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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's summer break. School is out. Translation: Levi is no longer in school for several hours a day so I am on high alert all day. Not much time to blog or read other's blogs even though I've much to talk about........ like Levi's latest. Ripping up every shred of newspaper he can find and leaving it all over the house and yard.......... And I don't even subscribe to a newspaper! But the postman makes up for that with all sorts of newspaper ads almost everyday and what Levi doesn't find in our own mailbox....... he finds in others.........

The Native's think I am hateful and punishing them.  I told them that they had to read for an hour a day which normally isn't hard as we are all book lovers in this house but...... here's the kicker....... I told them for that hour they had to read a book from a list I have.  The rest of the time they read they can read from what ever other books they get from the library.

Mr. T had his underpants in a real twitch last night as he went stomping off.  Great!  Now reading becomes a punishment.  That list of books is old!  That list was published clear back in the 1980's! The only good book on that list is the "Lord of the Rings" books.  Guess I'll just read "Lord of the Rings" all summer!  (Can you just hear me giggling at this point?  More like an evil cackle.)

It's a list of classics, good literature, no twaddle, books that have substance/meat to them and don't talk down to the reader as most books of today do.  Dumb down books.  And....... the first publishing was in the 1980's CLEAR BACK IN THE OLDEN DAYS but it has been revised and lo and behold, there just happens to be some books on there that are more recent that, well, okay, maybe this isn't such a stupid list after all. There might be a book or two that Mr. T can endure the summer with.........

I love it when I'm right.  Punks!


  1. Yep, I've been that mean mom too! They've all survived.
    It's good to "hear" from you. I was worried they might have done-you-in on Trek!

  2. Where ARE you? I called you all morning. And yesterday I tried to find you. ARGGG!!! And has Mr. T ever read one of MY?????? books? I know they're twaddle, but he's about the right age. Chaz and I went to American Quilting today and had THE best time. I will never go again. I can't afford it.

  3. My kids would prefer that kind of punishment. I told my kids that if they come to me this summer saying "What can I do? I'm bored." I will tell them "Grab a rag and wash the walls or windows."

  4. That is very funny!

    Here's hoping summer settles down into a joyful routine for you all!

    (. . . and that Levi only tears up newspapers that don't make the neighbors mad!)

  5. He he he... I have to read every day too, but it's only for twenty minutes (at the minimum) and we can read whatever we want! (as long as we read... something...)
    :p I think Mr. T. Will survive.. :)

  6. What a fabulous idea! I think you are LOVING not HATEFUL, because it's never easy to hold kids to a standard, but it certainly is good for them.

    Does Levi tear up pages of words while the rest of you are diligently reading them? I do hope your precious books aren't a part of his tearing obsession.

    I have never tried reading for an hour a day. Maybe IIIII should try it. A friend of mine does 100 books a year. I feel accomplished with a much smaller quantity.

  7. Korrie, Not at all! I had a great time. Now I need to get with you for lunch. :D

    Kristen, Did you check under my bed? Huh? Huh?

    Chastina, Oh I relish it when The Native's tell me they are borred. I rub my hands together with delight. Oh the jobs I have ready just for summer boredom.

    Anaise, He has been most certainly keeping me on my toes. I'm ready for things to settle down as well.

    Marseille, I'm working on the children's book list now. I'll get it to you when I am finished.

    Hanna, He'll survive. And we'll listen to him moan and groan the entire time. :D

    Ginger, Thank you!! I think The Native's would argue with you. :) But thank you. No, not any of our books. Levi is keeping it to newspapers at this point BUT, he has attacked books in the past. I have spent many an hour/day hidden behind a book carried off to some far away world. I could read for hours and hours..... but by then, Levi would have the entire neighborhood at my door wondering where their newspapers were. I'd have to point guiltily to a huge pile of shredded paper that would no doubt cover my yard by then.

  8. I would love to hear what books are on your list:)


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