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Monday, August 25, 2014

Elder Rubow Letter August 24, 2014

Well, here is the cool stuff I have been doing as of late!  It has been crazy here still!  I absolutely love it!  The people are so nice here!  I have been struggling expressing my feelings toward others but the people here will kindly correct you and help you through.  My companion is extremely patient with me.  He is a Filipino from a different island.  

The work here is moving along!  This week we gained 12 new investigators.  Hopefully soon they will start moving toward progressing.  One of them has already accepted the invitation to be baptized!  Her name is (name edit for privacy).  I know she has been prepared by the Lord to receive the message we had.  There are so many blessing we receive every day!  The tender mercies of the Lord are just all over if we just take the time to look for them.  
I am finally teaching a lot which has been hard but bit by bit I have been getting better.  The Gift of Tongues has been such a blessing to me already in many cases.

The food here is so good!  I love it so much!  Most of it anyway.  Liver and Chicken neck isnt the best really.  But other then those two its been great!  The fruit here is to die for!  It is so good! 

The people here are so kind!  They will feed you even if they are half starving themselves.  And if you do not eat it they will be extremely offended.  So yeah I feel super bad eating at other peoples homes.  

The weather here is more unpredictable then Utah!  Crazy right? Its true though.

Well, I dont really know what more to say.  The people are so funny!  Haha, they all think they know english (Which some do).  I realized why they always laugh at me when I speak Illongo.  Its just funny. :)

To end this week I just want to say how much the Lord loves us as individuals.  The amount of blessings He gives us and twists it to fit everyones needs is the most spectacular thing.  He knows us individualy and our needs. 

On Sunday I gave a talk on 'Ask in Faith'  which is a talk by Elder David A. Bednar.  I have really come to love his talks in so many ways.  I cannot wait for General Conference in October!

So yeah, thank you for all the prayers and for writing!  I cannot wait to see what challenges and fun activities will be happening this week!  


  1. "The people here are so kind! They will feed you even if they are half starving themselves. And if you do not eat it they will be extremely offended. So yeah I feel super bad eating at other peoples homes."

    That's what my husband says about his mission . . . and we explain away the holes in the missionary meal calendar by saying people can't afford it here!!!!!

  2. Sad, isn't it. Amazing the justification that we can all come up with to not do what we should. Hearing things like this from my son is a good reminder of how blessed we are! We have so much! I need to do better about thanking my Father for what I have instead of thinking I need more.

    I can remember when my sister served a mission in Portugal years ago, her saying that the poor here in the USA are rich compared to the poor in other countries. That we don't know what poor is.... and yet, I think it we are sometimes the poor one's because we are poor in spirit. We have much material wise but the thing that I often here is these people are so poor and have nothing and yet they give much and are so happy.

    1. I agree Rachel, material wealth is top of the list in most of western society and whilst we all need a roof over our heads and food, excess of 'things' never brings happiness. Happiness comes from within, from being content with who you are, knowing that your actions have not harmed others and from being a decent person. Your son is building his life-long happiness with his self-less actions and it will be a well deserved happiness too x

    2. I wonder why we (me) feel the need to acquire things........ I know I struggle with this all of the time!


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