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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Which Way Do You Face?

Ever since I saw Wabi (go here to see her wax ornament tutorial) make bees wax ornaments a few years ago, I have been dying to try to make some of our own.

When The SM became a bee keeper, I was thrilled beyond giddy!  Save the wax for me!

Last year I bought a nativity cookie cutter set for another project.  I haven't actually made cookies with it.  Somehow, I can't bring myself to bite into and eat a little baby Jesus cookie.  Anyone else find that weird?  But!

It was perfect for making ornament molds.  Okay, I did feel a tidge a lot  guilty for poking holes in everyone's heads but I couldn't figure out how to hang them other wise.

So, hopefully I'll be forgiven for that.  If anyone has some fantastic idea on how to hang these on my tree without poking a hole through their heads, by all means!  I'm listening!

P.S. Can I just say, making ornaments out of fresh beeswax is beyond heavenly!  It smells divine!  Even now, I'm sitting here sniffing my ornaments!  I had no idea beeswax could smell like this!  I'm hooked.  Sunk!  I want to make more things out of this bees wax!

My only complaint with the cookie cutter set is that there are no shepherds.  A sheep has to have a shepherd!  There is only one wise man but we just poured wax into the wise man cookie cutter three times.  No biggie.  Personally, I adore the camel.  The donkey kind of looks like a Scottie dog....?

This is our neighbor gift this year.  Wrapped in a clear plastic bag.  You make these labels to wrap around 'Treasures'.  Kind of fitting, don't you think?  I got the idea from this site.  I just love it when other people share their talents and ideas with people like me who are a bit "challenged".

Merry CHRISTmas to all of you!  As the day draws closer, I hope all of us can remember what the true Gift is and find ourselves turning our hearts and our minds towards that Gift.  God bless us, everyone.

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