition of Mamas everywhere who try to do too many things in too small of a time frame. Can't believe Henny Penny is 14! And she's entitled to look smug when she's growing into such a beautiful young woman. As for socks on piano lights - no piano here to hang them on but Toby does like to stuff his down the back of the sofa, which is why he mostly wears mismatched socks as a pair can never be found. Hope you're wrong about a long cold winter, though I don't doubt your intuition, I'm just not ready yet to ay goodbye to summer!

    1. There needs to be a support group for those with Mama-itis! A support group that meets often over biscuits and hot cocoa!

      Yes, Henny Penny is 14. I can't believe it either. I keep thinking she is 12 at most. And then Mr. M reminds me that he is turning 16 in November and I wonder how that is possible as he's not the oldest and surely I don't have a child old enough to be 16........ as my oldest soon to turn 21 reminds me of his age...... which then really IS impossible because that's how old I am!!!

      Socks around here are a joke! If I were to take all of the socks that have been tossed around in my house and lie them down on the floor side by side, I wouldn't need carpet. They'd probably fit wall to wall. Slight exaggeration as we don't own that many socks but close! A decent size throw rug!!

      This has been a hard summer for me health wise. I'm ready for it to end in the hopes that my health will change season as well. That, and I do love the fall. I wish fall were longer. As long as the summer or winter months......


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