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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Levi. Gone Camping!

Earlier this year, Levi's local Boy Scout Troop went to a week long camp.  Levi wasn't able to go because we were out of town at a family reunion.  The SM wanted Levi to be able to have this experience so he figured out where another Boy Scout week long camp was being held and asked if he and Levi could join them.  Permission was granted, so The SM signed Levi up.

Yes, that is Zoe.  I know.  She looks freaky.  Have you ever taken a dog with baby fine hair camping???  It's not pretty.  At our family reunion, she got grass seeds stuck all over in her hair and so, we had to shave her which turned out to be a hideous, but good thing.  We didn't realize that several of those grass seeds had embedded themselves in her skin until we shaved her and saw.  Poor puppy.  Anyway!!!  Zoe went to Scout Camp too!

There was a competition one day.  A fishing competition where prizes were to be had for the scout who caught the first fish, the biggest fish, and.........  ummm......  something else.  Oh yeah.  The most fish.  Levi won all three.  He tied for, the most fish so kindly let the other scout have the prize for that one since he already had two other prizes.

The SM said that all of the other boys were so kind to Levi.  They were always including him and when the week was over and Levi was loading up into his car, as other cars would pass, the other boys would call and yell out saying goodbye to Levi.

Wood Carving Merit Badge.  AKA:  Have a heart attack watching your son with a sharp object in his hand merit badge.  The SM said this one was hard to let Levi do.  He said that Levi was very careful though and took his time.

Most of the time was spent in usual typical Levi fashion.  Dumping water.


and there.................


notice the wet bottoms of his pants........

and back to get some more water from the spigot.

Lots of hiking and exploring.

Curious looking honey bee is it not?

Almost looks as if it's sat in paint/pollen!

And shooting rifles.  Only, not at the target.  That isn't as fun.  It doesn't make poofs like shooting the dirt does.  Much funner to aim low and watch the dirt, "POOF"!

At the end of the week, there was a campfire program.  Levi was given a walking stick that all of the other troops through out the week had been adding stuff to.  They wanted Levi to have it.  They were so impressed that he would come up on his own and go camping.

I'm so impressed that these 12 and 13 year old boys were so thoughtful, caring, and giving.  All week long.  There is much good in this here world of ours!!


  1. I don't know many things that move me as much as young men acting like sons of God. And I'm sure that there were some at that camp who would not have reacted that way if they had been on their own - but to be surrounded by great hearts, I'm also sure that many of those got a sudden vision of what they, themselves, COULD be - and learned from it. Good teaching, Levi! Good shooting Brian!! Good blog, Mom.

    1. The many other things that The SM shared with me that the other boys did for Levi, that I didn't post on here, it is moving. It warmed this mama's heart.

  2. I love it when kids shine--your boy and the other boys! What a joyful post!

    1. I had to laugh at your comment. It made me think of boys in general and what they look like after a week of camping. Not very shiny at all! :D But joyful! They come home joyful! And after their mother's get a hold of them and shove them into the shower, they do shine again. I know that isn't what you meant in your comment but I had to laugh at the thought.


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