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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Little Ladies

The other day as I was sitting outside in the shade of our aspen trees, I looked over and saw this:

Heny Penny and Ruth


  1. aaawwwww! cutie little neighborhood best friends!!!

  2. Wow. Henny suddenly looks - not like a little kid. She looks like a girl. A real girl. I think I want to sit down and hold a chicken for a while. just a little while.

  3. so beautiful! just so so so beautiful.

  4. The shiner was just temporary--looks like her tender heart is forever.

  5. Hanna, We'll have to put together some play dates. Next thing we know, my hens will be wanting to have late nights with yours. :D

    Kristen, She's growing up on me. I'm trying to get her to stop but nothing I do works so far. You can come and sit and hold our ladies anytime you want!

    Jody, She is. Inside and out.

    Anaise, Thank goodness bumps and bruises are temporary or as an adult I'd look a mess! All the bumps and bruises I got growing up....... Her heart really is tender. For that, I am grateful.

  6. What beautiful pics. It's great having such a photogenic subject.

  7. Chastina, She is very photogenic! Several of The Natives are. Makes it nice and easy for great photo taking.


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