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Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's Waldoofus

Dear Mum,

It's only been a few weeks since school was let out for the summer.  It feels like it has been months.  Having Levi home from school has been hard.  He misses school and is out of sorts.  I'm trying to keep up. 

Projects aren't going according to plan.  When do they ever?  I know.  I'm back to not letting Levi out of my sight for two seconds and when I do for one reason or another, the neighbors are either calling or coming over to let me know that Levi is into trouble again.  I've no idea what I would do without my good neighbors.  I am truly blessed.  I honestly think it is going to take a village to raise and keep Levi alive.  I just hope I'm still alive to see it happen!

We've been spending some time at the local swimming pool.  Levi loves and thrives in the water.  A bit too much.  Last time he was repeatedly scolded for going down the water slides head first.  The poor life guards don't know what to make of Levi.  After me talking to him and trying to explain to him why he can't, I think he's got it....... we'll see next time we go. 

All of the other Native's are doing well.  They are finding that mum making them read for an hour a day isn't so painful after all. 

I've just about got a sweater finished that I've been knitting for a few months.  Just knitting the pockets and will sew them on.  When I do, I'll post photos.  I do believe I just might actually keep this one and not rip it all out and re-do!  A tender mercy.

Well, Levi has just informed me that the toilet he has been flushing (I don't want to know what toy has now been sent to the city.......) won't flush and is 'flowing'.  Time to once again get out the plunger and plunge my sanity down the toilet along with what ever else Levi has tried to flush.

Doofus AKA Fungus


  1. I remember one particular Easter when Mike spent it under the house in Spanish Fork cutting out and redoing the plumbing. Taylor had flushed one of those little plastic army guys and it had gotten stuck and backed up the whole house. When Mike cut out the pipe, a whole bunch of army guys came flushing out. Taylor said "Well, I sent in the Duke and when he didn't come back, I had to send in the calvary!"

  2. Okay. So I will admit there is an upside to being on the downside. Oh, Levi - you are lucky in family. Oh, Rachel - you are blessed with love.

  3. The pool keeps my boys entertained in the hoidays for hours as well. Thankfully we have managed to avoid any toilet drama's in this house :-)

    How many more weeks of holidays?? Hang in there xx

  4. Thinking good thoughts for you!!!!

  5. Oh Rachel, I don't know how you do it. Your school break is so much longer than ours here and the 6 weeks that we have has me at the end of my sanity! I hope the days speed up and the nights are peaceful - a bit of a forlorn hope but that's what I wish you anyway!

  6. It's a good thing you love that boy so much...

  7. What is it with little boys and toilets...and toilet paper! I never have toilet paper when I need it because Sania feels that half the roll is needed just for him, not to mention all the times we've had to unblock it.

    Little boys.. wild ones. It's easier when there two, they keep each other occupied.

    Such a shame we didn't meet up. Oh well I'm sure we will be traveling in your area again. Or you could visit us in the tropics to defrost :)

  8. Take it.....Day by day, day by day, day by day, and repeat. :)

  9. Leanna, That is funny!! And I can see Tayler saying that! His cousins miss him.

    Kristen, Blessings all around. Swimming in them....

    Jenni, About another month of kids being home. I love having them home and hate it when they go back..... if I could just get Levi to settle down.....

    Anaise, Thank you! And I, for you.

    Julie, It is working. Levi is doing a bit better. God bless you!!

    Earthboys, Like puppies! :D Much easier to have two puppies than one. Excepting somehow, Levi and his younger brother seem to get into more trouble...... the younger one who thinks up the trouble, and the bigger body Levi who can reach and get into that which the smaller younger one can't! I do hope to be able to see you soon. So sad when I found out we'd missed you.

    Anony, Who doesn't love Levi. :D

    Jody, Sounds advice from someone who knows.........


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