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Sunday, June 26, 2011


The long awaited moment.  The moment you have all been waiting for!  The debut of our new baby chicks!

Isn't he just adorable?  We were told that chicks need to be left in the house for about six weeks before they can go outside.  In the evenings, they need a heat lamp. 

We decided on a more modern breed.  Instead of a heating lamp, some Wii nun chucks.

Isn't this just the most adorable chick you've ever seen??  AND!!!  It's potty trained!

Drum roll please...... Our little ladies have arrived.  As is the case with just about everything I do, not without a story.  Allow me a moment to tell.

But before I do, notice anything funky about one of our little ladies?

Now?  Hideous isn't she?  I can't believe I let the chicken seller guy talk me into getting a bare neck chicken.  Her name is Milly.  Milly is short for 'Mahana you ugly' (From the film Johnny Lingo).  The chicken guy said she'd be a conversation piece.  I don't know about that but I will tell you, Levi picked her out and she is his. 

Hi!  My name is Alice.  I am very content to spend hours sleeping on Henny Penny's lap.

The story:  Once upon a time, there was an old lady who lived with a lot of shoes and didn't know what to do.  One day, she decided she wanted chickens.  Three years she waited and when this year came around, she declared it thus, this was the year of the chickens!

This is Ruth, or as Mr. J says...... Roof.

She was told by many that when she got the baby chicks they would need to be in the house for six weeks in a box under a heat lamp.  Being told thus, she figured that not having a chicken coop wasn't a problem.  In the six weeks that the baby chicks would be inside, the old lady and her sexy scout master could build the chicken coop she'd dreamed up.

This little lady is named Liza.  Mr. M calls her Lizzy.

The day arrived.  The sexy scout master was off with....... the scouts camping.  The little old lady hopped in her car and took off to chicken land.  When she arrived, she was told by the head chicken honcho that no, she didn't want new baby chicks.  She only wanted hens, beings as she lives in town and isn't allowed to have a rooster unless she wants the constable breathing down her neck.  Little baby chicks have to be pullets before you can tell if they be hes or shes. 

The little old lady picked out the chickies she wanted and headed home but not before calling her mother to let her know what she wanted sung at her funeral.  The little old lady knew that when the sexy scout master got home from his camping trip and saw the chickens and not baby chickies, feathers were going to hit the fan. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT THEM????  No hen house..... minor detail.

The little old lady thought of all sorts of ways she could soften the blow.  Hide the chickies.  Nope.  That wouldn't work.  Stand in high heels with nothing else on but the chickies tied together making a feather boa.  Nope.  Not worth it........ 

The SM drove up and the little old lady grabbed the first chickie she could and with a brave face went to meet her doom.  She failed to notice she'd grabbed the one that looks like a vulture......  it didn't help her cause.  Where in the world did she dredge up that thing?  What was it?  A turkey?  Did she catch a wild baby turkey?

Reality television at its best.

I have bragged many a time on this here blog about what a saint The SM is.  The end of this story is proof.  I'm still here to tell the tale and the chickies are stashed in the rabbit hutch until their high rise pent house can be built....... 

Milly and Levi

We've six little ladies.  When I called my baby sis and told her we needed to come up with some names, she had a fabulous idea.  The names are:

Alice and Henny Penny

Milly, Dorcas, Ruth, Liza, Sarah, and Alice.

Here's a hint as to where the names came from. If we had seven...... the seventh would be named Martha. If we had seven...... we'd have to find seven brothers.

The End!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sweater

Can you still call it a sweater if you make it to curl up in it like a blanket with a good book on a chilly evening?  Because that is why I made this particular sweater.  It's big, bulky, slouchy, a hoodie, and down right comfy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's Waldoofus

Dear Mum,

It's only been a few weeks since school was let out for the summer.  It feels like it has been months.  Having Levi home from school has been hard.  He misses school and is out of sorts.  I'm trying to keep up. 

Projects aren't going according to plan.  When do they ever?  I know.  I'm back to not letting Levi out of my sight for two seconds and when I do for one reason or another, the neighbors are either calling or coming over to let me know that Levi is into trouble again.  I've no idea what I would do without my good neighbors.  I am truly blessed.  I honestly think it is going to take a village to raise and keep Levi alive.  I just hope I'm still alive to see it happen!

We've been spending some time at the local swimming pool.  Levi loves and thrives in the water.  A bit too much.  Last time he was repeatedly scolded for going down the water slides head first.  The poor life guards don't know what to make of Levi.  After me talking to him and trying to explain to him why he can't, I think he's got it....... we'll see next time we go. 

All of the other Native's are doing well.  They are finding that mum making them read for an hour a day isn't so painful after all. 

I've just about got a sweater finished that I've been knitting for a few months.  Just knitting the pockets and will sew them on.  When I do, I'll post photos.  I do believe I just might actually keep this one and not rip it all out and re-do!  A tender mercy.

