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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tough Enough To Be A Girl

In this house

When you are the only girl

Surrounded by a lot of rambunctious boys

Ya gotta be tough!


  1. ooooooohhhhhhh poor kirsten!! what on earth happened?

  2. She's survived this long...

  3. And tough that girl is!

    That's a nice shiner. Glad you documented it.

  4. Nice shiner! I love the close up because the shiner shows the beautiful color of her eye.

  5. ouch! That is some shiner! I bet Henny Penny has learnt a few tricks from the boys and is a lot tougher than most girls her age. Lovely that she can be both a toughie and a good mama to her doll and she's still smiling her beautiful smile x

  6. The juxtaposition of the dolly and the shiner is perfect!

    What happened?

  7. Hanna, She was out on the teeter totter with her brothers and ended up falling off and hitting her eye in the process.

    Korrie, :) I'd beat em up for Henny Penny but she told me it was an accident.

    Anony, Incredible isn't it?

    Nat, I should have taken a picture when it first happened and it was so swollen she couldn't see out of it. For two days it was all swollen shut.

    Chastina, She really does have unusual eyes. A pretty blue/green/grey.

    Julie, She's a pretty tough girl on the outside but has the tenderest of hearts on the inside. Just the way we like em. :D

    Anaise, When I saw Henny Penny sitting there with her doll I couldn't resist taking a photo. It just cracked me up her playing with dolls with a shiner!

  8. It hurts! It hurts!! Oh, baby!

  9. Kristen, Not so much now. But for several days, she couldn't even bend over the pressure hurt so bad.


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