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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Time Management

Today, The SM, Levi, and I met with a dietitian from Primary Children's Hospital.  The appointment was one I have been looking forward to ever since we heard the words, "Prader Willi Syndrom" three weeks ago.  Has it been three weeks?

I have felt like I have been shooting in the dark in regards to what Levi can eat, what he can't eat, how to manage public situations, exercise, a target calorie count for the day, target weight loss, etc.  Help!

I have been counting down the days to today for answered questions.  So many questions!  The visit went great.  These last three weeks have been incredibly hard.  Hard in trying to figure out what to cook for dinners, what to put together for school lunches, what snacks in between that Levi needs because he needs to eat every three hours, and how much daily exercising.  To say this has been consuming my thoughts and actions for weeks is an understatement!

But, it's been worth it!  Today, Levi weighed in and in the last three weeks, he has lost seven pounds!  Go Levi!  That part is wonderful news.  I'm now left with more dilemmas and questions though.  The biggest being, time management.  Anytime you have a child with special needs of any sort, they require more of your time.  Levi already has taken a lot of my time.  Now, he's taking even more.

I told The SM that I feel like I am feeding an infant again.  Levi needs a meal every three hours.  The difference is that instead of hooking him up to the ol' "dairy bar" me I have to prepare a meal/snack for Levi every three hours.  On top of that, I need to make sure he is exercising everyday which means long bike rides or walks or visits to the pool.

Here's the concern/worry.  The other natives.  They need time with mommy too!  So, more to figure out.  I know once I get a schedule of monthly meals put together that things will get easier and we will get into a pattern.  In the mean-time, all of my flowers that require me watering them by hand have died, the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in a day I'm lying it's been way too long, laundry is piling up, the training of Henny Penny's dog hasn't happened, yet.......  my house looks like me, a mess!

So, bottom line.  What we are doing with Levi as far as food and exercise is concerned is working wonderfully.  Now we have to figure out how to make sure the other natives get their personal time with mummy too!

Don't you just love how answering some questions leads to more questions??


  1. I completely, completely understand!!! Here's to getting into a routine that works!!!

    1. I knew if anyone would, you would understand!!

  2. Ah, Rachel--bless you. Praying you through this, my friend. First, I am so thrilled that Levi has made such progress in such a relatively short period of time--how amazing! Second, you are a machine. I mean--you blogged!! I envision posts in the future all about how you figured out you could make the daily "snack meals" in the crockpot, or have a great protein and veggie tray ready to go every will do more than make it through this, you will conquer it in your usual bad to the bone way. And I have no doubt that you will make your other children feel loved and valued in the process, because they knew if they were in Levi's shoes, you'd be doing the same for them. You've got this.

    1. Oh Lori! You make me feel like I could do this! Thank you for the cheering and the pep talk. You are right. I foresee posts also about meals and how we're making this all work. If it can help anyone else, then it will be worth it. Funny you should mention the crockpot. This evening I photo copied 62 recipes out of my crockpot cook book that I like so that I can tweak them to lower the calories and plug them into a two month calendar.

      I am gaining a new appreciation for recipes that come with the nutrition facts attached to them already! Talk about time consuming! I figure after a few months, things will start to run smoothly. Lots of glitches right now but things are getting better.

      Thank you again for your kind words and prayers!


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