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Monday, March 31, 2008

More scout photo's

If you click on the link at the bottom of this page that is : "Kristen Randle" you will go to her blog which has even more photo's of Brennan and his friend Murphy Randle's court of honor (who Brennan considers to be his older brother) and danged if there isn't some cute photo's on it. One of Matthew that could be made into a photo as an advertisement for the scouting program. He is in his little cub uniform standing at attention saluting the flag.........cute cute cute...........

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slide show

La Dimwit here is trying to do a slide show and can't figure this dadgum program out and those of you that have really cool blog's with cool big photo's and slide show's tick me off cuz I hate being the only stupid one so on the left you'll see a slide show of Brennan's court of honor and if you get out a magnifying glass you can see el court of honor photo's OR you can click on it and WHOA! It takes you somewhere in cyber space and the photo's become bigger and I can't be held responsible for what else happens.

This is of course not all of the photo's that were taken as frankly there were hundred's but for is a "taste" of the court of honor which is why I put a photo of the food up first because as Brennan said, that is the most important part of the whole dang thing anyway.....

Reading the scout handbook

Brennan had his eagle court of honor yesterday. It went famously well. People ask me how we have such successful sons in the scouting program.

I believe in starting them young.

Hey punk! Wake up! No sleeping on the job!

Hey! You're only on the title page. I want that book read cover to cover or NO DINNER!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I saw the most disgusting thing today. I was at Cost-Co. LUV that store and there was this woman pushing a cart full of junk and I mean junk. I just sat there and looked at her and thought, "lady, you are a stinkin' pig. Please tell me that is not all you eat at your house". Seriously, she had one of those big chocolate cakes, several packages of muffins, a carrot cake (I'm sure she considered that her vegetables since there were orange carrots on top made from frosting), several containers with mini brownies, several containers of cookies, two big bags of chocolate candy bars, a big box of cupcakes, a key lime cheesecake, and who knows what all else shoved under what I could see.

It was unreal! I sat there and looked at her and thought, "lady, you need help. Serious help. Someone needs to sit you down and teach you about the food pyramid". I mean she probably thought the food pyramid meant her pear shaped body! I couldn't quit staring at her.

Finally I forced myself to walk on and I realized that that lady was a reflection of me in the glass display of frozen desserts.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Matthew was given an assignment at school to write a persuasive letter to his parents. This is his letter. No spelling or grammar corrections have been made. (Matthew is nine).

Dear Mom and Dad,

I think I should have a game cube game called mario party eight. I've been working hard in school. I need time to play. game cube is good for me when I'm sick. My cuzens are at my house and they mite want to play it. Your the best parents in the unaverse. please cunsider my reaqest for having Mario Party Eight.

First, I think I should have a game cube game. I've been working hard in school. I've been working on cursive, writing, and reading. Your the best parents in the world, and I know how you want me to play outside. seconly.

I need time to play. I've played with Friends most of the day but not game cube. Your the finest parents in the planet. third,

Game cube is good for me when I'm sick. When I was sick one time you let me play game cube and it helped a little. Your the finest parents in the globe. I think I should have a game cube game. I've been working hard in school. I need time to play. game cube is good for me when I'm sick. Your the greatest parents in the univires. thank you for choosing your dishishon, and please can I have the game cube game.

love your adorable child

He is adorable isn't he? :o) And if I really were the greatest parent in the universe, world, planet, globe, universe.........I'd buy him that game wouldn't I? He's not that adorable.......:o) Okay, he is. He is an absolutely adorable punk who with his big huge melty brown eyes with lashes that reach up to his eyebrows..........ya, he could talk me into it in a second........I'm such a sucker........and praising me doesn't hurt.............sniff..........I'm the greatest in the whole universe, world, planet, globe, universe!! Top that! He better have gotten an A+ on this assignment. I found it quite persuasive cuz I'm the greatest in the universe, world, planet, globe, universe!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Roast Chicken

About a week ago I e-mailed my dad a recipe for roast chicken. A very yummy easy recipe. When you read his reply it might give you an inkling where I get my sense of humor from. :o)

Dear Rachel:

I will give you the benefit of a doubt when I say thank you for your well intentioned recipe for roast chicken. You mentioned that you have several other recipes you would like to share with me. If they are anything like the roast chicken recipe, please do not bother.

The recipe for the roast chicken was the worst recipe in the world. The chicken was terrible and I tried to follow your recipe to the “T”.

The recipe starts out with the instruction to “get a whole chicken”. I had no idea where to get a whole chicken but our neighbor has a whole passel of chickens so I thought they might not mind sharing one with me. Last night, after dark, I went over to their yard and picked me out what looked like a nice fat chicken. I popped it into a sack I had with me but the dang thing cackled, shrieked and carried on until my neighbor came out with his shot gun. Now my neighbor is kind of old and his eye sight aint what it should have been for shooting a shot gun. Lucky for me his eyes is getting old or I would have got myself buck shot. Instead, my neighbor missed me but made a direct hit on his milk cow. The milk cow was just minding her own business, tail side toward my neighbor, when he let fly with the shot gun. I have no idea why the cow carried on as it did because it still had three teats left. Last I saw of that old cow she was bellerin and hollerin at the top of her lungs. I never heard anything louder unless it was the neighbor’s dog when the cow run over the poor thing.

