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Monday, February 9, 2015

Philippines. And Pictures!

Crazy crazy week and the next one is going to be twice as crazy!  And I only have a few minutes to share it.  I am in my new area President Roxas in the jungle/ocean!  Love my new area a ton!  But it has its own challenges though such as distance.  The transportation is very limited and very expensive so we walk most of the time unless we catch the lucky bus going pass.  

We also have boats because we get to travel to a bunch of islands which is way fun!  I love the ocean and the mountains so now I have both!  I am still district leader and I am finishing the last 6 weeks of another missionary. That has been going alright but other than that nothing has changed much in that aspect.

Elder Rubow and Elder Bartolome
So the big thing for this last week.  We have been doing some finding in the islands and we came across a member from the Iglesia ni cristo and he has invited me to talk to his ministers and such so I am super excited to see how that turns out in a week or two.  I still don't know if it will even happen but I told him I would have no problem but I won't be able to visit him till after this coming week.  We have a ton of meetings which means a lot of transportation because I am so far from everyone so that will be fun.  That really wraps up my week and I hope to have something better for next week.      

Keep doing good things and always choose the right!  I love having the Spirit  with me and having the opportunity to follow his guidance.  He will never lead us astray and neither will the Prophets.  Those be some smart people.   Love ya all!  

That is about it!  I love you and I cannot wait to hear from you next week!  Till then love you!!  And I always always wear my deoderant. (I often tease him about wearing deodorant in my letters to him.)

Elder Rubow

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