Well, Levi has just informed me that the toilet he has been flushing (I don't want to know what toy has now been sent to the city.......) won't flush and is 'flowing'.  Time to once again get out the plunger and plunge my sanity down the toilet along with what ever else Levi has tried to flush.

Doofus AKA Fungus

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yum! And Simple/Easy Too!

I know if I show a picture of a to die for EASY TO MAKE dinner, I better share the recipe. Since I am all kinds of wonderful, I will.


Wake up and have a craving for something barbecued. (Okay, flavored.... I don't know how to use the grill.)  Go to your freezer and find a big chunk of meat. Throw it in a crockpot. Go and find a recipe and realize you don't have any of the ingredients. Go to Cost-Co and buy red potatoes and carrots. Call your friend on the way home asking if you can have some Dr. Pepper because you don't drink any and don't want to buy a whole six pack of the stuff. You just want one can! Since one of your Native's is at her house playing, ask her to send that Native home and dump in the Dr. Pepper in the crockpot on top of the meat.

Come home and start to mix the barbecue sauce ingredients. Realize that you should have bought more ketchup. Coax what little ketchup you can out of your almost empty container. Jump up and down trying to shake out the last little itty bitty drop. Grab some Worcestershire sauce and realize you've made the same mistake. Add extra bottled barbecue sauce to compensate.

Throw the wet ingredients  and veggies on top of the meat in crockpot only to have it fill to over flowing and not fit because every recipe has to be doubled/tripled with all of the Native's that  you feed. Go and grab a roaster pan and dump all contents in the crockpot plus the extra sauce in said roaster pan and pop it all into the oven where it sits and cooks for several hours.

See? Very simple!

I just love simple recipes. Makes my life so much easier......... pant pant..........

The real recipe:
6 small red potatoes, cut into quarters
6 med. carrots,cut into 1-inch pieces
4-5 lbs. meat (Doesn't matter what kind. I used pork.)
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 bottle (28 oz.) barbecue sauce
1 Cup ketchup
1 Cup cola
2 TBL. Worcestershire sauce

Throw it all in a crock pot, cover and cook on low for 8-9 hours. Serves 8

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We've gone to the quacks!

We're babysitting this week. This little ducklings momma and siblings were attacked by a dog. This one was rescued just before it suffered from the same fate.

It's family is out of town for a week so we are babysitting. The Native's have been carrying it around for hours everyday. It really is quite cute and when you put it in the tub or pool, it dashes and dives about, and leaves us all giggling.

Levi begs to hold it all of the time and with supervision is able to. One day, one of his brothers helped him take it out to the pool. The older brother didn't realize he needed to stay with Levi and supervise. I was sitting in the house and seeing the older brother in the house and not with Levi I ran outside in a panic. None too soon. Poor little duckling was bedraggled and shaking unable to walk. I feared the worst. Broken legs maybe and soon to follow dead duckling......?

I wrapped the duckling in a towel, heated up a bean/rice bag and proceeded to dry off and warm up the duckling all the while saying multiple prayers.

Happy ending. Duckling is still alive and thriving. No broken legs and doesn't seem the worse for the repeated dunking Levi put it through.

The ducklings family get home tomorrow. Just in time for us to get our own........ baby chicks! The SM begins the work on the building of the chicken coop this week! Praying that chickens are as hearty as this little duckling when it comes to Levi...........

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's summer break. School is out. Translation: Levi is no longer in school for several hours a day so I am on high alert all day. Not much time to blog or read other's blogs even though I've much to talk about........ like Levi's latest. Ripping up every shred of newspaper he can find and leaving it all over the house and yard.......... And I don't even subscribe to a newspaper! But the postman makes up for that with all sorts of newspaper ads almost everyday and what Levi doesn't find in our own mailbox....... he finds in others.........

The Native's think I am hateful and punishing them.  I told them that they had to read for an hour a day which normally isn't hard as we are all book lovers in this house but...... here's the kicker....... I told them for that hour they had to read a book from a list I have.  The rest of the time they read they can read from what ever other books they get from the library.

Mr. T had his underpants in a real twitch last night as he went stomping off.  Great!  Now reading becomes a punishment.  That list of books is old!  That list was published clear back in the 1980's! The only good book on that list is the "Lord of the Rings" books.  Guess I'll just read "Lord of the Rings" all summer!  (Can you just hear me giggling at this point?  More like an evil cackle.)

It's a list of classics, good literature, no twaddle, books that have substance/meat to them and don't talk down to the reader as most books of today do.  Dumb down books.  And....... the first publishing was in the 1980's CLEAR BACK IN THE OLDEN DAYS but it has been revised and lo and behold, there just happens to be some books on there that are more recent that, well, okay, maybe this isn't such a stupid list after all. There might be a book or two that Mr. T can endure the summer with.........

I love it when I'm right.  Punks!