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Monday, August 26, 2013

El Creepo!

This past weekend, The SM's youngest sister got married.  It was a beautiful wedding, she was a beautiful bride.

With weddings that means family is in town.  There were dinners and photo shoots and receptions.  Plenty of time for me to mingle and once again declare myself as the creepy sister in law!

We were having a dinner with the groom's family so The SM's family could meet the groom's family.  The dinner was outside in the backyard at a home of friend's of the groom's family.  How complicated is that?  Just know that I have yard and kitchen envy.  Big time!!  The kitchen in this house was so fantastic, I would actually cook something in it.  Maybe.  At least heat up frozen dinners in it for sure for The Natives.

Anyway, we're all standing around talking after the dinner was over and I look over at my brother in law who is The SM's younger brother who is actually my age which tells you that The SM totally robbed the cradle.  Totally!!  I remind him every so often..........  I look over and my brother in law is talking to who?  I don't know.  Doesn't matter.  What matters is that one of the front pockets of his jeans is sticking out and GO ME!

I'm walking...... walking........ walking............. intent on putting that pocket back in the jeans where it belongs........... I get to my brother in law.......... I stick out my hand............. and GASP!!  WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING???  Hellloooooooo!  Can you get any creepier??  Snatch hand back just in time!!

I busted up laughing and my brother in law looked at me and asked me what was so funny.  With a red face I told him what I'd almost done!  Thankfully, he knows I'm awfully creepy and weird like that and said, "That would have been awkward"!  Uh.  YA!

Sigh........ once a mom of little boys who always have their pockets hanging out........... always a mom........

So, when's the next family reunion?


  1. You were just doing what you do best! I give kids, oh what the heck, I even give big people the 'teacher look' when they need it...and I really have to fight trying to line everyone up when out with a group.! So much easier to take count when everyone is in a line. :-)

    1. You can put me in line and I'll put your pockets back and we'll be just fine with each other. :)

  2. Ha ha ha! You really had me chuckling at the "go me". It's automatic isn't it? You see what needs fixin' and away you go to fix it. And goodness knows, with many children about, there is A LOT of fixin' that needs to be done!

    1. I can't tell you how many times I have caught myself just in time or end up blushing horrendously because I've not caught myself in time doing things like the above post. Think Rachel! Think!!!


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