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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Topaz. The end. Cuz It's Getting Creepy

Mr. B is into rock climbing.  He has been for over a year now and goes several times a week.  When ever he goes, I hold my breath and pray he comes home in one piece without his brains bashed in.

There is of course an easier way to climb up but...... being the climber that Mr. B is.......

Mr. M and Mr. T have found natural lazy boy recliners in the flow of the lava rock.

I think the rock swirls here at Mr. B's feet are cool looking.

He made it!  Feeling quite manly while he's at it I'm sure........

Mr. T wants a go of it while the rest of The Native's and The SM explore the top of the lava flow.  They took the more natural route up. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.................  Mr. M continues to kick back and eat cookies whilst the rest of the troops explore.  And this, is right when all photos of found topaz were forgotten to be taken because it was then, that I looked down the mountain and saw that our little white dog was hurt.  Badly.  I took off and yelled at The SM to help the little ones down as I was abandoning ship and jumping into troubled waters to rescue said white rat.

Yes, I call this dog the white rat.  I am holding her here as her poor little back leg is trembling, her heart is beating like sixty, and her eyes are rolling around in pain.  She'd walked through a fire ant pile and one had embedded itself in between the pads of her little paw and was biting her repeatedly.  I had to use tweezers to get the dang thing out.  Her little paw was bright red and she was in a great deal of pain. 

Thankfully, we brought our first aid kit with us so we had tweezers and some essential oils to put on the spot and then I rubbed her ears and face with lavender to help her relax and calm down.  It took her most of the trip home before her little heart beat started to slow down and her leg quit shaking.  By the time we got home a few hours later, she was able to walk on her leg, albeit a bit stiffly, and by the next morning she was fine.

So THAT is why there are no pictures of The Native's and their topaz finds and now for the creepy part.

I posted Part Two of this post and then and clicked over and read the news and this was the top headline for the day!!!  TOTALLY CREEPY!!!  Glad we only found topaz...........

The End!!  Thank goodness...........


  1. yikes! I"m glad you guys weren't famous . (for finding remains- not a thing you want to be famous for!)

  2. Creepy indeed. And I'm very glad the boys didn't discover the stuff. And that all Daph discovered was a lesson in natural consequences. And that you're home safe. A nd that B didn't fall on his head.

  3. Goodness yes it could have been a lot worse than just the fireant episode! The natives looked like they were having a great time :-)

  4. Thanks goodness none of you had to endure such a find. How horrible. Glad to see you are out and about my dear. Hugs!

  5. Marseille, No one wants to be famous for finding something like that. I'd have nightmares for life!

    Kristen, Amen. Amen. Amen. And Amen!

    Jenni, The Native's really did have a good time. I'll take fireants anyday over what they are finding out there right now.... I'm sure the white rat would beg to differ beings as she was the one who got hurt but in her good dog heart of hearts...... being mans best friend..... I'm sure she would feel the same if she understood.

    Jody, It's been a sad mess of a story. I do hope they find her body so her family can have closure. I'm just glad we didn't find it!

  6. I really glad you guys found something. I'm SUPER glad it was only topaz, lizards and snakes.

    Poor, Daphne, aka- white rat. Poor puppy probably didn't know what the heck was happening.

  7. Nat, In my opinion, finding lizards and snakes was creepy enough.

    I felt terrible for Daphney! Talk about painful!

  8. No. No - it is BEYOND creepy. But, beyond creepiness aside, what a cool place! I want me a lava rock recliner.

  9. Wabi, The swirls of rock were so cool! While I was taking care of business in the sacred pooping grounds I took a gazillion photos of the lava flow. It was so funky.

  10. So when are you going to post the pictures of the gemstones?!! We did go to TOPAZ mountain, didn't we? Or are you trying to avoid comprimising our safety by exposing our newly acquired wealth?

  11. My friend was stricken with hundreds of fire ant bites because she stepped on their home by mistake. We were in a very public place (a dirt parking lot where everyone was getting into their vehicles) and she tore off her pants in two seconds flat. Next went her garments and we brushed tons of those little buggers off of her. Didn't do much to help her to like Puerto Rico where we were vacationing. I should have rocked her and applied lavender oil. Oh well.

    I'm sending her to your post.

  12. Brian, I never took any photos!!!! Don't want anyone to know........ :) Ya know....... You just blew my cover!

    Ginger, Are you serious!!!?? I shouldn't laugh but the thought of you two ladies ripping off your friends pants and unders trying to get those suckers off in public and the screaming and jumping around.... It's not funny. Really!! I'm cringing and laughing at the same time.


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