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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair. Who Needs It?

I was talking to my baby sis yesterday on Skype and drooling over her new hair cut. Cute. Short. Sassy. It happened. It always happens when I see cute short haircuts. I start playing with the idea of going short.

What do you think? Me? Not bold enough?

What about this one then? Too bold for a stay at home mum.

Oh the natural curl! Such a thorn in my side!!! I guess I could go with it and look like this instead of flat ironing everyday..........

The possibilities............

Of course, if I were to cut my hair..... I'd have to wait until The SM went out of town and then blame the wood stove for burning off my hair again.... I wonder when he is leaving next...........


  1. Or! Just surprise him with a hot outfit to finish the "new you" look. Candles and romantic or racy music helps set the mood. . .

  2. DO IT!! Long hair is over-rated! I joined the short hair club last week! But you've got great hair no matter what. I love the curly hair.

  3. Sarah's right. You can get away with any haircut, as long as the SHOES are right!

  4. That's funny. I'm dying to do the opposite. I'm DETERMINED to go long. We'll see how it turns out!

  5. ROFL!!! That made me crack up blaming the wood stove for having to get a hair cut Hee Hee :-)

    Oh for some natural curl....isn't is always the way, we are never happy with what we have. I must say though that ever since I made my hair into dreads I LOVE IT!! So easy when you have to walk out the door, just spray to dampen and away you go. The maintenance in between does take a bit of time but I can do it at home so no more trips to the salon. Now just have to do something about all the silver streaks ;-)

  6. Oh, blah-blah-blah - but your hair off again and I'll punch you. And Brian won't blink an eye if I do. Tell you what - we'll trade: I'll have the thick, sexy, romantic, gorgeous head of hair and you'll have the fine, thin, whispy, dead-straight, lank, clumpy, turns into oily if you look at it head of whispy, thready nothing.

    You people who have everything are so hard on us dreary little losers.

  7. Oooohhh la, la! I think the platinum one is the way to go! ;)Or hey, how about bald? Then you wouldn't have to worry about long or short, straight or curly...

  8. My dear, you would look beautiful bald. Go for what blows your hair back. HAHA. Just do what makes you feel good. Just do what you want. The SM will love you no matter what hair style you have, I am sure on this.

  9. I'm confused. Don't you already have short hair??? (Amen to K)

  10. Hair, I have thoughts about it. I went short once, when Eldest was a baby, thinking that it would be WAY easier. And it was, until I discovered that it required frequent trips to the hair salon to *keep* it easy. I don't do hair salons well, and certainly not frequently. So long it grew. Longer and longer. Then I let the natural curl emerge. Cuz I just don't spend ANY time at all on my hair. I sometimes wonder if I'm one of those folks that people would love to get a hold of and do a makeover intervention.

    Your hair is gorgeous. And go with where your whim carries you. Hair is neat like that - it can grow back.

  11. I second Kristen's comments about your quite INCREDIBLE hair. Some of us have to deal with thin aging hair and so we have to keep it short, but you have luscious stuff and you really ought to appreciate the gift by letting it sway, in all it's glory.

    Those are my thoughts on the subject.

    The photos were pretty funny.

  12. I think you should go with the curly...


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