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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Baby Girl Please!

Pattern for hoodie can be found here.

Now do you see why my niece has to have a baby girl???  Come on Mae Mae!  Auntie Madussa's  innards are dying for you to have a baby girl!!

I used Plymouth Encore DK sock yarn for this sweater. (Or jumper if you are Jenni.)

Wait until you see the leg warmers I'm making to go with!


  1. Oh Rachel it's gorgeous and so tiny - love it!

  2. I would consider having another baby if it was a guaranteed girl just so she could wear this. SO CUTE!

  3. Button-cute. See? Julie the knitting maven loves it - so you are BRILLIANT!!!! (no surprise here)

  4. Love the jumper mention :-) That is adorable I am going to have to make idea who for but it is to cute not too!

  5. Julie, Thank you! Coming from you that means a lot!!

    Gerb, There is boy yarn...... I could make one in boy yarn. :D

    Korrie, Thank you! Is it considered work if we enjoy what we're doing?

    Kristen, I know! That Julie likes it makes me do a jig.

    Chastina, Everything is cute when it is small. My baby sis used to joke about that with shoes. Cute shoes when they are little. Not so much when that same cute little shoe turns into a size 9 or 10.

    Jenni, :D I had to reference the jumper. Better post photos when you make this! I don't know who mine is going to either but I just had to make it.

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. SWOON! Even if I have a boy, I still want it! I'll have a girl someday- Just to be able to wear that!

  7. FABULOUS! It's fab all on its wonderful own, but matching leg warmers???? Swooning.

  8. Love it. ALMOST makes my uterus want another...but then again it would more than likely be a boy. So I think I will just stick to loving it from afar. ;)

  9. I continue to be amazed! And leg warmers? Maybe it is just me, but it doesn't look that girly to me...oranges and maroons...could be a boy...
    Leg warmers, not so much!

  10. How gorgeous Rachel!! Too beautiful!

  11. Mae Mae, Told ya you're havin' a girl.... I ordered her just especial for you. :D

    Wabi, The pattern doesn't call for leg warmers but I've another and can't resist.

    Nat, I know how that goes..... poor Henny Penny.....

    Donna, The colors are more of a coral than orange. Hard to get the right colors in the photo. Definetly a girly yarn and yes, leg warmers with a big ol' ruffle on the bottom.

    Linda, Thank you!!!

  12. Sooooo stinking cute! This plus matching leg warmers makes even me want to have another baby girl!

  13. Julie, Well, what are you waiting for???? :D


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