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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 2 Fall Break

Day Two:  Rainy.  Cold.  Wet.

A good day to be indoors.  Ice Skating!

Rules:  Run to truck so you don't get too wet.  Drive to rink.  Jump out of truck and run inside trying to stay as dry as possible in downpour of rain.  Don't want to be wet in cold ice skating rink.  Put on skates and skate for two hours.  Take off skates.  Run to truck and again try to stay as dry as possible.  Drive home.  Jump out of truck and race into house vying for favorite hot cocoa mugs.

Possibilities:  SM might put hot cocoa in blender which normally makes it taste even yummier.  SM might put in too much possibly making mess all over kitchen as blender explodes hot cocoa all over.

More possibilities:  Kitchen will be sticky mess if hot cocoa explodes.

More rain rules:  Rainy.  Cold.   Wet.

A good day to be indoors.  Movie watching and eating popcorn snuggling under quilts.

The End!

This is what happens when a Native grows up on roller blades.  Ice skating is nothing.  It comes naturally.  Naturally..... I didn't grow up on roller blades.  I look like an epileptic spaz when I try to skate.

These Natives make skating look too easy.

This Native spent the entire time dodging the camera.

Not this Native.

This Native.  But don't worry.  I get help later.  You'll see.

He's adorable and he knows it.

So's he.  Quite!  Adorable!

Henny Penny!

Levi is smiling.  I promise!  Either that or he is grimacing because I am in his face.......

Mr. B joined our day of fun for day 2.  He took over for a spell as you can see, helping Levi is hard on the lower back.

Remember that help I told you about?  Helping me get Mr. C to look at the camera?

It ended in this.  A tumble on the ice.  Much laughter.

Mr. B and Mr. T trying to teach The Scout Master how to skate backwards.  Fancy.  I spent the entire time trying to stay upright going forward!

Endearing.  Older brothers helping younger brothers.  Melty mommy heart moment.  Not too cool to be seen being an older brother in public.

More skating backwards.  Show off!

This photo turned out funky.  Mr. B is blurred to the left but I love how the center of the photo is of Mr. T and Mr. M holding and helping Mr. J.  Did you get all that?  All the Mr.s   Lots of Mr.s around these here parts........

This is what I spent my two hours primarily doing.  Reminded me of when I used to teach skiing.  I spent most of my time skiing backwards watching my students.   Question.  Is the walker for me or Levi?

P.S.  Hey Julie!  Notice anything??  On my hands???  Some deliciousness.

I remember too well when this little one was learning to walk.........

Hanging onto walls and furniture much like this............. sigh............


  1. I am not an ice skater. I can only kick with one foot so it gets tired pretty durn fast. I did take lessons once...about 6 of them and I still stand by my first statement....but I didn't fall and sprain my wrist like my friend did!
    Do you know how special it is that Levi is so very included in everything? You all are amazing...all of you.

    1. :) I didn't add the part in the story where I went ballistic red when they told me they were going to charge me extra for the walker for Levi. I went from calm to red in less than a second. It wasn't pretty. I don't get charged extra for bumper lanes or a ramp at a bowling alley for a handicapped child..... so because my child is handicapped and needs a walker I get charged extra?? I DON'T THINK SO! I'm still waiting for management to reply to my letter I sent them....

    2. That doesn't even make ANY sense! How is it costing them anymore? Goofballs. Do they not know how much trouble you could cause legally?
      I am just sitting here shaking my head because I can't really fathom all.
      Anxious to here what kind of reply you get....

    3. I could totally put the Disability Act on them......

    4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I just read your comment about the walker. And, um, WHAT????? You GO mama - advocate for your son. For ALL people. This sort of thing makes me seethe. (Have I ever mentioned that part of my weekday gig is to be an advocate for children and adults with disabilities?)

    5. I didn't know that you were an advocate for children and adults with disabilities. If I did..... I've forgotten. Yay! Someone else in my corner! I get so tired of fighting for EVERYTHING for my son.

  2. I am not a skater either, which makes me the only non-skater in this family of 7. Actually, the whole dang extended family skates too, so long as hockey sticks are involved. Even Littlest is a skater. She skates better than I do. She's three.

    You guys sure know how to spend a break!

    1. My boys play hockey out in the street with roller blades...... which then transfers easily to the ice. Stinkers. On the other hand, when I was teaching skiing lessons, I loved the kids who roller bladed because you use the same pressure in the snow boot as you do the roller blade. Those kids took to skiing so much easier.

    2. Skiing - I don't do that either. But again, the rest of my crew does. Including Littlest. I am so lame. Oh wait! I *do* cross-country ski, but I'm assuming you're talking downhill skiing what with all of those incredible mountains around you.

    3. Yup! Downhill. The only kind. :D

  3. Good times and definite melty mommy heart moments. Good for you for getting out there on the ice too - I think I'd have been at the side with a hot chocolate, mind you, you are a lot more athletic than me and you look cool on skates Rachel! I did notice the hands (with a big smile) so nice to know they came in handy xxx

    1. :D The first thing we did when we got home was grab the hot chocolate!

      I love my fingerless mitts you made me. Several have tried to steal them from me including my sister!!! I tell them all I'll rip of their faces if they even think about it! :D

  4. Okay - so I can skate backwards. Or, more correctly- I have, in the past, been able to skate backwards. And once I skated on an actual pond in actual New England - for an MIA activity with my ward. Of course, my friend Kathy was out in the middle doing pirouettes and things - and I was doing the walker-form like Levi - but I was out there. There are sticks and things frozen into the surface of a pond. Did you know that? Complicates things. I love all of this - it would probably take me three hours to remember how to glide - then I'd fall and cut my own hand off with the blades. But thank you for taking me with you on this one - now I don't have to go for another ten years.

    1. Hahaha. You forget where I grew up! Oh don't I know how 'not' smooth a pond surface is!! Which is why I grew up ice skating but still can't can't ice skate. :D

  5. What fun! I went roller blading with my boys recently and my ankles have seized up. Still they were impressed that their mum could skate :-)

    1. I love it when the mum's impress. :) YES!!!!

  6. A ski instructor? Yet another side of Rachel Rubow!

    (Hope the blender survived.)

    1. Ha! Nothing can break the blender. :D The blender did survive and is way awesome. We still love it and use it all of the time! Helps that it is red........... ;)


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