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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Levi Wisdom

We have all been missing Julie lately.  I don't know that we've ever stopped missing Julie, but for some reason, probably because it has been a year ago on the 7th of this month that we lost Julie we have all been feeling it sharply.

Last night at the dinner table Levi said something that I have been thinking a lot about because it struck me and was an incredible way to describe the pain.  He said,  "I miss Julie.  When Julie died, it was a loud hurt.  I couldn't stop crying".

A loud hurt........ 


  1. And now I am crying again. It was a loud hurt. And a strange chain of circumstance. I remembered Piper this morning and it wasn't quite so loud anymore, but this is still loud, and now he is, too. Ah, Levi -

    1. Strange set of circumstances indeed!!! Unforgettable. I'm sorry Piper is still loud in your heart...........

  2. He is spot on. That is my favourite concise description of loss yet.

  3. Me too!! I'm going to use that now because it is so perfect a description!


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