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Sunday, June 26, 2011


The long awaited moment.  The moment you have all been waiting for!  The debut of our new baby chicks!

Isn't he just adorable?  We were told that chicks need to be left in the house for about six weeks before they can go outside.  In the evenings, they need a heat lamp. 

We decided on a more modern breed.  Instead of a heating lamp, some Wii nun chucks.

Isn't this just the most adorable chick you've ever seen??  AND!!!  It's potty trained!

Drum roll please...... Our little ladies have arrived.  As is the case with just about everything I do, not without a story.  Allow me a moment to tell.

But before I do, notice anything funky about one of our little ladies?

Now?  Hideous isn't she?  I can't believe I let the chicken seller guy talk me into getting a bare neck chicken.  Her name is Milly.  Milly is short for 'Mahana you ugly' (From the film Johnny Lingo).  The chicken guy said she'd be a conversation piece.  I don't know about that but I will tell you, Levi picked her out and she is his. 

Hi!  My name is Alice.  I am very content to spend hours sleeping on Henny Penny's lap.

The story:  Once upon a time, there was an old lady who lived with a lot of shoes and didn't know what to do.  One day, she decided she wanted chickens.  Three years she waited and when this year came around, she declared it thus, this was the year of the chickens!

This is Ruth, or as Mr. J says...... Roof.

She was told by many that when she got the baby chicks they would need to be in the house for six weeks in a box under a heat lamp.  Being told thus, she figured that not having a chicken coop wasn't a problem.  In the six weeks that the baby chicks would be inside, the old lady and her sexy scout master could build the chicken coop she'd dreamed up.

This little lady is named Liza.  Mr. M calls her Lizzy.

The day arrived.  The sexy scout master was off with....... the scouts camping.  The little old lady hopped in her car and took off to chicken land.  When she arrived, she was told by the head chicken honcho that no, she didn't want new baby chicks.  She only wanted hens, beings as she lives in town and isn't allowed to have a rooster unless she wants the constable breathing down her neck.  Little baby chicks have to be pullets before you can tell if they be hes or shes. 

The little old lady picked out the chickies she wanted and headed home but not before calling her mother to let her know what she wanted sung at her funeral.  The little old lady knew that when the sexy scout master got home from his camping trip and saw the chickens and not baby chickies, feathers were going to hit the fan. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT THEM????  No hen house..... minor detail.

The little old lady thought of all sorts of ways she could soften the blow.  Hide the chickies.  Nope.  That wouldn't work.  Stand in high heels with nothing else on but the chickies tied together making a feather boa.  Nope.  Not worth it........ 

The SM drove up and the little old lady grabbed the first chickie she could and with a brave face went to meet her doom.  She failed to notice she'd grabbed the one that looks like a vulture......  it didn't help her cause.  Where in the world did she dredge up that thing?  What was it?  A turkey?  Did she catch a wild baby turkey?

Reality television at its best.

I have bragged many a time on this here blog about what a saint The SM is.  The end of this story is proof.  I'm still here to tell the tale and the chickies are stashed in the rabbit hutch until their high rise pent house can be built....... 

Milly and Levi

We've six little ladies.  When I called my baby sis and told her we needed to come up with some names, she had a fabulous idea.  The names are:

Alice and Henny Penny

Milly, Dorcas, Ruth, Liza, Sarah, and Alice.

Here's a hint as to where the names came from. If we had seven...... the seventh would be named Martha. If we had seven...... we'd have to find seven brothers.

The End!


  1. Oh, I knew immediately where you got the names! Perfect.
    And I betcha the feather boa idea would have worked...depending on the shoes.

  2. Tyler knew right away....never seen that movie

  3. Oh, my aching sides. Laughed my way through your chicken adventure. STILL laughing. Thinking about the hen impersonating a vulture and just HOWLING. And SO funny too that you are having a Year of the Chickens, cuz that's where I'm at. I've decided that my midlife crisis will be expressed through chickens. Oh yes, it will. I will have silkies yet. Hey, silkies are kinda the opposite of the bare-necked one. And you know what else? Our meat chicks are currently in a rabbit hutch.

    Welcome to your new flock. You're gonna LOVE them. They really are enormously entertaining and endearing.

    Still giggling...

  4. I'm glad you are still here to tell the tale, but I still think the heels and feather boa would have been a nice touch... ;) It is after all what I would have done.

