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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Letter and Photos From Elder Rubow!!

One last photo of the Provo, Utah LDS Temple and our beautiful flag before leaving the country.

He's arrived!  Elder Rubow is officially in the Philippines!

Edler Rubow and Elder Clarke were the first to get through customs.  

The Manila, Philippines LDS Temple

Happy Birthday Elder Rubow.  The Filipino on the left took Elder Rubow for the day and got him a coconut for his birthday.  He looks so happy!!  First birthday away from home.  19 years old.

Always the thoughtful son.  He knows I am petrified/terrified of snakes.  He took this just for me.  

Hard at work.  Still a boy.

This is how Elder Rubow gets around.  Love the local transportation.  I told The Scout Master to never complain about me packing too much stuff for trips ever again!

Elder Rubow's first baptism! 

The Elder standing next to Trevor Rubow is his companion.  Elder Rubow has written and told me how much he loves this young man and how patient this young man is with him as he learns the language.  
Here is the fun stuff happening in the Philippines!  I cannot believe another week has already passed by!  Its been so crazy these last few days and time just flew away!  And I have been told it will only go by faster and faster.  One of the missionaries in my apartment complex is leaving in 20 days.  He is starting to panic and he tells me all the time he cant go back.  He is a pretty funny guy.

To start off, its been very interesting these last few days but so awesome!  So many miracles have been in work here!  Our numbers are increasing bit by bit and the ward (read here about what a 'ward' is) is really focused on helping us with the work.  It has been such a blessing to us!  We hope that the next few months will bring the ward in more unity.  Right now it is pretty separated sadly.  We have a new bishopric now and a ward mission leader now as well which is helping a ton! Our biggest problem with members/investigators is church attendance.  It is hard here for Filipino people to go to church because to them Sunday is another day to live and survive to the next day.

One of our biggest blessings is a woman we met recently just doing basic tracting and she has followed every single commitment we have given her!  We want to give her a Book of Mormon but sadly we have none.  In fact, we haven't had any Book of Mormons since I got here...It has really hurt our work here in Iloilo.  The whole mission is suffering and we still don't have any!  The Book of Mormon is such a strong witness of the truth and not having it has damaged the work.  I have really grown to love the Book of Mormon here.  Especially reading it in another language.  Its super difficult but so much fun!

We had a baptism on Saturday!!  I was given the opportunity to baptize him as well!  It was such a good experience!

 The rain here!  Oh my goodness!  When they say it floods, it floods!  Its so crazy sometimes!  Last Monday I was soaked!  Then we taught an old lady that kept slapping me and telling me to pray always.  Crazy people here sometimes.

Well, the work is moving forward here and I still love it!  Time is going by so fast and we still have so much to do!  Its very exciting to be part of this work!  

We are so blessed.  We are so indebted to our Savior and for the Atonement and there is nothing we can do to pay it back.  But that is how it works!  All we have to do is 'Come, and Follow Him.'  I am so grateful for His sacrifice for each one of us so that we all have the opportunity to go back to His presence. 


  1. He looks so proud to be a part of this first baptism, great that he can see things starting to move forward with the local people despite the sad lack of resources - hope that gets sorted soon. Again it's clear that seeing and being part of such a different way of life is such an incredible experience for him x

    1. He does doesn't he! He's just beaming. I didn't notice until now, in the photo of Mr. T on the dinosaur, what I thought was bits of garbage on the ground are flowers! Little white flowers! So pretty.

      Every letter/photo from him, I just eat up and look at and read over and over. So amazing to me. I can't believe Mr. T is having these experiences!


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