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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekly Letter From the Philippines!

Elder Rubow and his two 'brothers' he's grown to love over in the Philippines.  
 Transfers week!!  And it is going to be the hardest two transfers of my mission.  I am a trainer!  or here in the mission tatay.  My companion just arrived to the mission on thursday and it has been a roller coaster ever since.  My companion is elder -----------.  He is a Filipino and guess what, he cannot speak english or the mission language so President told me to teach him english.  whooo!  Im pretty stoked for that.  This last week went by very fast.  We are mostly focusing those investigators that are preparing for baptism.  We have two for this week and it should be awesome!  They are both very awesome and very close friends.  We have one more for the 29th of this month and we are hoping for up to 3-4 more for next month.  So yes things are going well.  I am so glad that I have this opportunity to be able to train this missionary.  Yes it will be challenging but we can do it.  so short letter for today.  Thanks for all you do!  you are a child of God. Yes we all do have trials but those are the true testing points so we can prove ourselves.  I love ya and  I hope to hear from you next week!

Elder Rubow

Elder Rubow and his new companion.


  1. Teaching English - it's a huge education. We don't think much about language - the way we don't think about where our tongue is when our mouth is closed, or what our toes are doing inside our shoes. But when you suddenly have to explain your language to someone whose world-view, whose sense of rhythm and whose ordering of the world (like ours is Someone does something to something) is very different - we begin to see how odd we are, to see the inner workings of our interface with this world. It will be a wonderful thing for Elder T to unravel his culture and perspective in this way. I envy him.

  2. It is a big deal. I can see in this weeks photos that his smile isn't quite reaching his eyes. Things are stressful for him. He has been out on his mission for a very short time, is still learning the language, and has been given a new companion to train who doesn't speak English or the language where they are living/serving in the Philippines. Which means, there is almost no communication between Trevor and his companion and communication between Trevor and the Filipino people where he lives is limited. My mommy heart sees these photos and knowing that challenges and hard things means, growth, is also hard to see. I think he is somewhat virtually alone not being able to communicate with his companion or the people very well yet. It speaks volumes that his president is making him a trainer and a senior companion already, but............. praying for my boy!!!!!

  3. It's funny how language can both contribute to isolation and decrease the same, depending on the circumstance. And it's so nuanced, the learning of language and the teaching of it, as K observed. Yes, it does speak volumes in terms of your son's capabilities. And I hear you on your concerns. Looks like you're on the same roller coaster as him.


    1. That is so true! I hadn't thought of it that way but yes, language does both contribute and isolate! It is a roller coaster but with that roller coaster is always the feeling of peace. A blessing.


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