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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recital Time

It's that time of year again.  Recital time.  That time of year when my piano feels like it is being played 24/7 in preparation for the big day!

Mike Carson is The Natives piano teacher.  I know I've sung his praises many a time but really and truly, he is the best piano teacher ever!  He never complains when he has to use my vile bathrooms or move gobs of junk around just to get to the piano.  He puts up with a lot, and I mean, a lot!!

Not to mention, he is also extremely gifted and talented and we are quite blessed that he shares his time with us.  Here is a piece he played at the recital last night.  This is a piece he composed himself.  He was asked to play a song at his son's wedding in New York back in November as part of the ceremony.  This song will be published for choir and piano this spring by Kjos Music Co. in San Diego, California, set to words he found in an old Protestant hymnal.  How cool is that?!  Here's the song:

I've posted the videos youngest to oldest.  Sorry about the video quality.  The lighting is terrible for video and everyone appears washed out.  At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!  Also, you will notice with Mr. J, Henny Penny, and Levi that their videos are practice videos.  That would be because during the recital, their videos were blurry.  Don't ask me why.  The handler should be blamed but since that is me, It's the cameras fault!  So, after the recital I made the three go back up on stage and play their pieces again so they wouldn't be blurry.  Instead, you get to hear people talking in the background!!  I can't win!! 

Here is Mr. J.  This is his first recital!  Watch his feet when he hits the high notes.  He can't keep them still and it tickles me to death watching his feet.

Next we have Levi!  And yes, the best part..... his bow.  He's got the bow done perfectly!  Sadly, I'd stopped videoing too soon as he kept bowing and bowing.  Quite funny.

Miss Henny Penny!

Mr. M who had me breathless after playing his pieces.  I think if he played any faster the piano keys would have flew off the piano or a fire would have been started!

Mr. C who has only one more year left of lessons.  Sad for us.  Only one more recital.  Boo.  I don't appreciate The Natives growing up. 

And there you have it folks!!  The photos from after when we took The Natives for ice cream and donuts will follow another day as they are a post unto themselves. 


  1. Henny reminded me of a Jane Austin character - especially when she played the first number. I am so impressed with you all - my mother couldn't keep me at it. And oddly, when I was listening to Mike, I realized - I can't do that. I can't play things for people, accompany people. I think of myself as someone who can, but I utterly can't. And I wonder what happened - what disconnect. It's something I should have been able to do. But you - you stayed with them - and they have it inside of them now. It's stunning how well they have done over these years. I had no idea that M was doing so well, too. And C's heart just sings. Bravely done, mother dear. Bravely done.

    1. You mean there is one thing in this world that you can't do?!! Well, you had to leave SOMETHING for others to excel at! :) I was thinking the other day, it would be fun, as each of them comes to their last recital, to put together a video of all of their songs. From when they first started, to finish. It would be fun to see their growth and the process.

  2. Hooray for these videos. Your kids are marvels! And they've inspired my kids to play the piano. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Now I just have to get one . . . again . . .

  3. We have two pianos now! Had to with all of the playing and practicing that goes on here. We have our baby grand and then an electric keyboard that we just got the kids for Christmas this past year.

    I'm glad your girls want to play piano. :) You'll love hearing them play. Well, for the most part........... There are those days or those songs when you are thrilled to death they finally passed the song off and can move onto another. Irritatingly, it seems the very songs that drive you nuts, they love and keep playing after they've passed it off and could move on. It's worth it though.

  4. Well, that was all just amazing. What a gift you have given your Natives…to be able to sit down and entertain and draw people to the music…
    And I loved Henny Penny's outfit! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I knew you would notice Henny Penny's outfit and leggings!! :)

  5. Okay, I am VERY sore at not being able to watch these videos. Blast it. But how very wonderful that music lives in your children. Such a gift. And I love how little Mr. J looks on the piano bench, feet dangling. <3

    1. I knew you wouldn't be able to watch these Wabi. This is where you go and hijack a neighbors Internet!! :D It's for a good cause..............


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