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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Philippines! Love This Kid!

This week was a very very crazy week. Yes indeed it was.  With Christmas coming, transfers, and other responsibilities it has been awesome.  Seriously.  I love being a missionary.  These last few weeks we have spent a lot of time finding investigators.  And we have!  We have so many investigators right now we cant get to them all.  Every hour is filled with us going to members, less actives, recent converts, investigators and other missionaries.  That is when you know good things are happening.  I have been really fasting and praying for this to happen and now we are praying our investigators will continue till baptism.  

We had an awesome awesome Christmas party this last Thursday.  Many many members came to the party (Sadly none of our investigators could make it).  There was food, dancing, singing, food, games, food and I think some more food.  I was able to bond with so many of the members.  At the very beginning though we had a brown out which left us in complete darkness.  That lasted almost 20 minutes but the show went on regardless.

The rest of the week went on really fast.  We were able to find many investigators that we will be coming back to this week.  I will let you know how that goes.  

Thursday was transfers day.  Though I did not transfer I did become the new District Leader.  I have 6 Elders and 2 Sisters in my district.  Some duties of the District leader is to collect all the numbers and to give them to the Zone Leaders, interview people for baptism (Thats very interesting), lead district meeting, and a few others.  The biggest one for me is interviewing investigators for baptism.  I was able to do that on Saturday.  It was my first interview ever so that was pretty new to me.  The Sisters called me up and we set up an appointment.  The investigator was a small boy of 9 years of age.  He was awesome!  He was incredibly shy because I was three times his height and was a foreigner but little by little we were just a chatting away.  He loves Legos.  Loved him right then.  He will be baptized this coming Christmas with  my investigator!

There has been something on my mind this past week that I think is very true.  I tend to look at myself now and from before my mission and I really must say I am not the same person anymore.  One of my favorite sayings is simply "what more can I do."  Its a very simple saying but I think it really makes the difference.  Another thing I am learning is the phrase "I can do it."  One of the amazing blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the power to change.  I have looked back on my life so many times and seen how much more I could have done.  Which then I look forward and try to do better. There were so many things I could have done before my mission such as school, family, friends, sports, my faith, and on and on.  But what is so awesome is we can now look to the future and grow.  Instead of just looking back and saying, 'oh, I could have done that better', or, 'I can't do that' the reality is we can.  Its the process of life really.  Because of the Atonement and Gods Grace we can move bit by bit, step by step, precept upon precept.  I read an amazing talk by Brad Wilcox the other day about Grace.  I highly highly recommend it.  So many times we fail in the gospel, in our faith.  Its aggravating really.  But we can keep trying and keep progressing.  Here is that talk by the way.
Just copy and paste that.

Thats all I really have for today.  I wish you all a merry Christmas!!  I hope it snows for all of you that can get snow.....I cant....but Merry Christmas!!  May we share the spirit with Christmas with everyone and remember the gifts of the spirit that we have from God.  Pasko na!!

Well, I love you so so much and all that good stuff and I will see you very very soon!  Till then!

Elder Rubow


  1. It's a beautiful post. The energy comes right through the language. His maturity is increasing every week - and I can just hear him saying, "What more can I do for you?" Like Murphy, he holds nothing back - which is an amazing and impressive spiritual strength and freedom. YIPEE!!!

    1. The energy from this week's letter compared to the last few weeks, you can tell things are going better. There were some hard weeks there for a bit.

      Mr. T has never been one to hold anything back. He's a bit like his mother I'm afraid. This is a positive thing?? :)


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