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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Much Ado About Chickens

This is one of the first photos taken of our chickens. The object of this post is the one which is front and center. The white one, Ruth.

Remember this photo? Henny Penny and Ruth spending some quality time together. Well, here's the deal. From the get go, I've never liked Ruth. I'm sorry! I admit it! I. Don't. Like. Ruth! Something just didn't sit right with me. Now, before you get your feathers in a ruffle, I am NOT prejudiced but it bugged me that Ruth looked different then the others. She was aggressive too. I don't like aggressive. I like harmony!

Take a good look at Ruth. Anything look 'odd' to you? For all of you chicken experts out there...... remember, this is a YOUNG going to be HEN. I'll give you a hint. Look at her comb. Yeah. Thaz right. COMB! When she was new, I called the chicken farmer guy who I bought these from and told him HER comb just didn't look like the others.... Don't worry he tells me, he's been doing this for fifty years. He knows boys vs. girls and I've got a girl chicken.

I hang up the phone and am still bugged. I don't like Ruth. Ruth is obnoxious. Ruth is worse then a high school cheerleader who is full of herself. Ruth is acting more like, like a........ LIKE A HIGH SCHOOL MR. POPULAR JOCK! Struttin' around and acting all cocky. Hmmmm, why are male roosters called cocks? Why are teenage boys called cocky? Ya  foller me?

So, Saturday comes around. I'm outside and........... THE THING STARTS CROWING! I looked at Ruth all narrowed eyed and told her, "Honey! You've got gender issues"! I put Ruth in a box and drove off to the Farmer's Market. I found my chicken farmer guys and pulled Ruth out and asked if this was a rooster or a hen! A rooster....... I put "Ruth" back in the box and triumphantly ask if the head honcho chicken farmer would be home that day so I could exchange the impostor. I am assured that yes, Mr. Owner of Chickens will be home all day.

I was babysitting my darling little grand nephew that morning so it was later in the afternoon before I could box "Ruth" up again to take back to his original dwellings. I drove up. No one is home. I sit and wait an hour. I won't bore you with the details but it involved me waiting a long time, throwing "Ruth" back in with the other chickens at the farm and driving home only to return a few hours later for my what I hope is going to be a hen this time.

Are you bored with my story yet? Let me tell you! If someone had told me before that I would spend so much time observing chickens and lose sleep over them I'd have told them they were nuts! If they'd told me I'd spend the entire weekend with my nose two inches from the chicken wire watching to make sure the new hen (who we think is adorable by the way) would survive the pecking order ordeal I'd have told them they were crackers!

If someone would have told me I'd be taking Mildred, (Levi's chicken, the naked neck vulture looking one) and would be putting her in time out because she won't quit pecking the new Ruth, I'd have told you, you were insane! By the way, Mildred is in time out this very moment....... again. Personally, I think she feels inferior with her lack of feathers on her neck and is quite jealous of Ruth's plumage...... they being teenagers and all.

I know what it is like! I started going grey in high school! I kid you not! If I were a teenager going bald...... well....... I'd probably want to peck the popular captain of the cheer team too! Especially if she was blond and had great hair.

If someone had told me that I'd go and check on the chickens and find our new one missing and then in a frantic search all over the yard would find this in the front yard......... I'd have told them that they were probably and most likely right.

I promise. It isn't a dead rubber chicken. It's just two girls taking an afternoon siesta. P.S. Notice the comb.......?? Looks much more henish doesn't it.


  1. Your story has tremendous entertainment value; hope that helps make up for the lack of sleep! And that picture of your 'girls' napping together?? Priceless!

    In other news...I think you can comment on my blog again!

  2. OH MY! Those last 2 photos are absolutely ADORABLE!
    When you were telling me this chicken tale yesterday, I thought- she'd better blog this. And you did!
    I'm glad there there is a happy ending for all except Mildred. But isn't that how it goes for the ugly stepsister? ;)

  3. So cute! Sorry to hear about the hen problems.

  4. what a perfect photo opp! So beautiful!

  5. I have to be very Australian here and say Struth...Ruth's a bloke!! ;-)

    I love that photo, it is a definite sweet! Both of them cuddled up asleep like that...aaaawwwww! xx

    Yes she is a hen, what is her name??

  6. Korrie, I am thrilled to death that I can comment again. :D Seriously. It bugs me that some blogs I can't because I want to and it is a huge let down to not be able to. It's because I can't keep my mouth shut. :) I have to join the conversation!!

    It has been quite humorous. I think The SM is probably getting tired of me coming in and telling him the latest goings on in the coop but I find it so funny and entertaining. Who knew....

    Natalie, When I finally found the two, all curled up like this, my heart just melted. I had a hard time telling Henny Penny that pulling the new hen out so soon was bad for her and wasn't helping her situation in getting along with the established flock.

    Mildred spent yesterday in time out. I thought she'd learned her lesson but alas.... she's back in time out again today. :D

    Chastina, Me too! I thought this was going to be a lot easier!! My mum made things like this look so easy.

    Jody, I had no idea chickens could be so personable. I thought they were dumb birds that scratched around in their own poop. Well, they do, but their personalities are a riot! This one is just adorable.

    Jenni, LOL! NOT!! A Sheila!! Most definetly not.

    The new hen is..... well..... Ruth. :D The first Ruth was an imposter! Or Stanley as Henny Penny calls him.

  7. What a great story!

    I'm just glad that Henny Penny loves the new chicken and isn't mourning the loss of the imposter.

    Oh! And what priceless pictures!

  8. Anaise, Oh she cried! Tears were flowing when we gave the imposter back. She didn't want to leave. Later in the evening she was supposed to go up the canyon horse back riding. I told her we'd go and get the new hen before she left to help her feel better. :D It was an emotional day. For her...... I was happy to get rid of the imposter.

  9. I was just going to remark that matilda - or what's her name? Ms. Naked Neck? In that first shot, she looks fake - like a rubber chicken head on a stick. But then I got to the end of the story, and yes - I know K cried like a baby over losing Ruth - but this picture of the napping girls together took my breath away. Without stirring from the couch, I have managed to show this shot to everybody in the house. This is a WOW and a wonder and the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

  10. Oh, you do know how to tell a riotous story! I didn't recognize him as a cockerel, which just goes to show you how much of a farmer I am. Crazy about the chicken personalities, though, isn't it? Who knew????

    LOVE the napping girls.

  11. Ahh, glad the gender issues are resolved! Though they may have been triggered by the poor gentlemen being referred to as "Ruth"? ;)

    Darling photos - love them!


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