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Monday, March 19, 2012

Levi is a TEN!

Levi's party.  We took him to "Chuck-E-Cheese".  Land of arcade games and cheap horrible tasting pizza.  (Secret:  I like the pizza.  The SM being from Chicago land of real pizza finds this piece of information disappointing.)

There's entertainment.  A stage is set up with robotic characters that talk and sing.  When we sat down, several of The Native's said they didn't want to sit there because those things were freaky!  I agreed.  But made them sit there anyway.

Arcade games means tickets.  Put in a token, play the game, and out pops tickets.  Tickets are good.  We want lots and lots of tickets for prizes later.

Levi and Mr. J's friend wasn't about to let his tickets out of his sight.

Mr. B is showing all of the tickets he is winning by giving us 'the smolder'...........

Another of Levi's friends.  When we asked Levi who he wanted to come to his party he said, "Mr. B, Mr. D., and Cocoa......... their dog.........  Mr. B and Mr. D came, Cocoa had to stay home.  We told Levi Cocoa's mom wouldn't let her come play.  Way better to put the blame on the neighbor.....

The Native's watching the 'freak show' up on the stage..........

Tokens.  The Native's and Levi's friends each got 40 tokens to go and play on the arcade machines with.  Here's where you all get teary eyed and get out your tissues.  Levi's siblings decided to put all of their tickets together that they'd won and give them all to Levi.

Do you blame them?  How can anyone resist this freckly faced, shirt on backwards, cute little boy?  We can't!  We don't even try.  It's impossible!

Here's "Chuck" himself.  I'm going to call him "Chump".  I got kinda mad at him but thought I'd keep it to myself.  When several of The Native's came up to me and felt the same way.....  I knew I wasn't over reacting because we all know, I don't over react to anything!

Henny Penny...........  still watching 'those freaky things'!

See the freaky things on the stage behind "Chump"?  I know, hard to see them because we are all looking at Levi who is up dancing with "Chump-Cheese".  Everyone is looking except "Chump-Cheese" who didn't acknowledge Levi the entire time we were there...........  Okay, so here's the deal.  "Chump-Cheese" comes out and talks to and sings with and dances with kids who are having birthdays..........  WHO RESERVE A PARTY THERE!  There was a child there who had reserved a party the table next to ours.  "Chump-Cheese" came out and stood in front of the this kids table and does 'his thing'.  Only, it's also Levi's party and considering how much we paid to be there.......... heaven forbid we didn't get 'the party package'........  we had already took out a second mortgage on the house for what we paid for.........  So, "Chump-Cheese" does his thing and as I said, didn't acknowledge Levi for one second.  Levi waved to him, he stood there and smiled at him, he went up and danced next to him............  nothing.  No high five........ nothing.  I WAS SO TICKED!

After "Chump-Cheese" left to mingle with other kids (completely ignoring Levi as he walked past him) to mingle with the kids out in the arcade, Henny Penny and some of the other Native's came up to me and said, "That is so sad....... he ignored Levi"!  Yeah.  We were all a little upset.  All because we didn't have a 'reserved' sticker on our table..........

Whew!  Glad I got THAT out of my system...........  Let's all just take a deep breath and have a drink.

Mr. B followed Levi around the whole time helping Levi play games.

Mr. M winning more tickets for Levi.  It's a tough job winning so many tickets as you can see.

Mr. B, Levi's friend is ready to go and cash in his tickets.  Wait till you see what he got with his......

But first......... check out Mr. J.  He's having a hard time winning tickets too as you can see.

And don't ask me what this is..........

I don't even want to think about the germs that are in that thing with so many kids putting their heads under that!

More ticket winning..............

The SM.............. showing love and affection............

Scarf Kid with the freak show behind him.  "Thanks mom"!  He says to me when I giggle because of the background.

Don't these kids just look miserable winning tickets?

The prize that was chosen.  Mr. B wanted a sucker.  He worked on that thing all night.  I wonder how many days it lasted.....

Mr. D shooting hoops.

Mr. B and Mr. T figured out how to cash in big time getting tickets from this game.

The man of my dreams, the man who rocks my world, the man who fills my dreams, the man who keeps us all afloat, The SM.

Time to cash in the tickets!  All of the siblings come together and Levi starts to feed tickets into the ticket counting machine.

And he keeps feeding..........

And feeding................

Hey!  Did you know if you pull on a stink pot's ear his blue tongue pops out?

And keeps feeding....................

One thousand one hundred and one tickets!  I'm sure some math teacher some where will tell me I just typed that number wrong........

First item chosen..........  any guesses??  A gum ball machine.  Did you really think the gum ninja would pick something else???

So much to choose from.  After the gum ball machine was chosen, who cares about the rest of the tickets!

Back home for cake and ice cream.  Don't be makin' fun of the candles.  The Mum has a habit of forgetting to buy birthday candles.  Birthday candles are highly over rated.........

The first cut!  Birthday child always gets to cut the cake and gets the first piece.

This is for this child's mother.  Notice the frosting up in his hair.

Mr. J is checking out the art work.

Now THAT is a Mr. B smile if ever I saw one.  You have to know the child but this is a signature smile.

Present time!  I promise!  It was wrapped!  Levi unwrapped it before I got a picture taken.....  it has NOTHING to do with the fact that all of his gifts from us were wrapped in left over Christmas wrapping paper........  nothing.......

Oh yeah baby!  Water balloons.  What could be better than balloons?  Water balloons!!

Gifts from Levi's friends.  A rubber alligator.

