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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I know you're dying to know about my adventure I went on last week but before I post about that (I've a gazillion photos to go through) I want to post about some ninja activity that has been going on in the neighborhood.

You never know when a ninja is going to strike until it is too late.  A ninja has struck!  It's for Levi.  I wonder what it is...... only one way to find out.

We all stand around waiting.... the lid is carefully taken off and the shiny ninja capsule is opened.  A note!  What does it say??

Master Levi "Gum Ninja" Rubow.

It is with great pride that we, your fellow Gum-Ninjas, present
you with a new shirt.  You have celebrated a birthday and have
grown, master gum ninja.

We hope this shirt will bring you much joy.

Best wishes in your pursuit of gum and happiness.

Most sincerely,

A gum ninja wouldn't be a gum ninja without a weaponry of gum.

Lots of gum weaponry..........

I think Levi approves.

A uniform.  A gum ninja needs a uniform.  Especially when they grow out of their old one.

Drum roll.....................

The unveiling.............


"A new one!  It fits me Momma cuz I'm bigger"!

Thank you SLOGN's  (Secret League of Gum Ninjas)!!


  1. Holy balls of gum, Ninjaman! Who knew that Ninjas had such a sweet and thoughtful side. Levi is in good company in this league...and the shirt is perfectly perfect!

    1. This particular ninja is extra sweet. I happen to know who it is and though this ninja won't say for sure that she is the culprit.... I know it is her because I've got The Force! :)

      He loves this shirt and was upset when he'd grown out of his last so having a replacement is just perfectly awesome.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Isn't this a fabulous idea!? This is something you would do Jody!!

  3. Aw. Why didn't I do something like that. TOTALLY cool.

    1. Because you are busy doing other things that are TOTALLY cool!

  4. That kid's smile is so heart-warming.

    1. All because of a certain ninja. Wink wink!

  5. I think SLOGN (sloggin) has a nice ring to it. The head of SLOGN is a real keeper sending out gifts like that. I bet Levi was in heaven.

    1. The head of SLOGN needs to quit making me look so bad!!! :D Or keep doing what she's doing so I can continue to learn and follow what she does. She is a good leader. In many ways.


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