    Love the names! And I too, knew exactly where they came from.

  5. The boa would have worked on me :). Especially if it were the other way around. Man with boa......Mine wouldn't be caught dead in a boa. Ha! So I see yet another new project at the Rubow household. Awesome thing for the kids.

  6. How on earth did you get talked into that bald necked UGLY chicken, they sure do look like vultures don't they. The other girls are adorable as our your kids watching them.....loved the first few pictures, looked like a great idea for the school holidays :-)

  7. How funny is it that we just watched that movie this very weekend and just talked about dressing ourselves up as those very characters for Halloween this year!?!

    I'm glad you don't have to kill any roosters. I hope you get eggs really soon!

  8. Oh wow- that chicken DOES look like a vulture... :D

  9. Didn't you learn anything growing up?! Where is the play pen or just use the back of the station wagon!

  10. Wait a minute here. I WOULD HAVE BEEN LAUGHING JUST AS HARD AS WABI - except Murphy was here, and starting telling a story right in the middle of the chicken saga, and I had to split my brain in half and so I missed the point of both, except that I knew that SM had NOT, in fact, made you sleep in the rabbit hutch, for which I was entirely and eternally grateful and so that's the end. How funny that Levi picked the vulture.

  11. The SM truly is a saint! I'm so glad your impulse buy worked out and the ladies are lovely, even Milly who clearly has a friend for life in Levi. Was thinking of you this morning and hoping that your summer is going well - busy for certain but hope busy in a good rather than a frazzled way!
    Enjoy your chickies and those first eggs when they start laying them in a few months and keep well and happy, with love, J xxx

  12. Rachel -

    Do you not have a sufficient flock already?

    You are something else! Taking on half a dozen chickens. But I must say, it may just be worth it . . . especially as I look at your kids taking such pleasure with the feathered darlings.

    I can only imagine how much Levi is enjoying these wee creatures.

  13. They are too cute!! Kirsten is getting so old! She is SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!

  14. Ohhhh! I'll be watching for "an egg for the teacher" once the new school year begins! :)

  15. Korrie, Perhaps the feather boa would have worked but I wasn't willing to be pecked to death in the process. ;)

    Alex, That is funny that Tyler knew! Not surprising, but funny.

    Wabi, It's the year of the something that is for sure!! I really wanted some funky looking chickens too. There are some chickens, don't know what they are called, but they have so many feathers on their head and neck they can't see so they are always running into things. I thought those would be a hoot! Just borring regular chickens here for now... well, besides my vulture one.

    Why can't we be normal and get a sports car for our midlife crisis?? Chickens? Really??

    Nat, Of course it would have been what you'd have done! If ever I'm in doubt as to what to do, you know I'm calling you!! :D

    Jody, Conisering how terrified I am of snakes.... a man with a boa would not do it for me. I'd be running screaming in the other direction. :D

    Jenni, What looks like a good thing at the time..... :) Actually, it's been fun. The newness is wearing off on the kids but they are excited for the coming of the first eggs. When that happens, I know it will be fun for a week maybe and then a 'chore'. :D I'm not sure how I got talked into the naked neck chicken either..... but, now that we have her, she is one of the friendliest. Which is good for Levi.

    Anaise, What a fun idea! I haven't even thought two seconds about Halloween yet. I'm always scrambling right before trying to figure out what kids are going to be.

    Hanna, The bigger it gets, the uglier it gets! Poor Mahana!

    Elizabeth, Funny you should mention that. Mom and I had a conversation about a week before this whole thing began and I told her I would NOT be pulling a Bette. I'd have a chicken coop first and THEN get my chickens......... when I called her on the drive home, I told her, "I pulled a Bette"!!!!!

    Kristen, With the little time you have with Murphy home, I grant you permission to focus soley on him. There will be plenty of time later for you to focus on the rest of us. :D

    Julie, You have been on my thoughts this summer as well. I wish I could say it hasn't been a time of frazzle. Sometimes it isn't and it is getting better as the summer goes on. Levi is settling in a bit better. Most days anyway. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. Many hugs to you!

    Ginger, Makes you wonder where in the world my brain is most days doesn't it?? :D Why I do the things I do...... who knows! But it makes for good stories and adventures!

    Emma, She is a pretty girl isn't she.

    Tami, LOL! No apples from the Rubows! Ya get a purty egg. Should I hard boil it first for you?


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