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Friday, February 22, 2008

Laughter really IS the best medicine

There have been times in my life when people have accused me of not taking things seriously or laughing too much. I admit that maturity is something that I can't seem to grasp and will find myself curled up on the floor in a fit of giggles more often then I care to admit but I truly honestly believe that life is to be laughed at and that pretty much everything eventually you can find the humor in......unless it is evil.........there is no humor in evil.

I have two either laugh or to crumble and go insane. Since I am already insane that leaves laugh. It has helped me through more than one traumatic experience. One of the many times Levi has been in the hospital the pediatric unit has cameras. Lovely cameras in the children's room because not all parents can sit wedged in their babies cribs the entire visit and boss the nurses and doctor's around. I am one of the blessed and lucky ones.......I dump my other punks on who ever is on the street corner begging and I hop off to be pampered at the local pediatric unit pretending I am there to care for my son.

One time (of many) Levi was in a not so good way and it was a lot of fighting for his little existence around the clock and my sister Sarah and my niece Mae Mae (Levi named her that...... the name on her birth certificate is Megan but no one reads those.......her name is Mae Mae). It had been a long day and those two would show up in the evenings and the comic relief would begin. They decided that the nurses at the nurses station were probably bored watching Levi just laying there and me next to him drooling so they decided to bootie dance in front of the camera. They both turned their booties and started to shake em and dance. It is no wonder Levi sat in a coma for over a week......look what the poor kid had to wake up to! When he did wake up, (because while in a coma state he'd become paralyzed) on the one side he was very weak and so when he would try to walk he would walk crooked and when it came time to turn he'd just go straight and walk into the wall. This was a great form of entertainment for us. He had on a big ol' helmut so he wouldn't hit his head when he fell.

When Jadon was born and to my horror in the NICU because his lung had ruptured I probably would have been close to hysterics yet again had I not another sister come and give me comic relief. I was told by the nurse that I needed to start pumping milk as soon as possible for Jadon. Now you have to understand that I have NEVER been able to pump milk. It might have to do with the fact that one has to actually have boobs and there are those who I won't mention any names but Brian's sisters and a few of mine will know who I am talking about.........jumped and pushed me out of the boob line when we got our pieces before we came to this here earth and by the time I shoved my way back into that line all the boobs were gone........losers.......story of my life and the honest to goodness truth. SO, I'm sitting there in bed with this contraption hooked up to me that looked a lot like the contraptions I'd seen on the milk cows I grew up around and heaven help me if when the switch was turned on it didn't sound the same and I started mooing and bawling just like those mama cows and I knew just how they felt. That sucker and I mean sucker kept yanking and yanking and not a drop. The poor milk machine was confused to. Never had it tried getting milk from nothing before.......The nurse assured me that ANYTHING would be good for the baby and then ever so slowly one tiny drop..........plink went down into the bottle and that was it! That is all this cow could produce. I sat there looking at that pitiful drop and was close to tears and my dear sister Elizabeth busted up laughing and was laughing so hard she about fell out of her chair and an emotional situation turned into hysterics and I was laughing with her at my pathetic drop of nothing. She understands........she doesn't have boobs either. If one of my other sisters or sister in laws who were hogs and took all of the boobs had laughed I'd have thrown the milk machine at them and fell over the deep end in pitiful sobs and shrieks.

You have to laugh. You really do and everyone else will look at you and think......."uh huh! We knew this day would come" when in fact they are really the ones that aren't normal and crackers........I promise.........I have a degree and a black belt in pathetic humor.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My sister Ethel and her husband

My sister Ethel and her husband just got back from a cruise. I know.........I thought it was pretty crappy that they didn't take me either but they did send me some photo's and I was SO jealous! I thought I'd share one with you since it is winter and all and the snow, ice, rain, sleet, hell is getting to all of us.........gettin' kind of cabin crazy...........

Dadgum I hate Mondays..........

Who are these people???

What a crack up. I just came across this photo. Luuuv the matching shirts. Who the heck are these people and why is their photo in my house????
Actually............the guy is kind of hunky.........even if he is wearing a matching stripey shirt sitting there with his girlfriend.........she doesn't look too I could take her any stinkin' day.........

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Does NOTHING get past this boy?