Well I carried the chicken back to the house and into the kitchen. Like you said, I had a rub already made up from the ingredients you prescribed. Now can I ask you a serious question? Have you ever tried to put a rub on a chicken when the fool thing is jumping around, pecking and screeching at you? Have you? Huh?

Well I got it most done. Getting the rub onto the chicken under its feathers was quite a chore but that was nothing compared to what was to come. Your recipe said to rub the chicken both inside and outside with the rub. I tell you, when that cayenne pepper hit the inside of that chicken it really did the trick. That chicken run around the table like a jet plane with its after burner turned up too high. It got away from me a couple times. One time it roosted on top of the grandfather clock and now you ought to see the mess I have to clean up.

Well the worst was yet to come. I heated up the oven to 250 degrees and talk about being uncooperative. That chicken just wouldn’t stay in the pot. I tried and tried but the dumb thing had other ideas – especially with its tail feathers already singed. I saw a cook show once where they put a turkey into a plastic sack to cook it. I didn’t have a plastic sack so I jammed the chicken into a pair of your Mom’s pantyhose. I thought we could wash the pantyhose out after the chicken was cooked and they would be none the worse for the experience. It still didn’t quiet that bird. It kicked and flopped around something terrible.

Finally I popped the chicken into the oven. Talk about carrying on. That chicken obviously didn’t read the recipe and didn’t know what was going on and its part in the whole drama of the thing. However after a while, it got a bit quiet in the kitchen. I thought, finally now I can wait for this “yummy” chicken Rachel promised.

Just as I was getting comfy and waiting for the five hours to pass, there was a terrible smell. At first I looked for the dog to see if she was sick or worse. Nope, she was fine except she was kind of holding her nose and hiding under the bed. After some inspecting, I discovered the smell was coming from the oven. I thought that was probably because the rub was taking hold of the chicken.

As time went on, the smell got worse. You should have seen the face of the police officer when he came to see if we was all right and I explained that I was cooking a “yummy” chicken according to my daughter’s special recipe. The police man kind of caught his breath and wiped the tears from his eyes before he left in his police car.

Five hours later, I opened the oven. Now Rachel, have you ever seen what five hours of baking does to chicken feathers, let alone to a chicken. I am telling you, that chicken might have been “yummy” but there was no way I was going to taste it. Those feathers was all parched and kind of black and there was green stuff oozing from the chicken. Didn’t look “yummy” to me.

So, please keep your dang recipes to your self. I don’t want to get buck shot and I think your taste buds are different than mine.

Love: Dad

P.S. Do you know how to remove baked on chicken poop from an oven?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahem.......sick.........I promise......cough......cough

I have come across something that I need to file away and use from time to time. I use to use it when I was younger in high school. It is called playing sick! You can get away with the most amazing things when you play sick. I have been able to get away with it for six weeks now! YES, six weeks.

When I started out I wasn't very convincing. It was because I didn't act it up quite enough. After laying on the couch for two weeks I decided nothing was working to my favor so I upped it up several notches and you would not believe the things I got out of it. My freezer was FULL of ice and berries we'd picked from our yard last fall that needed to be canned. I didn't feel like doing it. Defrosting handicapped freezers is not something I enjoy and since my freezer is really handicapped and is constantly filling itself with ice it only ticks me off so I open it as little as possible.

My mom heard I was sick......cough she came to take care of me. I moaned and lamented that I needed to get my freezer cleaned out but was too sick........cough do it and I'd ordered a 1/2 beef that needed to go into the freezer RIGHT AWAY..........what was I to do? My mother being the angel that she is set to work defrosting my freezer and canning all 63 + jars of berries for me. I thought I should start to perk up about then but then I figured if I stayed in bed I could get even more out of her and would you believe? It worked! She did laundry.........she scrubbed bathrooms.........dusted my house..............scrubbed blinds..........scrubbed my bathroom floor which was full of fungus............cleaned my laundry room...............did endless dishes by hand since my dishwasher is broken.............tended the kids.........which means changing tonage of diapers.............fabulous!!!

Before my mother came I tried another tactic that works well. I put my kids on the street corner with cardboard hanging from their necks which read: Homeless, need food. The neighbors took pity on my kids and the meals started pouring in. Dang good meals too!

I should have probably stopped there but frankly I have always loved the dramatics so I started to act dizzy and have fainting spells which would mean I couldn't drive and all responsibility would be taken from me.

I have enjoyed this pampering for six weeks now and feel so refreshed! I got up yesterday and did my usual daily routine. People started to forget about me so I did have to throw in some dizzy spells just to keep people on their know..........just in case I get sick some more and need more care.........chocolate........etc...................

I tell ya, this playing sick stuff works fabulously! Just don't go tryin' to fool me cuz I can see right through a faker in a heartbeat cuz I have a black belt in faking it and I won't take pity on you for one second. Nope! I won't even bring you a meal...............cuz I'll be on the couch......"sick".

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Levi!

Today Levi is six years old! If you ask him he says................five.........or seven..........or five........and sometimes he even says six! He has been so excited today that it is his "Happy Birthday cake". He keeps asking when he can blow out the candles. We are going to celebrate his birthday at the end of the month with his little cousin. We hadn't planned on doing a cake today but Levi has been asking his daddy all day today when he can blow out the candles so I guess we'll be making a cake today so he can blow out some candles............. dang cute punk who I am so glad is still here so we can celebrate six years of his blessed life. Can't wait to say the same thing next year......and the year after........and the year after that.........forever!