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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Problem Solved

My front window is covered in a smeary mess.  I couldn't figure out how most of the window could be covered in what looked just like what Zoe leaves but she leaves lower down on the window.  

The other morning, I was watching Levi standing at the window waiting for his bus and saw what was making my windows so gunky.  He was blowing his breath onto the window and then taking his hands and smearing the condensation all over.

Apparently, when one stands in front of this window and looks out, one must breath on it, lick it, and then draw all over it.  Glad I've got that figured out!

Next mystery.  What does one do when the tree in their yard is exploding with apples?

You chop them up in a batter...

Realize the recipe calls for caramels but since you don't have any you go to your chocolate stash and congratulate yourself on your brilliance and throw some of these suckers into the mix..

Push the gear into hyper drive and launch yourself into the next galaxy...

and wonder if there were any problems in the world or if you'd made them all up.  Gunky windows?  What gunky windows???


  1. dogs look so weird when they stand up straight. Years ago, we drove up behind Geneva and some students riding home down the road in the pitch black. They had all those reflectors on their legs and saddles and things, but from far away (we didn't know what we were seeing at that point) all we could see was the very odd and alien movement of the tiny lights - I couldn't imagine what would move like that - like some kind of weird bird - the lifting of the feet and the long, strange step. When I realized it was horses, I still was weirded out watching. I never watch their backlegs by themselves - only in tandem with the rest of the body's movement.

    Anyway. What I really meant to say was: pears.

    1. So was it us you saw riding in the dark??? :D

  2. I'm so used to looking through smeary windows that I don't even see the smears . . . until the light enters the right way or I'm in a bad mood or something like that. Then I'm appalled at what filth we're living in. :)

    Does't matter whether I notice them or not, our windows are smeary. If I clean them, they get smeary again. So I don't clean them all that often.

    The muffins look really, really good.

    1. I hear ya. I hear you only too well. My windows are all smeary too but this particular one was extra smeary and one didn't need the sun to get to a certain point in the day to see it. It was very 'artistic'.

      The muffins were good. Really really good. Good enough I might need to make them again kind of good.


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