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Saturday, June 11, 2011

We've gone to the quacks!

We're babysitting this week. This little ducklings momma and siblings were attacked by a dog. This one was rescued just before it suffered from the same fate.

It's family is out of town for a week so we are babysitting. The Native's have been carrying it around for hours everyday. It really is quite cute and when you put it in the tub or pool, it dashes and dives about, and leaves us all giggling.

Levi begs to hold it all of the time and with supervision is able to. One day, one of his brothers helped him take it out to the pool. The older brother didn't realize he needed to stay with Levi and supervise. I was sitting in the house and seeing the older brother in the house and not with Levi I ran outside in a panic. None too soon. Poor little duckling was bedraggled and shaking unable to walk. I feared the worst. Broken legs maybe and soon to follow dead duckling......?

I wrapped the duckling in a towel, heated up a bean/rice bag and proceeded to dry off and warm up the duckling all the while saying multiple prayers.

Happy ending. Duckling is still alive and thriving. No broken legs and doesn't seem the worse for the repeated dunking Levi put it through.

The ducklings family get home tomorrow. Just in time for us to get our own........ baby chicks! The SM begins the work on the building of the chicken coop this week! Praying that chickens are as hearty as this little duckling when it comes to Levi...........


  1. When Caleb was tiny, we visiting a petting zoo of sorts. I turned around for a moment, then back to see him picking up a duckling *around the neck*! Poor little ducks feet were paddling madly in the air, and I swear his body stretched out six inches. I was a little panicked, but the duck survived OK!
    Love your pictures, and hope you have as good of an experience with your chicks!

  2. Levi looks like he's enjoying duck-sitting - what an angelic face he has! Hope he likes your new chicks as much. Toby loves watching our chickens and has recently enjoyed poking various leaves through the wire for them to snack on. Good luck with the school break, J x

  3. I sure miss seeing your face every now and then!

  4. A darling duckling, full of pluck. Those moments of panic are loooong and dark, aren't they?

    And you have chickens coming! YAY!!! We went to a country fair today, and quite likely are the only people to have left it with a chicken and her 8 chicks in tow. And a business card, so that we can get even MORE chicks in the fall.

  5. Korrie, I can only imagine turning and seeing your son with the duckling! It's a GASP moment for us mothers. I swear I should have had a heart attack years ago followed by a million more.

    Julie, I'm really hoping he likes the chicks too. I think he will. It will be a matter of keeping the chicks safe from him! Even today he almost stepped on the duckling as it was walking around.

    Tami, I miss your face too! I miss your guts!! :D

    Wabi, Unfortunetly, I'm only allowed six chicks because of city ordanances. Yay for you though and your brood. :D Maybe it is a good thing I can only start out with six. Get my feet wet so to speak and see what I am up against. :D

  6. My husband wants chickens so badly . . . but I think the dog would kill them . . . and I don't think I could survive the weeks of having to keep the babies indoors until they are stable enough to go outside!

    I shall enjoy your little friends vicariously. :)

  7. Anaise, Yeah. The dogs. We've the same issue and no fenced yard so they'll will have to stay in a pen unless they are supervised with the dogs in the house....

  8. I'm glad that baby duck made it through the week and now I'm glad you don't have to worry about it anymore! On to the next- baby chicks! I can't wait to see them!

  9. so adorable! Look how happy he is!


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