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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Topaz Mountain Part 2

After much climbing and searching, Mr. T made a find.

Not what we'd originally been looking for but a find never the less.

And then it was lost.

It was so funny watching Mr. T trying to find and catch lil' lizard on his back. Twisting this way and that like a puppy trying to catch his tail.

Mr. J wanted to hold it so it was transferred to his little hands where it promptly jumped off.

Recaptured, it was entertainment for quite some time for the little ones.

The SM cooking us some beef stew for lunch.

The SM is a pretty handy man to have around. He can not only cook us a yummy lunch butt he can also take care of what happens after lunch.

It's the law of physics don'cha know. The SM is good at dealing with the law of physics.

Lunch over with, The Native's went back to digging around. Mr. B said he'd found a big piece of topaz and it was going to take him awhile to dig it out.

I can see what he means........

Yup. It is going to take him a long time to dig it out.

At this rate, he'll be here all day and night! Nothing like a little after lunch siesta......

"Look at my cute little pet snake"! We hear Levi yell this to us. Both The SM and I yelled at him not to touch it. Mr. T jumped up and ran like sixty to Levi to make sure the snake wasn't a poisonous snake.

Not poisonous but disgusting all the same. Be proud of me for getting this close to get a shot of it. Shudder.......

The storm clouds move closer and closer....... the day starts to come to a close. The Native's load up all of their topaz they've found along with some sticks and a whole lot of dust and we begin the drive back home.

Happy day. The one thing I didn't get any photos of........ The Native's topaz.

I'm lame like that.


  1. WONDERFUL. We sat around the living room here in Santa Fe and read it all together out loud. And you just hada work the word "butt" in there somehow, didn't you? I want to go back there. I just wish somebody would build a bathroom at least somewhere. You find a bush, and inevitably, you see the flash of light coming off somebody's binoculars on some ridge . . .

    By the way - this was really funny and charming.

  2. Funny, just as I was reading you packed up all the topaz you found, I was wondering how I missed those pictures....oh, next sentence explains all! Fun day....wonderfully shared.

  3. Kristen, Part three will be about the sacred pooping grounds. :D You know I put that 'butt' in there just for you....

    Donna, Yeah. I kinda forgot. Our adventure ended on a bit of an emergency note so the camera was put away.... our dog got hurt. I'll post that in part three. If I ever get around to it...

    I tried commenting on your blog but yours is one I can't comment on! I get so ticked at blogger sometimes!!!! Grrr.

    This is what I tried to post: Oh my goodness! Look at you woman! So talented and creative and THANK YOU for helping me out with the owl and ghost which now I'm feeling silly about. It seems so obvious now........

    Your work is delightful!

    Yes yes yes let's put up a shop together with Kristen. What shall we call it eh? "How I 'felt' about 'knitting'... and other sorts of...." what ever else it is we do. :D

  4. I think taking a picture of a SNAKE probably broke the camera lens! I thought this was a friendly blog. You should warn people before your post such pictures!

  5. I'm so glad that wasn't a poisonous snake. What a fun day.

  6. That day just seems . . . so . . . peaceful and happy and . . . good.

  7. I love that shot of Mr B hee hee caught out big time! Looks like it was the best time. Oh and I felt the tears for the loss of lizard, I have been there/done that :-)

  8. Rachel- Some really good pictures here. The little lizard is cute also. Having boys means a whole different world of pass times, eh? Hugs to you!

  9. Korrie, Pretty brave of me huh! If that thing had made even the slightest notion that he might move..... I'd have been leaping over mountains to get out of it's way. Shudder. I hate snakes... In MY world.... :D

    Chastina, Me too! The boy has no understanding of these sort of things.

    Anaise, It was just that and I didn't want to come home. I wished we could have stayed a few days. Just us. Alone. Spending time together.

    Jenni, I'm sorry. No loss of tears for lost lizards here. It's a reptile there for it is disgusting and shouldn't be on this earth! I laughed so hard when I saw Mr. B. When he woke up and I was standing there with the camera, I wish I'd have gotten the sheepish look on his face!

    Jody, Lizards aren't cute. Having boys means a whole lot of outings that I would never have thought of but I'm glad for the boys because we've had a great time what ever it is we're doing.

  10. Brave? Pffft. Come on and admit used a telephoto lens to get the pic of that snake. ;)

  11. Nat, You are evil! Pointing out my tricks. ;)

  12. Butt. Too funny!!! Travelling with rolls of toilet paper, a country living sort of thing, I think. My husband often has a roll perched right up on the dashboard of the old truck. There for all to see. Personally, I think he shouldn't flaunt this very glamorous and dignified life we lead.

    What beautiful travels!

  13. Wabi, That is too funny because that is exactly where ours was. I finally moved it after that trip. It was just a bit red neck. It is now behind one of the seats on a pocket.

  14. Very cool shots of the snake and I believe it's a "blow snake" using the nomenclature of survival instructors from the 1970s. I used to wear those snakes when I hiked in the desert. They are actually rather friendly.

    The teensy little lizard was precious. Your kids are real naturalists.

    I've taken my kids out to Topaz Mt. and it's a fun place to poke around, despite the bleak and barren look as you're driving up.

    It's been at least ten years since I've been out that way. Glad to see it once again via your fabulous photos.

  15. Ginger, Oh my goodness! Only you. There is no way in heck I'd wear any kind of snake around my neck! Yes, The Native's are naturalists. I try to be...... but nature doesn't come naturally to me like it does to my kids. I'm glad that Henny Penny isn't afraid of snakes like I am. It really is unreasonable my fear, but it is a fear never the less.


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