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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear ................

Dear Chickens,

So sorry the wind blew so hard it unplugged your red heating lamp last night.  You all seem to have survived the blizzard.  Jolly good.  Keep laying.  Business is business.  No hard feelings.  Chop chop!

Dear Dogs,

You DOGS!!  Thanks a lot for doing your business on the back patio instead of walking five extra feet out to the grass.  Made shoveling the patio extra fun flinging your tootsie rolls along with the snow.  Do it again and you're going to keep the chickens company.

Dear City Snowplow Driver,

As you passed by going like sixty down my street this morning I noticed something you might want to take note of.  The plow on the front of your truck works better when it is down.

Dear Kristen,

You picked a jolly good weekend to go down south where it is warm.  Whilst you're out sunbathing in your bikini it is subzero temperatures here and we're under six feet of snow.  No exaggerating!!!  Your horses say hello and want you to know that they are fat, warm, and sassy.  Yes, even the boys.

Dear Snow,

Where the heck have you been all winter??  It's been fun playing with you.  Even when the wind tried to blow me down the street while I was shoveling I still enjoyed playing with you.

Dear Hot Cocoa and Wood Stove,

I love you more than my luggage.




  1. snow? really? Six feet? really? I can't believe the state your in, no pun intended. It's in the 50's here. Tree's are budding and the spring flowers are peeking from their long winter's nap. Honey bee's are about and song birds have arrived. Oh how I LOVE an early spring!

    1. Okay, so maybe I might have exaggerated a eency weency bit...... BUT ONLY A TIDGE!!

  2. Okay - SANTA FE HAS SNOW. It SNOWS here. It's dang chilly, and we have taken our lives in our hands many times trying to make it to or from the air port. I am not in a bikini (shudder), or in the sun, neither. I am watching Winny ther Pooh with Max, shivering and hoping someone wants to make me dinner. So - you know-

    But without horses. So whatever I'm doing, it's nowhere near as dear as what you are doing.

    1. I just looked at and it says you are 80 degrees today. I adore Winnie -da- Pooh. I have to make my own dinner.

      Your comment isn't making me feel sorry for you...........

  3. I see you found your straw hat and overalls... ;)

  4. November- no snow.
    December- no snow.
    January- no snow.
    February- no snow.
    March- SNOW!
    Utah is a strange state.

    1. It's been a strange winter! I'm okay with it snowing at the beginning of March just please oh please don't snow in June!

  5. Dear Rachel,

    You are one spunky woman, full of charm and humour.

    I HATE those tootsie rolls. Dang dogs.

    1. Aww Claree! Shucks............. (blushing) :D

      Dang dogs is right. Lazy old biddies.

  6. Missed this one in the down computer days...
    You crack me up and I love Ouiser...
    It rained so hard here the other day that all the tootsie rolls are now melted into fertilizer...

    1. You must have some powerful rain! Ours never melt into anything!!! It's good for The Native's though. Saturday scoopin' of the poopin'.

      I love Ouiser too!


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