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Saturday, December 20, 2014


The missionaries that Elder Rubow is serving with right now.
I love you too!!  one more week!  So I am hoping to skype you on Christ
mas day here.  I dont have times yet but I do need all the information next week so I can call you.  I dont really know how skype works but this will be interesting.  the time might either be very early for you or very late.  I dont know just yet.  Can't wait to see how this goes!!  I miss you tons!  Here is your letter!

This week has had a lot of success and some not very good success!  Christmas is coming way faster then I thought!  I am very excited for the next two weeks for so many reasons.  Ill just start at the top.  Last Monday was normal.  It was Elder H------- last P-day before he went home so we spent some time with him.  (We have 4 elders in the apartment, he is one of them) The La Puz Elders also came with us.  They invited us to one of the members in their area.  She ended up being a old nanay.  She was deaf but that did not stop her from talking our ears off.  She just kept a grinning with her toothless gums and telling us about all the other old members of the ward.  Super hilarious.  Later that night we went with a member from Bacolod with us to a birthday party.  It was the birthday party of one of the members.  We ended us having quite the reunion.  I have been at this members house many a time but it was Elder T--------- first time.  One of the sons from this family had just gotten back from his mission and had actually baptized my companion.  Way awesome!  Later that day, my companion told me that he really wanted to stay in the mission now.  Huge breakthrough!

Tuesday was pretty normal.  We went out to eat at Mang Inasal (barbecue place) and while we were there there was a brownout.  So all the lights went out and all the fans so smoke from the fires started to fill the place....the food was still good though!  Out of the ordinary though!  We revisited one of our potential investigator in the evening and it turns out she was a witch.  She invited us through the gate of her house and we started doing basic talking so we could get to know her.  We got to know her.  And we aren't going back.  I wish I could tell the whole story but I have so little time so long story short, she started talking about spirits, reading our palms, talking about other dark things and then wanted us to go print pictures of ourselves so she could do some other things.  Fun stuff!

Wednesday was our mission Christmas party.  But before we could go to that we went to a service activity.  It was at a local gym where we prepared relief goods for the people that are suffering from Typhoon Ruby.  That was a ton of fun and I also go the name Rice King....don't know how but that what they all called me.  We spent 3 hours doing that before we returned and got ready for the party.  The party was a lot of fun!  All the missionaries came to the mission home and we all played games, danced, ate good food, fire danced (that was way cool), presents, and so forth.  We were all sad to see it end.

Thursday was back to work.  We went back to the Relief Goods service again to help out.  I still have bruises from that.  I learned that rice is indeed very heavy.  As I believe I said last week, we have been focusing mostly on Less Actives.  That has been most of our teaching as of late.  We have been spending a good part of our days tracting.  Not the best way to get investigators I have been learning.  

Friday we had a meeting with Bishop.  He fed us wonderful food and we talked about the upcoming ward party and how we were going to contribute.  That will be on the 18th.

Saturday was more preparation for the upcoming Christmas parties.  We are going to be singing a couple of Christmas songs in Tagalog.  I am pretty excited! 

Sunday was pretty awesome.  One of our Less Active families went to church again!  So that was really awesome!  Then we had the Christmas Devotional from Salt Lake City.  That was way awesome!  I loved the music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  

Anyway that has been our week.  Christmas is right around the corner and so is 2015.  I am way excited for that!  Christmas is a huge part of the Philippines!  Everyone is going to parties, setting up decorations, working hard to get a bit more money, and so forth.  Though there is not any snow it is definitely Christmas.  It has been really funny trying to describe snow to the people.  I wish you all luck in your daily lives and remember Jesus Christ as the center of this season.  For God so loved YOU that he sent His only begotten-son.  That all whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  He is the gift.  And His gift is the Atonement.  It has your name on it, and it is from God.  

Elder Rubow
A Representative of Jesus Christ

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