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Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Big Back Yard

This morning I awoke to a loud noise I'd not heard before.  It sounded like it was right outside my bedroom window!  I knew it was a bird, what sort of a bird, I knew not!  We have pheasants that live in the field behind our house and they can get quite noisy.  This was not a pheasant!  What in the world was it?

A Sandhill Crane.  Who knew?  I don't think they normally stop on their migration here in central Utah.  They do in Northern Utah, but I don't think they are normally seen around here.  I could be wrong.  I was wrong once.  Many years ago.  So long ago I can't remember when or what it was about!

This evening, The Natives informed me that there are now four!  Two in the alfalfa field and two in the field next to it that has been recently turned.  P.S.  I love seeing/smelling newly turned soil.

Levi is enamored by the Sandhill Cranes.  He has been watching them all afternoon.  How often does a boy see a bird that stands about as tall as him?

It's spring.  New things to see, hear, and smell.  So much to add to our Nature Notebooks!

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