We woke up this morning to a FREEEEEEZING house. I looked at the thermostat and it was obvious that the furnace wasn't working. The temperatures outside got down into the teens and it felt like it was sub zero in our house with frozen icicles hanging from our noses.

I woke The SM up and told him something was wrong with the furnace and to go and check it out. I got my oldest up and had him make a fire (oh I am SO glad we have a wood stove.........). Meanwhile the The Natives tried getting ready for school while their teeth were chattering so hard their heads were bouncing on their shoulders.

The SM finally figured out what had happened. Levi was playing down in the hall last night that is next to our furnace. I didn't realize he'd opened the door to the furnace room but apparently he saw a really cool switch right at his eye level and flipped it! Darn kid!

(Explanation: I sleep with my windows open in my bedroom so that is why I did not realize that the rest of the house was so cold.........and before I went to bed I thought it was a bit cold in the house but then I AM ALWAYS COLD SO LEAVE ME ALONE FOR NOT REALIZING LAST NIGHT THAT THE DANG FURNACE WAS BROKEN. Honestly, you'd think I have nothing better to do than eat ice cream and watch "Riverdance"...........hee, it was choc. chip cookie dough ice cream..........SO I WAS COLD OKAY???? and normally we have those doors locked but the dang above said child that we're talking about that can get into anything and everything has since busted those locks!)

P.S. And the dang above said kid must have broken the spell check button on this here bloggy thing cuz it hasn't been working for about A WEEK so I'm sorry for the lousy spelling. It isn't my fault..........I homeschool.......:D

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's a dirty job......

I have a dear friend who had twins. When I was complaining one day about the messess Mutt and Jeff keep making she told me, I'll give you some advice that someone else gave me........."don't get mad......just get out your camera"...............

Dripping with this one of those moments????

Just "exercising" and "having fun"

I love being the butt end of a joke. Especially when I've no idea.

My oldest son is the best. He really is. He is my right hand man and has been ever since he was a baby himself and the next baby came along. There are times though when I think I need to sit him down and just "explain" some things that he does or says........he's had the talk about the birds and the bees but I think some things just aint clicking for him..........for example.....

When he was about 11 or so our next door neighbor shared some information with me that our oldest Native had shared with him and his wife. He felt I "ought to know". Tanslation: I'm gonna tell you something cuz I wanna see you turn red and once again be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. I'm okay with that by the way. I've earned this honor and I hold it in the highestest of honors! Don't EVEN try to take it from me. You'll fail miserably. No one can be as big a fool as me.

So, he tells me that the subject of exercising came up and my oldest being the honest to goodness saint that he is......... only felt it his duty to let my neighbors know that he was danged proud of his mamma. He was going to brag and so he let my neighbors know that he could hear his mamma and daddy exercising all night long!!!!!!!......................

I just love this Native. I'm so proud.................

It is hard to punish obedience. My oldest is sometimes too obedient. This past Christmas season right before Christmas he was babysitting. The SM and I were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. You know the safety rules. You tell your kids don't let anyone in the house.......don't let anyone know you're alone......etc. etc. etc. (Side note here: a person would have to be REALLY REALLY REALLY crazy to even want to break into our house considering how many little punks are swinging from the rafters in this joint.)

Back to my story: So, The SM and I are gone and being the Christmas season lovely friends and neighbors are out delivering plates of Christmas goodies and spreading Christmas cheer and Peace on Earth. The SM and I get home and we see two sets of footprints (it had been snowing) on our sidewalk leading to our house so we knew someone had stopped by. We asked our eldest about it and yes, some wonderful neighbors of ours the had brought over a plate of goodies. How wonderful! I love the Christmas season! I love sugar! I love candy! I LOVE chocolate! December came and went............January came and went.............and then..........we find out.........what really that EVERYONE knows except The SM and I of course.

Our neighbors had indeed come to the door. The conversation goes as follows..........

Neighbor: Are you parents here?
Eldest: Yes (remember rule number 1: Don't let them know we're not here)
Neighbor: May we see them?
Eldest: No, they are having fun.
Neighbor: (Confused--) Having the back the kitchen table playing a card game.........?
Eldest: No. They are in their bedroom......................

I guess it wouldn't have worked if our eldest had said, "they are tied up at the moment and can't come to the door" either..............