And gum.  It wouldn't be a Levi party without gum.

Henny Penny made this herself.  It is so cute.  She took an old spice jar and filled it with glitter and water.  A snow globe!

McDonald's money from grandpa and grandma!

Finally!  A new wagon.  Haven't had Levi wagon pulling photos for a long time.  Not since the first wagon got busted and the one after that.  We're hoping this one lasts a bit longer............

And back to the rubber alligator................  for the birthday boy with blue frosting on the front of his backwards shirt.  Happy Birthday Levi!  We all love you so much!!


  1. It looks like Levi had so much fun! I love Mr. B's signature smile.

    1. See! It is a signature smile isn't it!

  2. Looks like fun! I have to agree that those gigantic robots are quite freaky... :P Those natives are great. I'll bet Levi loooved his birthday!

    1. I know! They making clicking noises as they jerk around and move! Levi did love his party. He had a really good time.

  3. So much to say, but I have to go to choir practice now....I'll get back to you.

  4. What an awesome Birthday!!!!!!! Makes me wanna be a kid again!

    1. What?? We grew up? We're not kids anymore?? I'm complaining to who ever is in charge!!!!

  5. Whew! What a party! Happy Birthday to Levi!!!!

    1. He's never had a birthday party with friends so this being his first, yeah, it was pretty awesomely big!

  6. Miss that kid! We had a special bond.

    1. You could get that bond back ya know..... wink wink..... if you move back.......... wink wink.

  7. OK. I'm back. Here goes:
    1. Love the tie-dye t shirt!
    2. Sibling love = 1101 tickets and a gumball machine!
    3. Chump E. = 'borrow' the reserved sign from the next table!
    4. Mr. B. = smoldering tenderhearted cowboy
    5. SM does a fine smolder his own self
    6. Did you make the cute blue cake?
    7. Is that a pumpanator for the water balloons?

    That's all for now. :-)

    1. 1. We had a tie-dye party and Mr. J made that! A lady who does tie-dye professionally came and helped us.

      2. They are pretty amazing siblings. They adore Levi bunches.

      3. Why didn't I think of that!!!

      4. He really is tenderhearted. He doesn't want others to think/know it because he's a teenager but he's always been very tender.

      5. Deliciousness! Slurp!

      6. Cost-Co made it. :D I'm not allowed to make/decorate cakes anymore because they turn out looking like monster trucks driving around in throw up. True story!

      7. YES!!! It is!! You're good!

  8. water balloons aren't loud when they pop, so they are better than regular balloons! 40 tokens per kid?! The 2 times we've gone, we've gotten 25 total & felt like we were there f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Maybe because our boys only like 2 games: skee ball & basketball w/an occasional ride. And you are right, the pizza isn't bad.

    1. Exactly! Water balloons don't make a loud cover your ears sound when they pop. Way better than balloons. Especially when you fill them with shaving cream or paint. :)

      Yeah. We had coupons and so we got mega amounts of tokens along with the pizzas. It did take forever! But The Native's all had fun.

      Yes! Another crappy pizza lover! :D

  9. What a fabulous place to have a party! How much fun did they all have and I was really touched by the natives giving Levi all their sweet. You really have done a great job (and are doing) with your kids. I loved the blue icing all over the place, gotta love that food colouring :-) We are having another party at the pool next Wednesday but this time as the kids are younger I am going to have to get in too. I hope it has stopped raining by then!

    1. A party at a pool sounds pretty darn good about now. Especially if there is no rain, blue sunny skies, and warm temps. Sounds pretty delightful!

  10. Very cute cake. I'm usually good for a few candles. After years of forgetting them, I've finally gotten so that I buy more than I need every time.

    1. I'll remember that next time! :) Because there will be a next time I'm sure considering my track record.

  11. You were right about the pictures of my Mr. B. Love them and him. Now I have proof he is one of THEE messiest eaters I know. Good grief! Pizza hanging out of his mouth and frosting from heck to breakfast!
    I am thrilled Levi liked the alligator. Thank you for inviting my natives along to celebrate Levi's special day.

    1. We love your Mr. B. Mess from heck to breakfast and all. :D Thank YOU for letting us steal some of your natives.

    2. P.S. Levi is walking all over with his alligator this morning. :D

  12. Oh, happy, happy belated birthday, Levi!!!!!! And way to celebrate!

    Rachel, I am creeped out by the freaky things just from the photos. Actually they remind me of a theme park we've been to, where the characters are garish, chipped, neglected, and downright creepy. And I am SO ticked off at that Chump-Cheese! How heartless. Inhuman, even for a...a...what the heck IS he?? A schmuck, that's what. But I can see that Levi totally stold the show. How could he not with such character, charm, and freckles? What a cutie!

    And I have totally done that with the birthday candles too.

    1. That makes me feel better, knowing I'm not the only one who always forgets the birthday candles. On a huge list of things to get ready....somehow it just never makes the priority.

      Levi did steal the show! He always steals the show in our hearts.

  13. Those thing creep me out, too. we haven't been back there since the first year they built it - yicky. But what a fun party. Blue icing. Nice. Very nice. And everything is right when there are tickets and prizes. I used to work with guys in suits at Six Flags - personality is not necessarily in the job description. HAPPY TEN, Levi!! Who woulda thought it had been this long?

    1. I'm just used to BYU's Cosmo........ the first job description when working with children should always be "IS FUN AND LOVES CHILDREN"! Disneyland ya know!? No one should be allowed to work in a place that is for children unless they are bubbly fun!


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