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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Knit Pickin'

I had to post this photo of these socks for Miss Wabi.  She'd posted some on her blog (click here to see them.  Her photo is way better as it is featuring little gnome feet.) so yeah..... this is for you Wabi!

This is supposed to be a sleeve.  If all goes well.............. 
 Anyway!  It is that time of year.  That time crunch time when the holidays are fast approaching and all the time in the world that you thought you had to make home made gifts is running out and...

Front and back of what is hopefully going to be the sweater that the above sleeve will be attached to when I finish both sleeves.  That is the plan...........  me and plans........ we don't always go together accordingly.  I'll keep you posted.
 You wonder what in tarnation you were thinking because you do this ever. single. year!

I find it impossible to knit something without writing all over the pattern.  Can you??  If you can, how do you keep it all together?  I can't keep anything together!

Proof!!  I went to download photos of my knitting and found THIS!  Youngest native so excited about the tower he'd built apparently took my camera and documented it!  Only, his tower is blurry and my disgusting bathroom is in full focus.

This, my friends, is my life in a nutshell!  The once, your house is so clean you can eat off of your kitchen floor!!!!......... is now reduced to, (I'm yelling from another place in the house so this is why all caps) DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE SEAT BEFORE YOU SIT DOWN AND THERE ARE CLOROX WIPES ON THE BACK OF THE TOILET IF THERE IS A MESS FOR WHICH  I AM SORRY!  WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!  Oh, and while you're at it Cloroxing my toilet for me, can you just Clorox the entire bathroom?  Thanks for visiting me!  Come again soon!  GO CUBS!


  1. Squeeeeal! I love your socks. I need to make a pair for myself out of the same yarn. So cheery. And that sweater is going to be gorgeous! I'm very intrigued by the construction. It almost looks like it will have parts that lace up. I can't wait to see the finished project. And yes, it IS impossible to not scribble all over a pattern. My current project, which has been beyond taxing on my knitterly attention span, is covered with check marks, strike-throughs, and notes and STILL I get confused.

    Don't talk to me about housecleaning. My house was once clean and tidy, though now it feels more accurate to say that it was clean and tidy, once. Ha. (I'm tired and may not be making any sense.)

    1. This sweater, oh my word! I've had to rewrite the pattern step by step on another sheet of paper because I am having such a time following and figuring it out! If it does come together, it will be a miracle!

      HA! Yes, clean and tidy, once is more accurate for me too. It was before I had natives. Then I became outnumbered. Fast!

  2. All of that fancy knitting is like magic to me….and the very little knitting I have done has always had marks all over the pattern! Exactly like yours.


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